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The true story of three beloved animal friendships

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By:Juliana Emanuele 

Furry Friends 

The story of three beloved animal friendships 

Furry Friends 

The story of three beloved animal friendships 

By: Juliana Emanuele

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A young fawn named Pippin has no family after she was abandoned by her mother. But a great dane finds the little fawn and becomes her new family. They were the bestest of friends. The dog and deer’s friendship became an in separate match. That is not all to this cute couple and their owners, the Springetts. This is the true story of a beloved friendship with a dog and a fawn.


Kate and Pippin 

  Iwas a warm spring day, a fawn named Pippin was first found in the Springetts’, the people who owned a great dane named kate at the time. She was seen in their yard as a little baby fawn. She was accompanied by her mother.While the Springetts were looking at this  strange sighting, they heard a strange noise. It sounded like a cry of a baby

They found out  that it was the little fawn, which for unknown reasons was left behind by her mother.The Springetts fed pippin and made sure that she was safe. Surprisingly, Kate went near Pippin and got involved. They didn’t expect that to happen. Their amazing bond was immediate.


 Kate’s face was full of utter pleasure. At first, the little fawn tucked in her leg and just laid there.  Kate hid her little face and turned around. She licked the little fawn’s face. It was as fast as lightning.Kate found Pippin a new family! She became Pippin’s protector and best friend. Since Kate was a domesticated dog, the Springetts wanted to make sure that Pippin wasn’t too domesticated.

Most of the time they would let her walk  into the woods. When she is there, she takes a little break and looks for food or sleeps in the bushes.Even as an adult deer, Pippin would always come back to the Springetts. She would come and enjoy hanging out with Kate. She might even come and have a little treat.


After all of these years of the friendship of Kate and Pippin, they are still always glad to see each other. The Springetts are always happy to see the never ending friendship keep on going. They always hug each other by the neck when they first see each other.


Many people ask why people can’t get along but a dog and a fawn can become best friends? This is why it is so incredible for the owners of Kate and Pippin to see this long-lasting friendship keep on growing. Kate and Pippin will always be together.


In conclusion to this wonderful friendship that has gotten even more powerful throughout all of these years they have known each other, Kate and Pippin will always be an important friendship. It is an unusual friendship but nothing and no one stopped them . This story of these two unalike animals will always be remembered as one of the fantastic friendships. They would be a package.  

When a young cheetah cub is lonely without a home except for a zoo, he is introduced to a tiny labrador retriever. As fast as a quick snap of a finger. A friendship is born! There is a young male cheetah named Kasi and a little dog named Mtani who became lifelong companions. This is the true story about the friendship with a cheetah and a labrador retriever who have an incredible relationship like none other.   


Kasi and matani

Kasi was 3 weeks old when he met his new friend Mtani. Kasi is an orphaned male cheetah.The animal park thought out a life long companion for the young lonely cheetah cub. A friendship started to bloom. They found a six week old labrador retriever from a local shelter. The Busch Gardens spent their time training Mtani and introduced her to Kasi.

The Busch Gardens didn’t name the cute couple just yet, so they held a vote for the names on facebook. Nearly 3,000 voted to name the young cheetah Kasi, which is Swahili for “one with speed.” For the pup, the garden decided to name him Mtani, meaning “close friend”.


Everyone didn’t understand a friendship between a cheetah and a dog. They didn’t think it made any sense. The zoo owner says otherwise. They are perfect for each other because they are both rescued animals. Yet, Mtani was in charge of the relationship because he was larger and stronger

This is why the Busch Gardens staff would make sure and supervise the friendship. They wanted to see that they were having a positive time together.


As the two animals become adults, they spend less and less time together. Even though they still play together, they are finding other playmates.  It is hard for them because they have done everything together.

They have always had fun and enjoyed the celebrations they have had. Especially the visitors that they entertained.


The wonderful friendship they had was amazing. But it had to come to an end. The zoo decided to introduce Kasi to another cheetah. Kasi decided to select a female cheetah named Jenna as another playmate.

They both enjoy having each other. But Mtani misses being in the picture with his “cheetah brother”.


After leaving each other and looking for new playmates of their own kind, sadly Kasi and Mtani  had to split up. They have had many memories together. They were stuck together like a nail in the wall. Even though they are not together in person, they will miss and remember all the hills that they have climbed. As a team.

Nia,Irma,Dema,and Manis 


They call them the Fantastic four. Two month old tiger cubs and two orangutans have gone through so many times together. The best of friends.  They share a little nursery room at the zoo that they are living in. These animals are opposite. Yet they have some things in common about their life. This is the true story about Nia,Irma,Dema, and Manis.


Two one month old Sumatran tiger cubs have became wonderful friends with two orangutans. The friendship between the 5-month old baby primates Nia and Irma and the cubs Dema and Manis has blossomed. They all share a room in the nursery at the Taman Safari Zoo. Once they were put together, they immediately started to play.


They would share toys and take naps together. They would even wrestle. They were like baby humans because they would always want to play. The one thing that these species have in common is that they are both  endangered animals.  The causes of rapidly shrinking shelters is a main reason. They don’t have real families because of these broken homes.


A zookeeper named Sri Suwarni has been taking care of the four animals. She bottle feeds them also loves to play games with them. “When the time comes they will have to be separated”, Suwarni says. Tigers start eating meat at three months. So they didn’t want to take any chances with the tigers together with the orangutans.

They couldn’t just change the natural behaviors of the tigers. So they made the friends split up and use their instincts. It is sad to the people who loved the friendship between the four. But they had to do it. If they didn’t have to lose each other, they would be stuck like glue.


This type of friendship was to sad for everyone to handle. They had to spread apart for a good cause and a good reason. If they never did this for them than it would all be over. The population would have decreased for the orangutans if Suwarni didn’t split them up. It was upsetting to hear but the fantastic four went different directions.   

Utter: Complete, absolute

Accompanied: Go somewhere with as an escort

Immediate: Occuring or done at once.

Companion: a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels.

Endangered: (of a species) seriously at risk of extinction



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