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Getting your University Application Right!

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University Applications

-Getting it right!

The following pages are tips on getting your applications in.


I would like all applications completed by the end of WEEK 5.


I will be away from the end of week 6 and with the computer upgrades occurring, we may not have internet  when it is required. Also, most of you have exams this week.


Please make an appointment with me, bring your list of courses to which you have given careful consideration and followed tips in this booklet.


I am happy to make appointments after school if I do not have a meeting.


To your success!

Careers Corner


                                       Issue 4



Selecting your courses in both UAC and QTAC in order of preference.

By now you will  have considered your choices for Tertiary Study. It is important that you research these carefully, being mindful of any prerequisites and ATAR.  Write these down on the UAC/QTAC proforma provided to you. Include the course code.


Your order would be:


1. First Choice. Any course to which you are applying for Early Entry, unless you are applying directly to SCU or UNE.

OR your ideal course. (You can change the order if you don't get in. Details later)


2. Your second choice could be in the same University as your first choice, but in a course with a lower ATAR if you are very keen on this University.


3. Your third choice could be the course you are after at another campus OR Back-up courses, which may  include courses in other Universities with lower ATARS. Alternatively, other courses you may be happy with, should you miss out on your top two preferences. Do the same for preference 4/5 with another course.


4. Preference 5 and 6 could include pathway courses here, eg, Griffith College. PLEASE read details about these courses. They are on FEE-HELP and not HECS, which is more expensive, but you will be given credit points and a guaranteed entry into most Bachelors Degrees on the successful completion of a Diploma. Please check details on these courses if you are interested.


ALSO, Find out if you are eligible for Youth Allowance if you select courses where you will live away from home.


Make direct entry applications

SCU (STAR) and UNE(Early Entry)

(if you intend to apply for courses at these Universities)



You have only two preferences. Please note, If you are not offered a place in either of these two, you will be offered the Preparing for Success (PSP) program by default.


It is suggested that you apply for your highest ATAR course first and then place a lower ATAR course as your second preference. 


For example;


1. Bachelor of Engineering (Honours - Mechanical ) (ATAR 74)

2. Associate Degree in Science (ATAR 61). This course gives a guaranteed entry into Bachelor Engineering on successful completion and 16 credit points towards the Bachelor Degree.

If you are not successful, you will be offered PSP by default-giving you entry into most Degrees with a successful Credit average completion of the course. 


NB. You cannot change your preferences once you have submitted.

Also, you cannot apply for Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Midwifery through STAR entry.


PLEASE make an appointment with me before filling out EARLY ENTRY applications.

You may apply to Griffith University for 'Early Entry' if you are qualified, based on your Year 11 (Semester One and Two)  PLUS your Year 12 Semester One results. 


You MUST also apply through QTAC (making your Connect selection your number one preference). Offers will be made through QTAC in late November and early December. 


You will need a copy of your reports to upload. I have these.

Also, we are having a talk from a Griffith Representative to discuss this process on Wed 10th August at Lunchtime. If you are interested in Griffith, please be there.



Griffith Connect  

(Griffith University Early Entry)

UNE. See separate booklet with all details from UNE.


Applying through QTAC

You will need you BOSTES number and PIN. You MUST record you QTAC number and forward to me.

Keep your QTAC number and PIN in a safe place for further reference. - Click top right corner of flyer to pop out.

What you need....


  • You will be sent a PIN in early August. You will need your UAC PIN and BOSTES number to begin your application.
  • A nine-digit number will be generated after you put in your personal details. You MUST forward a copy of this to me. Store all four numbers in a secure place.
  • You will also need your UMAT number if you sat for the UMAT test.
  • Have you list of up to nine courses and the correct course codes in order of preference ready. See tips on how to order these in the QTAC section.
  • You will need access to a printer to print your application package, including your confirmation,  payment receipt and document cover sheet if applicable.
  • You will also need a credit card to pay the processing fee.


You will need to discuss the order of your options with me before completing this form. 





Applying through UAC

SRS. Schools recommendation Scheme

You may be eligible for a school recommendation, based on awards you have received, your study habits  and achievements.


This application is a separate application. It can be downloaded from the UAC website. You can only submit ONE application.


You will need supporting documentation, eg, your three best awards; Eg Army Cadets, Duke of Edinburgh, First Aid, also Leadership positions, Community service, Volunteer work, Sporting Achievements. Once documents are uploaded to the site, they cannot be deleted.

Please see me if you are interested and for a list of participating Universities. (highly recommended)


SRS offers will be made via UAC on Friday 9th December. You will need your UAC application number and UAC PIN to access your offer.

I will discuss what happens if you need to change preferences in the next issue.

Ensure you apply!!


Seek out one to which you could be eligible. Have a go!


See for a list.

Also explore Scholarships under the Universities to which you are applying. 


Good Luck!!