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contents 04 community facts 05 who we are 06 our community vision 07 Our Community Goals Our Values 08 territory of the ktunaxa nation 09 Location 11 how we work 12 Community Government 13 Corporate Structure 15 Competitive Advantage 17 why first nations business 18 Transportation Air Car Train 19 Education Workforce 21 recreational opportunities 23 partners resources 25 business opportunities 27 contact us 3

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4 com m u nit y fac ts aq am also known as St Mary s is a member community of the Ktunaxa Nation located 8 km north of the City of Cranbrook BC of St Mary s Indian Band members 354 of homes in the community 59 of hectares of Reserve land 7 461 As of December 2010 The number of Band members does not include the many people who are considered as community members because they married in or otherwise live in the aq am community

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Who we are We are the aq am Community of Ktunaxa people who have lived in our region for thousands of years aq am has been home to the Ktunaxa or people of the forest for thousands of years aq am is located just minutes outside the City of Cranbrook in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia We have long existed in a close relationship with our land and surrounding area For thousands of years we have enjoyed the natural bounty of the land travelling seasonally throughout our Traditional Territory to follow vegetation and hunting cycles We have obtained all our food medicine and material for shelter and clothing from nature hunting fishing and gathering throughout our Territory across the Rocky Mountains and on the Great Plains of both Canada and the United States Our lands a rich cultural heritage and a language so unique that it is not linked to any other in the world make the Ktunaxa people singular and distinctive The aq am Community has been proactive in simultaneously preserving our culture and traditions while establishing progressive and innovative business partnerships We live together learn together play together work together and grow together We are the aq amnik We are community first 5

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Our Community Vision 6 A vibrant healthy community speaking our language governing effectively and maximizing our lands and resources for the benefit of all living things and future generations in a manner consistent with qanikit i our values and principles

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ou r com m u nit y s e conom ic g oa l obje c ti v es The aq am Community continues to grow and evolve As we change together we are committed to our shared goals and objectives and proud to share our Community Vision with others Our Community s Economy Goal is A profitable sustainable and self sufficient community economy that optimizes our diverse skills Our Community s Economic Objectives are Objective 1 Create local responsible enterprises Objective 2 Grow food and expand agriculture Objective 3 Build employment and entrepreneurial skills and opportunities through training mentorship and partnerships Objective 4 Develop our community government s capital assets Objective 5 Create and sustain a revenue base for our community government ou r va lu es We aq amnik share the following core values Family Inclusion Unity and co operation Education and learning Effective communication Healthy balanced living Love and kindness Pride in our heritage language and culture Respect aknumu ti i natural law Safety and security Ktunaxa rights and title 7

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8 Ktunaxa amak is Territory of the Ktunaxa Nation

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l oc ation aq am is located in the south eastern canada corner of BC Our community is near the Canadian Rockies International british columbia Airport just minutes from the Kootenay united states of america Rockies central city and commerce hub Cranbrook BC and just a short drive from Kimberley BC a resort municipality in BC s interior Our region s geography is singularly diverse comprised of mountains rivers rolling valleys lakes and streams We are alberta Edmonton british columbia Jasper situated between some of Canada s oldest and youngest mountains the Purcells and Rocky Mountains respectively We are just over an hours drive from Revelstoke Kamloops the Canada US international border Lake Louise Golden Banff Calgary Radium Vernon Invermere Kelowna Cranbrook Victoria from the BC Alberta border Getting here is simple Follow Highway Kimberley Vancouver 110 kms and only two hours 180 km Fernie Lethbridge 3 to Cranbrook BC Head north towards Kimberley on Highway 95A for 3 kms Turn off Highway 95A onto the Seattle Spokane washington Coeur d Alene idaho Kalispell montana Cranbrook Mission Road Follow the road for approximately 5 km Welcome to our Community 9

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How we work aq am Community Enterprises The aq am Community has established a Community Development Corporation with an established Vision to generate a sustainable and self sufficient economy by optimizing community and partner resources in a manner consistent with qaniki i our values and principles We generate revenue and create economic opportunities through sound business practices and strategic relationships built upon a foundation of fairness and integrity As a First Nations Community the way we work is innovative and focused on communication and understanding We are seeking partners who share our values and vision 11

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com m u nit y g ov er nment Our Community has its own government We have been a model for First Nation s innovation and decision making blending our traditional values with our contemporary objectives Our Band Council consists of a Chief and four Councillors all of whom are elected through the Band s own election by laws Council positions are four year terms and elections are held every two years One election selects the Chief and two Councillor positions The next election two years later results in the selection of the remaining two Councillor positions The Band is a member of the Ktunaxa Nation 12

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cor por ate struc t u r e Our Community s corporate structure consists of a Community Development Corporation called aq am Community Enterprises ACE ACE is governed by a business minded Board of Directors and reports and liaises with the Community Government Chief and Council who in turn assist in facilitating business focused goals and objectives In this manner ACE maintains its accessibility authenticity and approachability with the community ACE administrates and manages a number of business and economic development initiatives including Communications and Marketing Services Community owned Business Development Resource Development Airport Lands Development and Leasing Strategic Partnership Development Tourism Culture and Hospitality Agriculture and more ACE s actions include fostering relationships and alliances Community owned business development training communications and building community capacity 13

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aq am Community Enterprises v ision aq am Community Enterprises generates a sustainable and self sufficient 14 economy by optimizing community and partner resources in a manner consistent with qaniki i values and principles

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aq am Community Enterprises m a ndate aq am Community Enterprises will generate revenue and create economic opportunities through sound business practices and strategic relationships built upon a foundation of fairness and integrity gu iding pr incipl es Generating sustainable wealth to support aq am Community priorities Ongoing fostering and development of likeminded relationships and alliances Demonstrating Ktunaxa stewardship principles by acting as leaders in responsible use of resources Creating pride loyalty and empowerment within and outside of the Community through responsible and successful business and operational practices m ission Create economic success for the Corporation and Community Forge relationships and alliances for aq am Analyze incubate innovate and activate business opportunities that are profitable Develop manage and advocate training entrepreneurship and employment opportunities Collaborate to advance community priorities Develop effective communication practices and services 15

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Why First Nations business Aboriginal people are increasingly developing the capabilities needed to become self reliant by controlling their economic development in the context of nation building As our community asserts its independence and accountability by taking control of our governing institutions including economic development the practical aspects of making partnerships work becomes relevant to other nation building activities such as governance social development treaty negotiations and land claim settlements Business relationships with corporations and other organizations serve as the platform for economic development strategies intended to develop capacity in financial technical and human resource capabilities These relationships serve to assist aq am in controlling the development of resources on our lands while at the same time preserving or regaining our cultural values and principles Corporations working with First Nations benefit from increased access to labour services and business opportunities They also discover a predictable and optimistic business environment resulting from mutual respect and trust Importantly partners in successful ventures find relationships to be multi faceted and long term As a result issues are addressed and resolved in a mutually beneficial spirit of cooperation that leads to increased flexibility versatility and return on investment Corporations are increasingly entering into partnership agreements with First Nations to meet objectives such as accessing a growing labour pool being selected as a preferred partner in business and participating in new opportunities created through the First Nations assertion of jurisdiction over their lands and natural and community resources To succeed these corporations are creating longer term engagement strategies built on working relationships that are close enough to establish trust and shared goals The result is distinct and mutually profitable relationships precedent setting in today s increasingly discerning marketplace Contact us today to discover how working with our community will benefit your business 17

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compe titi v e a dva ntage Our location offers strategic competitive advantages We are minutes from an international airport near major rail lines and Highway 3 Canada s second largest inland shipping route Our community holds strategic positions on lands and resources and is in the position to pursue mutually amenable relationships with businesses and partners who share our values and vision Our region is largely undeveloped holding considerable potential for innovation and entrepreneurs At the same time it also has an exceptional base infrastructure in place Our region offers health centres education and diverse resource based sectors in addition to boasting some of Western Canada s finest tourism products Our mandate and interest in furthering the goals and objectives of our community enables aq am to be proactive and motivated in establishing strategic partnerships We look to bring our resources network and inherent strengths to every corporate relationship We are cognizant that our success is predicated on the success of our partners Good business is in our nature 19

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tr a nsportation a ir The Canadian Rockies International Airport is a 5 minute drive from aq am It provides direct flights to Vancouver and Calgary and has undergone a runway extension and expansion of the terminal area to accommodate larger aircraft from more distant North American and European locations In addition there are three other sizeable airports Calgary Spokane and Kalispell within a few hours drive of aq am that provide further access to locations throughout North America and Europe 20 tr a nsportation c a r aq am is located just off Highway 95A It is slightly removed from Highway 3 one of the main east west routes running west to Vancouver and east to Alberta through the Crowsnest Pass Highway 95A runs north as the combined Highway 93 95 to meet the Trans Canada Highway at Golden aq am is located in close proximity to two U S border crossings at Kingsgate via Highway 95 and Roosville via Highway 93 tr a nsportat ion tr a in Major rail lines are configured all around our region The region is supported by mining and forestry resources and rail lines provide essential services for these industries Numerous freights pass through the region on a daily basis

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educ ation Education services in the region are rich and varied One of the region s major stakeholders is the College of the Rockies The College provides university level degrees and operates as a satellite campus for other educational institutes The College possesses a strong international program and sees significant student representation from outside the region The College also has many varied workplace training and apprenticeship programs and possesses an innovative and forward thinking team which develops critical liaisons and strategic partnerships The aq am Community has primary and secondary educational facilities and capacity as well as continuing education programs aq am also partners with an extensive network of educational and learning professionals wor k f orce One advantage of working with First Nations communities are the opportunities associated with a committed and accountable workforce Businesses and organizations partnered with our community can benefit from working with the people of our community The integrity and accountability associated with these unique and dynamic synergistic partnerships have proven a valuable asset in achieving exceptional return on investment ROI It may be uncommon in contemporary markets but for the aq amnik working together for a common goal is not simply a workplace ethos it s a way of life 21

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Recreational opportunities The St Eugene Mission Resort and Casino is a world class facility and is located immediately in our community It affords incredible holiday experiences offers close proximity to the airport and is an exemplary model of First Nations business partnerships Our region also boasts some of the world s finest opportunities to live work learn and play all in one incredible setting The aq am Community is just 15 minutes from the Kimberley Ski Summer Resort There are over 13 exceptional golf courses within a 1 5 hour drive The resort communities of Kimberley Fernie and Invermere are nearby and each possesses a myriad of recreational and leisure opportunities In addition to some of the world s best skiing and golfing our region is home to superlative boating canoeing hiking swimming fishing hunting horseback riding and more And there s more than just the great outdoors Our region hosts recreation facilities such as arenas bowling lanes curling swimming pools gyms and fitness centres Our region is also home the WHL s Kootenay Ice and other junior hockey leagues The area offers many cultural opportunities and is home to a number of concert venues museums galleries and more In our region no one asks What should we do They merely ask What should we do first 23

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Business and procurement opportunities There is no shortage to our business opportunities We welcome inquiries and opportunities to collaborate in our traditional resource agricultural and industrial pursuits Innovative and creative business endeavours are welcomed and those in particular that share our values and objectives aq amnik have always been a hard working people Traditionally basic principles of economy were part of simply sustaining life The land furnished our sustenance provided we balanced our use of resources with careful stewardship Our negotiation skills are renowned During the establishment of reserve land boundaries we were able to successfully demonstrate that our survival was tied to the then emerging economics of successful ranging of cattle and horse as well as local wildlife populations The Commissioner of the day recognized the significance of our burgeoning economy and ensured our territory encompassed a larger area than originally planned Today we continue to cherish our economic sensibilities and demonstrate our negotiation skills The aq am Community is one of the most successful First Nation groups in the country and continue to foster and encourage a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship 27

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