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This book is about how the organization, UNICEF is used to save children's lives.

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UNICEF and How it Works



The promise of equity UNICEF



works to give a fair chance in life




to everychild, everywhere




especially the most 







UNICEF and partners


are working to


implement the agenda so


that it delivers for all


children globally.

Agenda 2030


In 2012, 6.6 million children died


before reaching their fifth


birthday. It is a sharp decrease


from 1990, when more than 12


million children died under age


five - but it is not good enough.



With less than 2 years left to


reach the 2015 Millennium


Development Goal (MDG)


deadline onreducing child


mortality, this progress must be


dramatically accelerated. 


The interventions needed to save these children


are,for the most part, known. Existing high-


impact, low-cost interventions such as vaccines,


antibiotics, micronutrient supplementation,


insecticide-treated bednets, improved


breastfeeding practices and safe hygiene practices


have already saved millions of lives.



And in recent years, the global community has


learned a great deal about how to best provide


mothers and children with quality health care.


This knowledge presents an unprecedented


opportunity to save many more children.