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The Power of Unemployment

by: J. Corinne Garcia

Even though the unemployment rate is at a decrease at the moment. It is still a major issue and it continues to increase in some parts of the world. This is a very important thing to consider because people with out work cannot provide for their families resulting in the hunger of people around the world.

Many people wonder if the issues are mainly based on peoples care for others. If more people cared about the well being of others, then the struggle to find jobs would be much different.


You have a steady job, you can provide for your self and maybe even a family. Your company decides to merge with another, and they cannot keep on as many workers. You are one of those that has to get let go. Your boss says, "Your work is good, feel free to use me as a reference. If anything opens up i'll give you a call." You can't believe what just happened. One minute you had a good, well paying job the next you were in need. This happens to many people each day, how would you feel if this was you?