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CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Social Shelf is a Consumer Engagement Platform 82 of consumer s purchase Customer engagement helps develop loyalty and trust in your customers encouraging them to buy up and more of the products on your shelves 62 of consumers make Social Shelf is the perfect tool to engage your customers right in the aisle or online With this new platform shoppers are able to get product content instantly while they are shopping in your stores decisions are made while in the store impulse buys while shopping 16 of unplanned purchases are driven by in store promotions Video audio and text is presented to them with the look and feel of social media This engagement allows your customers to be better educated consumers remove brand doubt and lead them to purchase more Social Shelf was created to educate consumers about products IN your store while making their purchasing decisions It s a virtual salesperson Helping your customers make a more informed purchase decision Source Marketing Dive November 2021

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How does a consumer access Social Shelf In Store E Commerce 1 Shelf tags are located by each Social Shelf can easily be implemented on your e commerce site as well 2 Consumers scan the code with By clicking on our icon on line shoppers will receive the same experience and information as if they were in your store aisle participating brand in your store aisles with their individual QR code their QR reader or use the Social Shelf app 3 Social Shelf tags are individually created for each retail location and customized to fit your current shelf channel or tag extensions 4 Our team will work with your current tag supplier and provide creative files to fit any format needed to work in your stores Our team will supply your IT department with each participating product code

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social shelf data Location Technology GPS technology will identify each individual engagement by location and product Consumer Profiles Registered users of Social Shelf both online and in app will provide age and gender information Page Tracking Highlights exactly which pages are being accessed by your shoppers Shopping Patterns Social Shelf allows retailers to analyze the times and days of the week people are engaging with specific products on their shelves Behavioral Patterns Track customer flow shopping behaviors customer interests on a daily or product basis reposition load in and out of stocks Service Portal Retailers login allows them to see daily user activity by product Additional features of Social Shelf Location Finder Consumers will easily find your stores that offer Social Shelf within a 10 mile radius Geo Premier Notifications Consumers will receive featured brand notifications from products in your store while in your parking lot Coupons Consumers like to receive offers Manufacturers will be able to offer your customers scannable coupons Gamification Creating more brand engagement the Social Shelf platform allows brands to entice your shoppers with contests to win prizes products trips and more Push Notifications Social Shelf app users will receive notifications from the brands they know driving them back to your stores for more Rebate Redemption Brands will have the opportunity to offer direct rebates to Social Shelf users No retailer participation necessary Some features are available for Social Shelf App users only

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Benefits of using Social Shelf For Your Customers For Your Store Enhanced shopping experience Opportunity for more consumer data Additional product information More foot traffic data Smarter purchasing decisions Generate additional revenue Social Shelf Is Perfect For Beer Health Food Wine Organic Foods Spirits Higher Margin Brands House Brands Yes We have incorporated a rebate program based on product scans that take place in your stores For every page view your customers register your store receives 2 With thousands of scans per store per week those numbers will be substantial Vitamins and Much More VISIT SOCIALSHELF NET FOR MORE INFORMATION on s t i F and s e lv n o i she t gera i r f re

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Next steps for partnership it s easy RETAILER AGREEMENT CONFIRM TAG SYSTEM PROVIDE BRAND CONTACTS contact us 1 855 466 8584 2821 delta lane trooper pa 19403 email sales socialshelf net

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