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Really bad jobs that nobody loves.

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this is a book all about the ten worst jobs anybody could ask for.  










correction officers:13-14

garbage man:15-16

sewer cleaner:17-18


railrode worker:21-22

brige worker:23-24

window washer:25-26

taxi driver:27-28

roadkill remover:29-30





Many of you think your job is tough. You might be right but you are most likely going to be wrong. In your job do you have to pick up other people's garbage all day long? Or prepare the dead people for the funeral? This is a book all about the ten worst jobs anybody could ask for. The jobs range from really stressful to the most nasty jobs.

For all of the jobs the income is very low, which is upsetting. It is also very upsetting as they have to do so much physical labor. For most of the jobs your life is at risk. To find out more, continue reading.





Think you have a bad job, think again and try to live one day being a Butcher. You have to pull off the fur of an animal, and rip out the intestines. This job goes all the way back to 975 AD. Back in 975 AD, there were butcher shops and now there are factories, so let's have a look at the two. Back in 975 AD everything was done by hand but now most of the work is done by machines. The challenges of this job are that you have to work 5/6 days of the week and there are sharp objects all around the work space which make it very dangerous. In this job you have to spend more time typing and keeping track of orders and customers, than actually cutting the meat. The work environment is horrible since you smell like meat.


The factories are really bad to work in as blood is squirting all over you. You have to snap bones. There are knives all over and it is bad and dangerous. It is dangerous because if you slip and fall, the knife could go through your body. You have a lot of stress because the job requires a lot of physical labor. If you don't have muscle you won't succeed at this job. Also, you have to clean and take out all of the animal’s organs before you start cutting.


Let's talk about the stress and income in this job. For butchers, the most stressful time is during Easter and Thanksgiving. These are the most stressful times because these are times when there are the most orders of chicken and other meats. For example, there are 46 million people ordering  meat on Thanksgiving and 19 million on Easter. That’s a lot of turkey. This many people ordering meat means lots of overtime, lots of paperwork and lots of stress. On holidays, most people are celebrating while Butchers are chopping meat.


Corrections Officer


Think your job is dangerous, think again as it's not as dangerous as a corrections officer’s job. You are constantly near bad, filthy and dangerous people all day long. Most of these prisoners may have committed really bad crimes like theft, rape, murder and fraud. While being a correction officer, the prisoners will try and find a trait about you that is not the strongest part about you, and use it against you. That means if you screw up, your life could be in danger. Correction officers have to be on full alert at all times. This job does not provide you with a gun. So you have to use strength and skill. Priaoners will try and boss you around tell you what to do. This job is not for people who are too nice, weak and afraid of dangerous people.


In this job you have to make a commitment to the job at all times. You have to because there is no time to goof off as you always have to be alert. Correction officers go in around 6:00 am and get home around 7:00 or 8:00 pm at night most of the time. Correction officers have to go through months of training.


This job has very low income and since the hours are long, there may not be much time spent with your family. The inmates will mess with you if you act like you know everything. They throw stuff at you, like styrofoam trays and other things. Inmates always try to mess with you so then they will have a better chance of hurting you.




Think your job stinks, meaning it literally smells? Try living one day as a garbage man. In this job, you have to drive around in a huge truck picking up people's trash. It is such a horrible work environment. You have to use all your might to dump out all the trash in the pails. You don't know what is in the trash. It could be stuff that is dead or in worse cases, alive. There could be an old diaper. Also, you have to pick most of the trash up with your hands. The truck is filthy because trash is constantly being added to it.


Garbage men know about everything you throw away in the trash. This could be embarrassing, in many ways. When you are constantly bending over to grab pails from the ground you will start to get lower back pain. You always have to be on alert because, if while you are hanging on the side of the truck and the driver accelerates, you can fall off and get injured.


In this job you have to be prepared to help out with any garbage trash and other stuff. When it snows you have to drive around in a truck with a plow all day shoveling. You have to work very long hours 5 or 6 days a week and there is a lot of physical labor. Also, the minimum wage pay is on an hourly basis and is usually the minimum amount.

When you arrive at the dump with the trash that was just picked up, you have to unload all the trash collected over the day. It smells horrible as there are tons upon tons of trash that you are standing right next to. You are exhausted after long days of work.




Think your job is messy? Think again as in this job you crawl through holes, scraping the walls that have poop and pee all over. You are sitting in a hole all day long around 8 to12 hours of work a day. In the hole, sewer cleaners are provided  with a bucket/basket and a broom and you use the basket to to collect cans and other trash.


In this job you have to be prepared to do the nastiest stuff. Some of this stuff includes cleaning garbage jams with a long stick. You will not succeed if you are claustrophobic because you are at the bottom of a hole all day long. Most of the sewer cleaner jobs are in the USA and India. Before sewer cleaners start cleaning the sewer, they have to run a test. How the test works is first, you light a candle then you stick it in the sewer. After that, if the candle burns out there is not enough oxygen. If it stays running you can go in the sewer because there is enough oxygen to breathe.

Let's talk about the safety issues of this job. If you touch too much feces, you can get sick from touching it. If you are not cautious you can get trapped and not get enough air and then suffocate as hundreds of sewer cleaners die each year. Experts think this happens for many reasons such as not getting enough air, getting trapped for too long and many others.




Think your job is sad, think again. Not many of you probably know what a mortician is, so I will explain what they do. Your job is to prepare the dead people for the funeral and burial. This job may make you depressed, sad and always feeling down. In this job, you have to deal with sad families who just lost a friend or a loved one. You have to be prepared for people like that and it can be sad for you.


Now you know what they do during the day, let's have a look at what they have to do to prepare people and how much they work. On average, 108 people die each minute which is a lot of people. Most of the time you have to work on some holidays. Also, most people who are morticians work on Saturdays. They all would rather spend time with their families. To correctly prepare the body, the steps are first, wash the body, then next you dress it nicely to put the body in the colfin. That's what you do all day.




Think your job is all about being careful and can’t be wrong, try building a perfectly shaped track and being a railroad worker. I'm going to explain what you have to do in this job.

You are given nails and wood and you have to spend all day hammering them into the ground. It has to be done fast because trains have to go places. so you are put on the spot to get things done quickly. To do the job fast, you have to be very strong and need to do the job correctly.

I'm going to talk about the hours of the job, type of work and payments. Most of the time, you get up before sunrise and get home right before sundown. That is about 12 to 14 hours of just hammering. Most of the time you earn minimum wage for paying purposes. You often don't get to spend time with your family and it will be hard to support them.

You have to work hard, fast and long because the more railroads you do, the more money you make.

This job may have your body and muscles aching at the end of the day. The sore muscles may happen from swinging your arms all day with a big hammer. Also, it may happen because you bend over and use your back all day long. This job has a huge risk factor. You are at risk because you are near the third rail all day long and dealing with heavy equipment. Railroad workers have to be extra careful of sparks flying everywhere.





Think your job is scary? Think again, as bridge workers climb to really tall places at the top of bridges in order to do repairs. This job is for the fearless. You are put on the spot to repair the bridge. You have to work fast and be careful not to make a mistake.

    Bridge workers are always really high up so if their harness gets loose, you could fall and die. Bridge workers are awake for most of the day and are away from their family most of the time. You sometimes have to work on holidays. the environment you work in is very harsh. 




Think your job is very high up? This means you are probably a window washer. This job is very dangerous in many ways. Let's have a look. If you are not paying attention you can fall off or slip on the platform. This job is not for people who are afraid of heights. Hundreds of window washers die each year.

Let's talk about the income and hours of this job.  The income of this job is very low because it does not require a lot talent or special ability. This is one of the many reasons that this is a job for people who just need money. That is also the reason why you do not get paid a lot. Hours for this job can vary. If you are fast and wash quickly, you may not have to work a lot. If you take a while on cleaning you will work for many hours. You have to clean one side of the building at a time and then di ot all again for each side of the building.

The risk factor is very high in this job for many reasons. Let's have a look. In this job, you can't put all your stuff on one side and with yourself. This works like that because the platform needs to be balanced so one side does not fly up. If there is a faulty wire that holds the platform up then it will not work out for you. If one support wire snaps, you will fall down many stories and instantly die.




Think your job is stressful? It is most likely a taxi driver. In this job, you have to be prepared to meet the most craziest, rude and drunk people. This job can be very dangerous and crazy. You will learn all about that stuff in the next paragraph.

People are really rude for many reasons. Some people are just always rude while others are drunk. Also, others may be going through something personal. Your job is to drive people all around the city. In this job you have to be prepared for someone to just hop out of the car and run to avoid paying for the taxi drive.

I'm going to talk about your hours/income. You basically make your own hours. This is both good and bad. To make a lot of money, you have to work all day long. If you only work for a quarter of the day, you probably won't get paid as much. You spend more time waiting because there are so many taxis. So in theory, you're in a game of luck where you are waiting around hoping someone needs a ride in your taxi.  








Think your job is messy? Try dealing with blood and guts all day. This job is all about cleaning dead animal guts and intestines off the road. It is hard to try to direct traffic and pick up dead animals at the same time. In the next paragraphs we will focus on a few categories, including income, how to correctly do the job, and the struggles.

Let's talk about the income/hours. The hours are tough. You have to be the most diligent on weekends because the most people are driving which means that more people are driving and hitting animals.

You work 5 to 6 days of the week. But some weeks you work 7 days because lots of people are driving.

Now we are going to talk about the struggles of this job. The struggles of this job include you to be super careful not to approach the animal really fast cause it can still be alive. You are going to have to put the animal out of its misery if it's still alive. That is sad because you have to kill it. You have to be careful not to lift up a heavy animal too fast because you can hurt yourself or pull a muscle. Those are the struggles of a road kill remover.      


Now that you read this book has your impression of these jobs changed? Many of you probably took your job for granted, but there are people who have jobs that put their lives at risk every day, are exposed to infections and even work in very high and dangerous places. I hope you feel different about the people who do these jobs. You should be thankful for them.