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by Nithin Saravanapandian

 UNICEF is a global organization set on bettering the lives of children and making sure each child has a fair chance at life. This organization was established by the United Nations in 1946 and became a permanenet organization in 1953.  This organization's mission to help children in need or at a disadvantage has affected the world and the U.N. Many laws were adopted due to Unicef's efforts such as te Declaration of the Rights of the Child, The Convention of the Rights of the Child, etc. This organization has recieved the Nobel Peace prize for it's life-changing efforts to better the lives of children.




Our Goals and Current Issues

Unicef is focusing on the education, support, emergency aid, development, and many other aspects of the lives of children. We are always reaching out to countries with children in need but recently we are focusing on helping Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Iraq, and Central Africa. We are currently working on issues such as ebola, vaccinations, humanitarian acts, safety, and refugee assistance.

The Syrian Crisis continues to bring harm to many families due to the result of the military forces. Many families have become refugees and have tried to escape from the conflict. Some have escaped to a small country called Lebanon. Tamara is a 13 year old girl who is dealing with this issue. She is sheltering with her family in a small tent that is not very protective. The temperature at nights drop below zero in Lebanon, and as Tamara says herself she was once forced to burn her shoes to keep her familywarm. Her father says that she and her seven siblings tryu to get warm every night by cinching to each other, and that he then gives them his blanket. To help families like Tamara's, Unicef is starting a program to financially assist these refugee families. Every child below 15 years of age will receive $40 and nearly 200,000 caregivers have received a debit card to spend on the children in need.

Story of the Week

You can help Unicef by donating, purchasing gifts or cards, or by becoming a volunteer. Any assitance to Unicef will be greatly appreciated and will make a difference of the lives of children whether it's just donating a little or being there in person to help children.

What You Can Do