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BPS Prospectus 2022-23

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2022-23 A community primary school in the heart of the community

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W elcome to Brampton Primary School and our 2022-23 prospectus. I am very proud to be able to share with you the wonderful opportunities at Brampton Primary School & Nursery. Brampton Primary School & Nursery is a vibrant school where children are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve endless possibilities. The children are at the heart of every decision we make to ensure that they are happy, confident and that the opportunities provided for them are relevant to their needs, both now and in the future. Through our engaging curriculum, we ensure that children can foster a passion for learning and curiosity, that will help to develop high aspirations and a lifetime of memories. We believe in ensuring that children receive a well-rounded curriculum; where individual talents can be spotted and nurtured to ensure that all children experience success and reach their full potential. The school has a dedicated team that work hard to reach high standards in everything we do, and this is further embedded through our successful relationships with parents, the local community and other schools. We firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school, and regard you as an active partner in your child's education and value your interest and support. I hope that this prospectus will give you as much information as possible about our school, the staff and the many activities that our children enjoy through our curriculum and our extra-curricular activities that you need, but it can never replace the first-hand experience of coming to visit us. If you have suggestions to make about its content and design or would like to see us at work please contact me. R Clark Richard Clark Head Teacher

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· Provide a secure and stimulating environment that is conducive to all children having the opportunity to reach their full potential; · Have regard and respect for the experiences, knowledge and cultural diversity that every child brings to school. To use this as a foundation for improving standards; · Value the achievements of all children, both in and out of school and provide opportunities to develop self-confidence and a positive self-image; · Provide a supportive culture in which all staff are encouraged to extend, develop and share their expertise; · Ensure that issues of equal opportunities are considered in all our work; · Provide a curriculum based on the National Curriculum and Foundation Stage Curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant, progressive and appropriately differentiated; · Offer all children equal access to the curriculum and school life in the community where individual differences are appreciated, celebrated, understood and accepted; · Encourage children to become good citizens, by developing caring attitudes and respect towards themselves, other children, adults, their school and their community; · Recognise that children are constantly developing and ensure that the curriculum offered to them is appropriate to that development. Our Rules Be kind and Respecul Listen to others Work hard Be honest Help others Look aer property BRAMPTON SCHOOL AIMS

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Believe Persevere Succeed Believe Persevere Succeed The environment inside and out is vibrant, smulang and connually improving. OFSTED 2019

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BRAMPTON STAFF AND GOVERNORS Senior Teaching Sta Richard Clark Head Teacher Chris Armstrong Deputy Head Teacher Teaching Sta Jo Israel SENDCo Nicola Morton Vanessa Shovlin Katy Walker Caireen Bouch Laura Harrison-Woodward Anna Brooks Claire Paisley Lisa Miller Admin Angela Graham Site Manager Ken Graham Support Sta Pauline Graham Lisa Turner Yvonne Brown Alan Smith Rachel Jackson Heather Watson Yvonne Frizell Helen Ryan Milly Sco Laura McGough—Apprence SCHOOL TERM DATES 2022/2023 Autumn Term 70 days Tue 6 September to Tue 20 December Half Term Mon 24 October – Mon 31 October Spring Term 58 days Wed 4 January to Fri 31 March Half Term Mon 20 February – Fri 24 February Summer Term 62 days Mon 17 April to Wed 19 July Half Term Monday 29 May — Friday 2 June Good Friday – 7 April Easter Sunday – 9 April Early Bank Holiday – Mon 1 May Governors Bill Johnston Chair Steve Shovlin Lisa Turner Kate Wareing Lauren Hitchen Safeguarding Kate Morris Huw Iley Kimberley Ward Clerk Lunch Time Supervisors Marion Armstrong Annie Harrand Barbara Smith Donna Robbins Chrisne Mossop Kim Postlethwaite

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Pastoral Care All school staff are responsible for the pastoral care of pupils; the school has a caring and friendly atmosphere. Children are encouraged to speak to their class teacher, or the Head Teacher about any problems or worries they may have. If you have any concerns about your child, speak to us at your earliest convenience and we will help in any way that we can. Sport and Physical Education PE has an important place in the school day and the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle is one of the main aims of physical education at our school. All children have access to high quality provision in PE and sport. Whether your child likes taking part ‘for fun’, or thrives through positive competition, we aim to offer high quality experiences for every student, regardless of their ability. Extra-Curricular Activities Brampton actively encourages participation in the numerous extra-curricular activities organised by the school and its staff. They are an important part of our wider curriculum offer. Recent examples of our many extra-curricular clubs include: Football, Netball, Computing, Construction, Dance, Film, Gymnastics, Recorders, Rounders, Singing, Ukulele, Cookery, Cricket, Table Tennis and Chess.

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Pupils’ achievement and outcomes are at the core of the school’s work, as is a determinaon to make learning enjoyable . OFSTED 2019

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BRAMPTON SCHOOL CURRICULUM At Brampton School we continually strive towards developing and maintaining an engaging and purposeful curriculum which aligns with the National Curriculum. We have reviewed the planning process, restructured topics and clarified expectations to ensure we are delivering the National Curriculum while also carefully considering the needs of the children of Brampton. Through discussion with staff, children and parents we have identified four ‘drivers’ which we feel need to underpin our school’s curriculum in order to give our children the skills, knowledge and personal attributes that they need to become lifelong learners and fulfil their own aspirational goals. Our drivers are; Community, Possibilities, Understanding the World, Emotional Awareness. Religious Education Religious Education is a core subject which is taught following the guidelines of the agreed ‘Cumbria Syllabus’. Assemblies are held daily which are broadly Christian in character, although we are a non-denominational school. Preventing Radicalisation In-line with the Government’s ‘Prevent’ agenda, our Child Protection Policy reiterates our commitment to ensuring our children grow as responsible, well-rounded citizens. We will do anything we can to protect our pupils from the threat of terrorism or radical ideology, and we have a zero tolerance approach to extremism in our school. Our staff are well-trained as to what to do in such circumstances. Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Citizenship PSHE education within our school aims to provide opportunities for pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy independent lives and become active and informed citizens. Teaching in this area enables pupils to contribute in an age appropriate way. This may be delivered in ‘Circle Time’, assemblies, or during curriculum lessons such as science or during our Sports and Health Week.

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92% National 2019 KS2 SATs assessment results 62% Reading 76% Writing 79% Maths 68% SPAG Aendance During 2021-22 Our staff are committed to raising standards and providing the best possible education for our pupils. We ensure relevant and challenging learning experiences for all pupils. The staff are united in this common approach and work hard to establish an ethos of ongoing rigorous development for all learners. We pride ourselves in our; Effective planning that takes account of the learning needs of all pupils. Effective teaching that motivates and inspires all pupils to achieve their best work. Relevant opportunities for pupils to engage in a wide range of challenging learning experiences. Continuity and progression in the learning of all pupils from Nursery to Year 6. Special Educational Needs Brampton Primary School offers an inclusive education to all children. We aim to maximise the potential of all our pupils whatever their ability by providing a broad and balanced curriculum. Pupils who are experiencing Special Educational Needs are catered for as individuals, in groups and by whole class approaches with differentiations to meet their needs. TEACHING AND LEARNING Succeed Believe Persevere

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We love sports day because it is so much fun. Year 4 child

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BRAMPTON PRIMARY SCHOOL GENERAL ADMISSIONS POLICY 2022-23 The admissions policy If at any me there are more applicants than places available, children will be admied in the following order of priority, which will be applied in conjuncon with the notes below. 1. Children looked aer, and/or previously looked aer i.e. in public care, adopted or who have become subject to a child arrangements or special guardianship order, giving priority, if necessary, to the youngest child(ren). [see note 1 below] 2. Children living in the catchment area who have brothers or sisters in the school at the me of their admission. [see note 2 below] 3. Other children living in the catchment area giving priority to those living closest to the school measured in a straight line on a map 4. Children living outside the catchment area who have brothers or sisters in the school at the me of their admis-sion. [see note 2 below] 5. Children living outside the catchment area, giving priority to those who live closest to the school, measured in a straight line on a map. Note 1 – A child looked aer, i.e. in public care, is dened as a child who is looked aer by a local authority within the meaning of secon 22 of the children Act 1989. This includes children who were previously looked aer, those who have been adopted and those who have become subject to a child arrangements or special guardianship order. Note 2 – If it is necessary to priorise in categories 2 or 4, priority will be given to those children with the youngest sib-lings. Brothers and sisters are those living at the same address; this includes step and foster children. Applicaons will be priorised using the above criteria. An excepon may be made if a child has an Educaon, Health and Care Plan of special educaonal needs naming Brampton Primary School, as in these circumstances the Governing Body would have a statutory duty to admit the child concerned. Please see the school website for the full policy. Sawmill Lane Brampton Cumbria CA8 1BZ Telephone: 01697 742158