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Uneekly Gifted Hands is not your ordinary company, we specialize in making your visions come to life. With Uneekly Gifted Hands by your side, we cater to every detail of your request from the minors to the majors. If you are curious about any services offered by UGH, message us and give us a try on your next event, occasion or holiday. We are family oriented so we understand how family events and/or holidays are special, allow us to make your vision Uneek!

UGH is owned and operated by Yanique Simmons. From trinkets to gifts and table settings, Yanique has been gifted to design to please the eyes and hearts of clients. Because each creation is custom made, we provide free consultation to make sure every client receives their vision turned reality. Our products are gaurenteed to brighten any room with elegance and style.

Custom designed to accentuate any event no matter the style, theme or vision.