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For Every Child

UNICEF was first established on December 11, 1946. It was created by the United Nations because of the conditions of children in Europe and China, post-war. It's official order was to address the needs of children and women in all countries, but specifically in developing countries. In 1953 it became a permanent organization. 

UNICEF's focus heading is to continue finding new ways to infuse equality around the world, find new ways for everyone to realize rights, and to continue making hope for the future of disadvantaged children around the world. UNICEF's primary focus is to help lessen poverty, disease, and discrimination for children, and help give all children the right care and a life they deserve. UNICEF has also passed many laws including the Law of the Child Act, The Children Act in Zanzibar, ratifications in several constitutions concerning child treatment, and many more.

As well as creating better lives for all children, they also promote girl's education. It is important to UNICEF that children have a strong foundation to help provide for a better future. Girl's education in particular is promoted because it benefits all people. The girls will grow up into women and when educated, they can educate all of those around them, and then pass the education down to their children. 

UNICEF also combats undernourishment and diseases. As these illnesses are preventable and the materials should be available to children of third-world countries as they are to the children in first-world countries. The goal is peace and security everywhere as children are the future of the world. 

UNICEF has a broad range of tools and resources, it works in 190 countries and territories, protecting the rights of children in all of them. As the world has changed, a child's need for human rights and access to safety and resources has never changed and must always be protected. The child can't protect themselves so it is up to other's to ensure them their natural rights as humans. Millions of children are trapped in poverty and violence, there are so many children who are isolated and in desolate conditions. UNICEF must never stop fighting so that all children may be able to have equal opportunities and access to a brighter future. We ask that you take action and join us in this global fight to make a difference in the world. 

If you are interested in the lives of children, UNICEF asks that you speak out. Volunteer with us, and join us in changing the world for children. You could also become a donor to ensure the children more resources. UNICEF has helped save more lives of children than any other humanitarian organization. It is also the largest provider of high-protein food and responsible for the immunization of almost 40% of the world's population of children. This goes to show how much can be achieved when people work together to help create a better future for the future of this world's generation. 

All children have a right to survive, thrive, and fulfill their potential - to the benefit of a better world.