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The United Nations Children's Fund

By: Megan Mallin

For Every Child In Danger 


Mission and Purpose

Over the last 70 years, UNICEF has aimed to achieve a world where all children across the globe are given equal opportunites to survive and thrive. It promotes the rights of every child by focusing on disadvantaged, excluded, and vulnerable children. UNICEF helps indivduals reach their full potential in political, social, and economic settings. Through its efforts, UNICEF has made an impact on the world by providing lifesaving aid to children, adopting the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and fighting off Ebola.

When WWII ended in Europe many children suffered with famine and disease. In December of 1946 the United Nations created UNICEF, which provided many necessary means such as food, clothing, and heath care.

Where They Work


What They Do 

UNICEF is a leading advocate for children's survival, development, and protection. It is currently active and working in more than 190 countries, areas, and territories. It partners with country programs and national committees all across the world.  

  • Child survival, development, and protection
  • Provide basic education and gender equality 
  • Teach life skills 
  • Provide water, sanitation, and hygiene 
  • Check on health and give immunizations

How to Help? 


Children all across the world need your help today. By giving a donation of any size it will provide nurtrition, water, and medical supplies which will assist children in desperate need.


Inform Others:

Those who learn about UNICEF can be part of the solution by informing others of the work UNICEF is doing to change our world. By spreading the word, it will educate more people who can come along and support children all across the globe who are in need of help. 


Be an Active Supporter: 

Now that you are aware of the mission work UNICEF accomplishes make sure you subscribe to the social media accounts, news feeds, and blogs to stay up to date on how you can help or contribute