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By Eliana Miro

Lucca The Military Dog ..................3


Adam Warwick and the Bear Baloo .................. 7


Mark Dumas and the Polar Bear Agee............. 12

Table Of Context 

Each dog that has served in the United States military and other military divisions around the world should be rewarded for unselfish devotion. But there is one in particular that has recently made headlines around the globe.



    Lucca, a half German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breed lives with Chris Willingham and his family.

     Lucca was sent off to be a specialized search dog. Finding explosives and weapons, Lucca would train in buildings and large areas. Just like all other Military Dogs Lucca had completed her training.

   At two years of age Chris Willingham had to let Lucca go. Choosing Corporal Juan Rodriguez in Afghanistan Chris knew he was the right handler for Lucca. As soon as Lucca was with Juan he felt the heavy expectations that came with her.






The Military



       Lucca in training 


 Standing side by side, tall and strong Lucca, Juan and her marine squad have led about 400 patrols together in Iraq and Afghanistan, and safely completed them. Because of her bravery she earned a Purple Heart.  On March 23, 2013 Lucca would go on her final mission.


   Lucca and her Purple Heart

Sniffing for an IED(Improvised Explosive Device) Lucca had found one. Then she found another. She was getting confused. Soon Lucca locked onto a scent and Juan gave Lucca a nice long pat on her back because giving her the rubber toy in his pocket would definitely distract her. Juan called to the engineer Ben who was behind him and told him to get rid of the IED that Lucca had sniffed out.  Soon Juan realized that when there is one IED then there is another one nearby. Lucca had caught onto another IED and soon a huge cloud of dust appeared and a big “boom” was heard . An IED had went off right under Lucca causing severe pain to her chest and front left leg. 


Lucca just laid on the ground looking dazed but alive.  Juan ran over to Lucca  and put a tourniquet on, wrapped it around Luccas shoulder, twisted the plastic stick and the bleeding slowed down. Then Juan picked Lucca back up. She melted into Juan’s arms as they ran together sixty feet towards the closest  tree line for coverage. From there they were airlifted to the unit’s medical center ( in Afghanistan) where she was stabilized. There, she underwent surgery to have her injured leg amputated.


After hearing the news Juan knew he had to tell Sergeant Willingham, but he didn’t know how. Juan felt like he really let him down. But instead Willingham was proud of Juan,  he said “ Your quick actions, and the training you had received kicked in and you ran in disregard of your own life you saved Lucca.”

“ She saved mine multiple times so it was only right to save her’s.” said Juan.

Getting Checked

 Lucca had stayed at the units medical center until she recovered. After six years in the Marine Corps Lucca was medically retired. Going on a plane to Southern California  she is being reunited back to her original handler and is enjoying the retirement life.

On her way to Southern California 

  Bears have an incredible sense of smell, and when they’re hungry bears will go to some pretty crazy extremes to get their paws on a snack. Bears are very smart. Once they learn that humans provide an endless supply of snacks they will search out areas to find something tasty to eat.



     A male black bear named Baloo was wandering around a residential area near Alligator Point. The bear at 375 pounds and six feet tall, was roaming by houses, roads, and backyards.


   All Baloo wanted was to find some food to eat, so he mostly went through trash cans and dumpsters.


Baloo is eating food from a garbage bag. 

Adam Warwick and the Bear Baloo


    Wildlife Officers were getting complaints about Baloo. They made a plan and decided to shoot Baloo with a tranquilizer dart and bring him back home to Osceola National Forest, Florida.

The Officers found Baloo in a backyard near the Gulf of Mexico. They shot Baloo but the dart took longer than it should have. Baloo bolted into the water.

    He managed to swim at least 25 yards into the water before the dart took effect.  Adam Warwick, FWC biologist was nearby and saw the bear. He took off his shoes and shirt and dove into the water.

 Running towards the Gulf of Mexico. 

Adam’s goal was to at least get in front of the bear, and splash water at him to try to get the bear to change direction, but that didn’t work.

Baloo hadn’t lost control over his legs yet and managed to stand up on his hind legs. He looked down at Adam as if he were a flotation device, but then fell backwards. The bear now had no control over his legs and was trying to keep his head above the water with only his arms. Adam knew he would have to pick up the bear. He grabbed the back of the bear's neck and  back.  Adam was struggling to keep the bear above the water but found some concrete blocks crusted with barnacles to step on in the deep water.

Trying to get infront of Baloo.

Adam finally got to the shore. From there on the bear was pushed onto a tractor truck by some other men on the team.

Luckily Adam only got a scratch from the bear and some cuts on his feet from a couple barnacles but otherwise he was uninjured.

    Adam had told the men that the buoyancy of the water had made the job so much easier and that he would not have finished the job without them.

  Using a tractor truck to pick up Baloo.


Now it was time to bring Baloo back to his home in Osceola National Forest, Florida. When Baloo got back to the sanctuary he was happy to be home playing and wrestling and even swimming with his friends.

  On their way to Osceola National Forest.

You may think this man is completely insane (and in all honesty, he probably is), but you have to hear him out before you jump to conclusions. This fearless handler and his wife own a full grown polar bear.



At only 8 weeks old and the eleventh polar bear cub born Agee was being hand reared at the zoo because her mother was to old to

care for her. Mark Dumas, a professional animal trainer had heard about Agee and offered to take her under his care. Mark intended on training Agee to be in films, but she developed an incredibly strong bond with him. 


Mark Dumas and

the Polar Bear 



Mark meeting Agee. 

      Agee swimming. 


Since Mark trained animals big or small he had a huge play area for them. Mark also had a swimming pool.


  One day Agee had jumped into the pool. Mark jumped into the water thinking she would drown. Suddenly Mark realized Agee was swimming and having fun. Mark decided that he would swim with Agee more often.  So Mark did morning swims every day.

Agee is happy with Mark and Dawn.

  There bond kept getting stronger. It was a problem. Whenever Mark was playing with Agee and someone needed to talk to him Mark would have to take his attention off of Agee. She didn’t like that at all.  Mark sometimes had Agee play with the dog in the house to try to distract her.


  Whenever  Mark or Dawn (Mark’s wife) came to play Agee would make a sound called a nunu. A nunu was like a purring sound (like a cat). Agee would nunu whenever she was happy to be around Mark or Dawn.


Soon Agee started to wrestle Mark. One afternoon Mark and Agee were wrestling and Agee put her mouth around Mark’s neck. Mark didn’t want to move his head because he knew Agee wouldn’t let go.

   Every night Agee would sleep with Mark. She would snuggle up right next to Mark's neck and fall asleep. But, every animal gets older. Agee started to get bigger and bigger until she was bigger than Mark.

Putting her mouth around Mark's neck.


Around now Agee is about 16 years old and fully grown. Mark is about 60 years old and so is his wife Dawn. Agee is just as playful as she used to be except much,much bigger. Every morning Mark still wakes up and swims with Agee, he still wrestle's her, and they still sleep together. Mark, Agee, and Dawn are one big happy family.

They are a happy family.



 IED: A simple bomb made and used by unofficial or unauthorized forces.


 Dazed: Make (someone) unable to think or react properly. 


 Tourniquet: A device for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery, typically by compressing a limb with a cord or tight bandage.


 Tree Line: (on a mountain) The line or altitude above which no trees grow.


 Stabalized: To make or hold stable.


 Underwent: To experience or pass through


 Amputated: Cut off (a limb), typically by surgical operation.


 Barnacles: A marine crustacean with an external shell, which attaches itself permanently to a variety of surfaces.


 Buoyancy: The power to float or rise in a fluid; relative lightness.



Nearly two hundred thousand acres of Florida are waiting to be explored in the Osceola National Forest.  These woodlands and swamps provide opportunities for a huge range of visitor experiences such as camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and many more.


  As you start to explore deeper into Osceola National Forest you can go through trails and learn about the facinating wildlife. Two of the trails are horse back riding tours and you get to watch the wildlife's daily actions.


   Plus there are tons of camp grounds. People that stay over night ussually sleep in tents, their cars, or trailers.


   This amazing place has many, many activities. These include swimming, boating, fishing, hunting, picnicking, and camping.





More About Osceola


Natinonal Forest,






   There are also hunting camps. You get to practice your aim on targets, trees, and other things. There aren't many hunting sites because they are not many people that like to be around guns, bow and arrow's, and other hunting tools.


   Most people like to do relaxing things like go to the lake and fish. Speaking of fishing a majority of the people think of fishing as a group thing. Fishing is a pretty popular activity at Osceola National Forest.


   Other people like to be more daring and do things like hiking. There are a good amount of hiking spots along this huge place. Many people like to go for a jog or hike as a family. 


   Would you want to go to this fun and beautiful place?



Pictures of Osceola National Forest.