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By:Isha Patel


The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund was started in the December of 1946 by the United Nations. After World War 2 was over, we helped the children affected by famine and disease 

"UNICEF is mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential."


Our focus is to make the world a safer place for the children. This includes educating both girls and boys. We fight for the rights of women and girls. Also, when there is a major crisis, we will be there for the children and provide them with necessities. 

Why We Need to Help

Gender doesn't matter, educate everyone! 

Many children are not getting the education opportunities that all children deserve, especially if they live in poor countries. Many girls do not have the privilege of going to school, but we need to change that. 

The first graph shows the percentage of children going to school- gender, social class, urban/ rural areas. 

The second is a map of the world, and it shows the ratio of boys to girls that are going to school.

Child Labor

Stop child labor!

Children should not be required to work, but they are in the less developed countries. Less developed countries have to have children work because the family needs the money for necessary thing. Many children start working from age. We want to prevent child labor and educate our children.

This bar graph shows the percentages of places where children, ages 5-14 work.

How You Can Help

Help the children as they are the future!

You can be a UNICEF volunteer and go out to other countries to serve the children and see what kinds of troubles they go.

You can also be a UNICEF donor and donate to any country/UNICEF program. Any amount is enough to help the unprivileged children.