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A brief overview of contemporary stand-up comedians from the UK

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Contemporary British Comedians

I'm quite sure almost everyone in the world knows Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean). But what about contemporary British comedians?Do you know them? If not, no need to worry as here is a short presentation about at least some of them. (Do these pictures ring a bell with you?)


                                   Enjoy :)  




David Mitchell


David is a super ironic, negative and cynic person but he is quite brainy at the same time. You could say - What's so good about that? Well, I believe exactly these qualities are the reason for the marvellous, dark but intelligent comedy he does :) 




David often works in a comedy double act with Robert Webb (see the picture). Their most famous sitcom is called Peep show, they also created the show:That Mitchell & Webb Look which I don't recommend if you have any important exams coming up - one episode and you're hooked for ever ;) 

Apart from being a great comedian, Bill is also a talented musician. He plays almost all musical instuments you can imagine and often uses music in his shows. 


In September 2016 he visited Brno and did a show here. (It was brilliant, by the way).

Bill Bailey 

You may also remember Bill Bailey from a rib-ticklingly funny sitcom Black Books where he played a shop assistant Manny. 

Russell Brand 

Rusell is not only a comedian, but also a public activist and campaigner. I'd say he tries to become the new Che Guevara.


Russell also has a reputation of being a bit, well, eccentric (you may've noticed yourselves ;).


However, putting his political views aside, I have to admit he is sometimes extremely funny ;) 



Michael was reported to be the highest-grossing comedian in the world in 2012 and he has been a howling success ever since. 


While preparing this book, I've come round his latest show Happy and Glorious. Check it, it's definitely worth it :) 



Michael McIntyre


The only representative of Scotland here.


You either love this man or hate him, there is nothing in between. He is shocking, outrageous and he makes jokes about things people usually don't joke about. (That and his rather vulgar language were the main reasons for his being kicked out of  the show Mock the week). 

Frankie Boyle

Although I don't agree with some of the things he says, I don't mind his dark humour, on the contrary, I love it. I believe his humour is actually very close to the Czech one. (That's one good thing about Czech people - the  worse the times are, the more jokes they make about the situation). 

And that's it...

I hope you've enjoyed the book and got some tips for comedians to check out.


I know there are many more excellent British comedians but I think I'll save them for possible volume 2 :)