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Ty Foard's


Chronicles of Love


Who is HE?


The Intro   


In the middle of the day I received a text message from her. This was not uncommon. Since the very first night we shared a passionate kiss, she had randomly sent me daily text messages letting me know how much she was thinking of me. Sometimes they would be something simple as a generic emoticon smiley face blowing a kiss. She was creative with the emoticons, always finding one to match the topic of whatever conversation we were having. Other times she would send an encouraging phrase or a simple “have a great day”.

This day for some reason when I felt the vibration from my Samsung Galaxy X phone I knew this was a different type of text. As I pulled the phone from its leather belt-clip case I could see her smiling face from a picture I had as her profile picture. It was my favorite of all of her selfies she had ever sent. Obviously her beautiful caramel toned skinned face was the center and focus of this masterpiece but one’s eyes would easily get drawn into her slightly red laced pair of lips that always caught my attention. I have always had a thing for a nice pair of lips, if I deem them good lips then I put them in the category of being very kissable. Not just a smack on the lips kind of kissable but kissable to where I want to suck on them like my favorite jolly rancher. Unlike other pictures though, this one was different to me because her dark eyes appeared so in focus that I could stare into them as if I was looking through the world’s strongest telescope gazing into millions of light years of outer space. They make me pause every time I look at the picture.

Not to lose focus I quickly began to read her message. It read, “Hello sweetie. I have a quick question that has been running through my mind all night...”

The message stopped just like that. Of course it quickly bothered me. I really don’t like when people send incomplete… wait the second part seem to have just come through.

He text continue “…sorry I accidentally hit the send button by mistake. I know you hate incomplete messages but here is the rest of the original message. What type of relationship do we have?”

I personally loved how she quickly got to the heart of her question without beating around the bush. Many times women will state that they have a question and expect or wait for some type of response or approval to proceed. Then from my experience a lot of women will beat around the bush before asking what they really want to know.

I continued to read her message…”I ask because I don’t want to have any misunderstandings. I want to know the limit to my expectations when it comes to us.” As I read her words a half smile came over my face. I have met a lot of women over my life…lives. Very rarely has any woman that I have been involved with ever ask this simple yet complex question.

And this question is always a complex one to answer so carefully choosing my words I replied without any long delay. “What type of relationship do you feel we have and what type would you like to have sweetie?”

So maybe you notice that I was quick to reply, but not quick to answer the question. Sometimes we are quick to give a response without understanding the question. I have learned over the years that even though times change women rarely do. Most won’t ask you directly what they want and if they do there is always more they want to know. Many times they will ask you what I call set-up or bait questions long before you get to the root.

Seconds later I received her answer. “I feel like we have a great friends with benefits type of arrangement and I am happy with it if you are...” I noticed this time there was no emoticon. I also notice that she ended her text with an ellipsis point. That’s those three dots at the end of comments that represent an intentional omission of words, sentence. I knew that she was expecting either an agreement or a more optimist view. This next reply by me will be what could start a war or prevent one. I replied back, “That sounds great to me babe.” I ended it with two emoticons…one with the kissing face the other with the smiling tongue poking out.

Minutes later she sent a closing text message that read. “I hope to see you tonight. I will leave the key in our spot…try not to scare me when you get in.” Now this time she sent the winking emoticon followed by three kissing ones… Amazing how even the most child-like things can now speak for adults.

“Hello sir.”

This was the greeting I received from this beautiful young lady that was now standing in front of me. For a woman that stood maybe a good 5 feet 4 inches, her legs were well toned and seemed to go on for days. She was wearing a nice fitted gray skirt that wrapped around her thin waist like it was a boa constrictor. It was hard to believe that her rear-zip up blouse had any room to be tucked in, her breast were naturally perfect from what I could tell. I was a little shocked to see her hair style of choice. Although her hair was pulled back into a ponytail you could still see the brown wavy curls, which appeared to be a bit conservative based on the way she was dressed. The slight breeze seemed to toy with the few curly locks that seem not to want to stay slicked down as they were meant to. Her dark hazel eyes created an eclipse with the brightly shinning sun that was attempting to glare off the side of her golden exotic skin completion. Her lips were not as full as I normally would prefer but she had a way of holding them out a bit that could convince you that size is overrated.

“I see you are not only on time for our lunch date but you are early…most men of your caliber tend to be fashionably late.” She said with the cutest grin on her face.
Her name was Amanda Stark. She was a thirty-one year old recently divorced attorney. We first met one night at a gas station. It was raining. I was just finishing up pumping my gas when she pulled up in her Audi Q7. Even with the rain coming down pretty heavy I could see how pretty she was. I walked up and offered to pump her gas so that she would not get soak and wet. Not only did I pump the gas for her but I paid for it. When I was done I jumped back into my car and drove off before she could get out and thank me. About a week later while at the same gas station she pulled up and asked, “Why did you just disappear that day sir?”

“I didn’t disappear. I simply left when I was done,” I replied. 
“You must be one of those married men that don’t wear his wedding ring in public?” she said to me as she stepped out of her candy apple red BMW that day. 
“New car?” I asked.
“No this is my other car.”
“Nice.” I said as I slowly walked around the car giving it a nice inspection. 
“So you are just going to ignore my question?”
I stopped my inspection to look her into her eyes, “Was that a question or was it just your prejudice observation?”
“Well I really don’t know you…”
“For now you don’t…” I interrupted.
We stood there for about twenty minutes talking and it was like playing a long chess match. It seem like we both were testing each other before we would concede and exchanging phone numbers. I tried to call her twice after that day but she never answered the phone. I’m not much of a message leaver so I soon gave up on reach her. Out of nowhere yesterday I received a text message from her inviting me to this lunch date today. 
Sorry for the long sidebar and quick history recap. Sooo…where were we in this story…oh yeah. 
“I see you are not only on time for our lunch date but you are early…most men of your caliber tend to be fashionably late.” She said with the cutest grin on her face. 
“I’m not what you can classify as the most men type.” I replied as I stood up to greet her with a hand shake. 
She quickly bypassed the hand and went for the full hug. As she hugged me she pressed her head up against my chest, checking the pecks, while taking one arm to the middle of my back assuring she controlled the length of the hug as her second hand somehow gently rubbed against the lower buttons of my fitted style Stone Rose shirt so that she could feel my abs. 
As she completes her quick inspection she pulls away and says, “I can tell you are different because I sent you the invite and you never replied back saying you received it or that you were coming.” The look on her face gave off that she was impressed. We both gave each other that look like we knew where direction our conversation was heading quickly.
“So how did you know I would show?” I asked with a slight grin on my face.
“Because I just knew.” She said as she pulled me closer to her as she tip-toed for a quick kiss on the lips. I pretended not to be moved in any way by the unexpected physically intimate gesture. 
“How did you know I would really be here waiting on you?” she asked as she walked up to the table she had already reserved for us.
I pulled her chair back for her and said, “I didn’t know…”
It would take me a thousand years to explain how this lunch date ended up in her downtown high-rise luxury apartment. Now before you attempt to judge me…we never made it to her bedroom. I mean you are just getting to know me so don’t be so quick to assume that I, like many men can’t control myself. I not the type of that can’t prevent every good date from ending up with wet stained sheets, messed up hair do’s after passionate lovemaking…ok let’s be honest we just met so it would be more like sex with little lovemaking. So let me assure you we did not mess up and bed sheets. Who needs a bed when you have a comfortable Maxdivani leather sofa? It was real and instant passion, what you may call natural chemistry. I promise you I never even used one of my arrows on her.
Arrows? Yeah I have those. Arrows invisible to the naked eye but more effective than any dating site or aphrodisiac. Nothing like a date drug, in my line of work I try to keep it on the straight and narrow. I never use my arrows whenever it comes to finding love for myself. When and if I will use them it is to bring others together. I don’t try to force people together who are not matches or who are not compatible. I let you humans make that mistake so in the end you can only blame yourself. You see these arrows have a way of causing you to experience the type of love that rarely dies. The love you hear in the melody of your favorite love song. The love writers try to explain in their deepest poem. I make Valentine’s Day every day.
No one is immune to the pierce of these love arrows… which brings us to my issue…let me just say that I made the mistake of piercing myself by accident many years ago. To be exact 2409 earth years ago. That day I found and fell in love with Syche. She is the most beautiful being I have ever seen. Even before the arrow I admired her beauty as did many of the men of her time. Over the many years I have tried to describe her beauty to others however as the days turns into years and the years turn into centuries like a broken jigsaw puzzle I lose the image of her in my head. Soon my purpose in this life became my curse. I broke the rules of the god counsel and even though my mother was one of the highest ranked goddess she could not get me pardoned for my mistake. You see no demi or full god was to ever love a human. So I was to live my life in eternity inspiring others and guiding other to love yet not being about to full receive love in returns. As far as Syche she was also punished and her spirit was turned semi-immortal. This meant very lifetime she only would live to the age of 33. He body would die and she would be reborn to new parents with no idea of this continuum. At each birth I would be able to identify her less and she would not know who I was if I happen to cross her path. Even though I have no idea how she looks, I have not forgotten the scent of her beauty, and the smile on her face. I have vowed to outlast this punishment to find her. There has been at least 73 rebirths. I must find her and I will, even though I have no idea how. So for now all I do is travel from day to day helping others find, experience, and believe in love while deep down I search for my one true love. 
No one is supposed to know who I am. So over time, in a millions stories I am a myth, a legend. Some religions will start to label me and my kind as pagans or idols. It’s funny that some people consider me a god while others call me an idol. I don’t know what to call myself. I guess it depends on the person and their perception. I have no responsibility with mankind’s religious or spiritual beliefs. We exist to help mankind not to control or rule man. I have nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad, evil or holiness. I have a power and I use it when I see the need. I have lived since man’s creation. Though I appear and act like a man I am not what you would call a normal man. I have been called the god of Love but I’m not love. Love is so much bigger than me. I work for love. I live for love. I exist for love. I am as much a slave to love as I am its symbol. 
Though with my abilities my body ages at a rate much slower than any human. If compared to you I would have to have 400 human kind years to experience what you call one birthday. I can change my skin complexion, eye color, hair color, and my height to some degree. 
 I have decided that in the year 2016 I was going to live in the open among “regular” men. My name is Eros.
Now before I go on any further please don’t confuse me with that little child-like cherubim Cupid. I have a lot of time on my hand so with some of that time I make sure that I keep my body in perfect shape. I am not vain but since I am making myself visible to the human eye I want to look appealing. I would love to walk around with my wings out and spread, though they are things of beauty as they span about 15 feet, but there are some things the human eye and mind cannot handle. I have no race so over time I have spent time wearing many of the shades of Earth’s eclectic skin colors and cultures. When I am around my kind I stand about 8’8, which is average height for the male beings. When I walk among humans I measure right at 6 feet tall.

My mother was Love and I see her in all that is to be...My assumed father is War...feared the resolved of siblings are Panic, Fear, Harmony...and the youngest chases me... he is balance me when it was thought I had no balance...for if I am seen as passionate or desired love he takes avenge for unrequited love...we are family yet I seek her that has escaped me for many nights.

wings spread...I am Eros...and these are a collection of my love stories. Some happy endings and some not...

You may call them stories but I call them Chronicles of love.

The first story is about a client that came to me a few years ago. His name was Dallas Sky. He was a business manager and owner of a popular nightclub. He was a good guy who just seem to end up with the wrong girl. I wrote his story in the form of a script with thoughts of selling it to a short film producer. Before you say something, I know this was a violation of my professional Hippocratic Oath an oath of patient confidentiality...but as you may soon figure out, I don't always abide by anyone's rules.

Dallas and his Passion



The Kiss Goodbye

Dallas and his live-in girlfriend Passion are asleep in the bed.Passion is having a dream.

[The Dream]

Dallas is in his work office and his Personal Assistant is sitting on his desk with her skirt raise up with him in between her legs. The dream then moves on to Dallas showing up to his nightclub walking backstage only to start making out with the hostess. Dallas then walks through the crowded dance floor and is aggressively pushed into one of the rest rooms by a young lady and they began to make out. The dream then shifts to the Gentlemen's clubs where Dallas helps a young lady off the stage and they find a private section of the club to spend time together. The dream ends with Dallas entering the bedroom with Passion sitting up reading a book. 

After this she wakes up. She then sits up and just stares at him as he continues to sleep.


[Passion]: Dallas wake up! I said wake up!

[Dallas]: Babe what…what

[Passion]: what are you doing?

[Dallas]: babe what do you mean what am i doing?

[Passion]: you heard me…what are you doing

[Dallas]: well i was sleep…i think

[Passion]: you think?

[Dallas]: either i was sleep or i am still sleep and having a nightmare   that you are asking me what i am doing when you can see i am sleeping.

[Passion]: so were you dreaming?

[Dallas]: I don’t think so. I don't know.

[Passion]: you don’t know…what do you mean you don’t know? you either were dreaming or not.

[Dallas]: look passion i wasn’t dreaming…and if i was it would probably be about how wonderful and sexy you are.

[Passion]: whatever…

She gets out of the bed. Dallas rolls over.

[Dallas]: Babe where you going…I can’t get any good morning love?

[Passion]: How about I give you some tonight after a long week of work loving…

Dallas sits up in the bed as passion puts on her house robe.

[Passion]: oh that’s right you may not be home before i normally go to sleep.

[Dallas]: Passh you know I have to at least show my face in the club tonight…babe I’m the owner. My people need me.

[Passion]: and your woman wants you…

[Dallas]: what does that suppose to mean?

[Passion]: you know all those damn whores just be sitting and standing around waiting for you to come in so they can fall all over you.

[Dallas]: So I don’t want them. I already have my queen…you baby.

[Passion]: um it’s not a queen until you put a ring on it.

[Dallas]: babe come over here…

Passion comes back to the bed. Dallas makes a gesture and passion takes off the robe.

[Passion]: no you are not gonna get your way this time… Dallas I’m tired of sharing you with all of your jobs.

[Dallas]: You are the only one getting this

he pushes up with his pelvis area. she hits him in the chest. Song fades in as they began to have a lovemaking session.

[Passion]: this not all I want…even though I’m not complaining.

[Dallas]: why do we have to always go through this? you know this is what i do. I’m a business man.

[Passion]: yeah, well you are doing a poor job with your woman.

[Dallas]: you were not saying that when we were tanning on the beach in Brazil last month or when i gave you the thirty grand to put on this house…that I still don’t have a key to.

[Passion]: you have a garage opener that’s just as good as a key. plus I don’t have a key to your house.

[Dallas]: you hardly ever come to my house.

[Passion]: you make me sick. gone, go hang out with the hustlers and boppers!

[Dallas]: how about you just meet me there tonight…

[Passion]: no…I’m staying here. I have to study anyway this bar exam is kicking my butt.

[Dallas]: yeah jason is saying the same thing. dude aint been around much.

[Passion]: really…you know he and I made a bet who would score the highest.

[Dallas]: nice… my girl and my homie both about to be big time lawyers…well whomever does the best will be the one i hire…

[Passion]: whatever…You and Jason DON’T need to work on anything together. All he’s good for is chasing women.

[Dallas]: Passion get off my boy.

[Passion]: Well you just make sure you don’t play around like your boy.

[Dallas]: I don’t need too cause I have the best woman in the world.

[Passion]: Whatever!

she kissed him and gets back out of the bed

[Dallas]: you know what i promise i won’t stay at the club long tonight. i’ll run by and make sure everything is running well and then I’ll be by here.

[Passion]: I wont hold my breath…

Dallas’s phone rings…passion picks it up

[Passion]: it’s your stripper homegirl.

[Dallas]: stop hating…go ahead answer it. I know you want to. Tell her I’m sleep and will call her back if you want.

Passion answers the phone

[Passion]: hello…yeah well we are in the middle of something in bed. He will call you back when we are done…not sure…yeah girl sometimes we take our time.

she hangs up.

[Passion] you know i don’t like her and don’t like you still being friends with her. I really don’t like the fact that whore uses my name as her stage name.

she starts walking out

[Dallas]: stop tripping you know she is like my baby sister.

[Dallas]: You better not leave before I get my kiss goodbye.

[scene end]


Scene 2

Not going down


Dallas is sitting at his desk at work.

[Dallas]: Tay…

his secretary comes in

[Tay]: I already know what you need…here are the reports you ask for Mr. Sky.

[Dallas]: Oh thank you very much. can you sit them on the table and I will get to them in a sec.


she sits the files down and then comes up behind dallas and starts to rub his shoulders. He stands up and turns to face her. They share a moment where their eyes don’t part. tay then pushes him back down in his chair as she moves closer to him.

[Tay] Sir I know you are busy but can I ask you a question?

[Dallas] Knock youself out Tay.

[Tay]: how long are you going to make me lust for you sir?

[Dallas]: So you call it lust?

[Tay]: oh trust me it can be a lot more than lust but…

She leans in to kiss him but he turns his face to her just in time to avoid the kiss

[Dallas]: it’s not going down tay…

[Tay]: really?

[Dallas]: more than you could ever know. It's been five years and I still have not...

[Tay]: Passion really got you on lock and key?

[Dallas]: yes she does.

[Tay]: i see… don’t hate me for trying.

[Dallas]: I’m not. Just don’t do that shit again or else you will be looking for another job. You are too beautiful to throw yourself on any man. Even one as fine as me. 

They both laugh at Dallas's clowning...

[Tay]: the problem is there are very few real men

[Dallas]: sometimes you just have to be patient and keep your mind open

[Tay]: got ya Boss.

[Dallas]: Besides I fixed you up with my homeboy Jason. I thought you two hit it off pretty good.

[Tay]: Yes and no.

[Dallas] ok

[Tay]: he not like you…

[Dallas]: he’s not suppose to be me. He’s his own man.

[Tay]: I mean he moves fast…I’m not sure I want to move that fast…

[dallas]: You could have fooled me…

[Tay] I mean most women want to be a little agressive sometimes. Especially if it's with the right guy. We also like an aggressive man but not too much. A little tease and little chase can take you a long way.

[Dallas] Well it sounds like Jason want it all the way.


Scene picks up later that night as Dallas is headed to his car. He’s on his cell phone.

[Dallas]: Tish this is Dallas. Hey, i just wanted to say I'm sorry about Passion talking shit on the phone this morning but you know how she is. I figured you would have called or text me back buy now ole apple head girl. Anyways I'm headed to the club just wanted to let you know that you have some mail at my house. A big pill of mail...hurry up and come get your shit before I file 13 they asses.

a message comes on indicating that the voicemail time limit is up. Dallas hangs up and calls back.

[Dallas]: oh yeah one of the letters is from the California College of The Arts. Ok well call me when you get a chance and be careful out there.

Tay walks out headed to her car that’s parked right next to Dallas.

[Dallas]: girl i didn’t even know you where still in the building.

[Tay]: yeah i had to stop by the ladies room to freshen up a little.

[Dallas]: oh i know that sneaky smile…what? Are you and Jay about to meet up.

[Tay]: please… he has not been answering his phone calls or text messages all day so I’m going to hang with the girls.

[Dallas]: well i know if you are going to be hanging out you better be headed to The Skyline.

[Tay]: We better?

[Dallas]: You know I own the hottest spot in the city, any other spot would be uncivilized…

[Tay]: look at you bragging. boss you do have the nicest club around and we will surely be there.

[Dallas]: that’s what i’m talking about. well i guess i’ll see you there. got to stop through for a minute and make sure everything is running smoothly.

[Tay]: Just a minute?

[Dallas]: Yeah I’m gonna surprise passion and spend a romantic evening with her

he pulls out a rig box and tickets

[Tay]: Oh my goodness it is gourgeous. You really love her don’t you?

[Dallas]: I think it’s time we make this thing real.

tay runs over and looks at the ring and grab the tickets.

[Tay]: Boss these tickets are to Paris, France

[Dallas]: Yeah i’m going to ask her to marry me there.

tay hugs him.

[Tay]: I am so happy for you and so jealous of her. I hope she realizes what type of man she has.

[Dallas]: She does

[Tay]: It doesn’t hurt that you have a little money too.

[Dallas]: Yeah I work hard for it…now it’s time to start playing hard.

[Tay]: You should bring her to the club and pop the question.

[Dallas]: nice idea. I didn’t think about that option.

[Tay]: That's what you have me for...the best and cutest assistant in the world!

[Dallas]; See you later young lady.

they both get in their cars and drive off

[End Scene]

[Scene 3]



Scene starts inside of the night club. A band is on stage performing. Camera circles club to show the people enjoying the show. Tay and her friends are in the scene. Then focus turns to Natalie who is the hostess and her boyfriend Derrick that are at the bar.

[Natalie]: Derrick I’m working. you know I can’t leave now.

[Derrick]: Natalie I’m getting sick and tired of you using this damn hosting job as an excuse for you to always be up in here running behind dallas.

[Natalie]: Derrick he’s my boss. You don’t seem to have a problem with the extra money I make here.

[Derrick]:don’t be funny nat. I’m tired of your damn nightlife.

[Natalie]: Oh you wont go out a get a job so I got to do what I gotta to do. you wouldn’t have this nice suit and watch if it wasn’t for Dallas.

Derrick grabs natalie and slams her up against the wall. Soon two of the bouncers come grab him. At the same time Dallas is entering the club. One of the bouncers rushes to get Dallas. They make their way upstairs. Dallas approaches the situation.

[Dallas]: Derrick!! Really? Derrick? Nat what the hell is going on?

No one says anything. the guards are still holding on the derrick.

[Dallas]: Let him go.

the guard releases derrick

[Dallas]: Now someone tell me why I have this hood shit going on in my club with you two?

[Natalie]: This asshole done put his hands on me

She then throws her drink in his face. Derrick goes after her as she runs behind Dallas. Derrick then punches Dallas right before the guards could grab him.

[Dallas]: Get that punk ass out of here now! call the police.

he follows them as the escort Derrick out. Natalie goes back to the bar and takes two shots of liquor. Dallas return moments later. He takes a shot from the bartender then grabs Natalie her by the arm and takes her to the restroom.

[Dallas]: I can’t believe this shit is happening.

[Natalie]: It’s not my fault Dallas.

dallas starts to wip his hands and the blood off his lip from the punch.

[Natalie]: I didn’t know he was going to punch you.

She then comes up behind Dallas and hugs him from behind. He quickly turns around and brushes he up against the wall. They are face to face almost lip to lip.

[Dallas]: Nat what the hell is wrong with you?

[Natalie]: Derrick is jealous of us Dallas.

[Dallas]: There is no us nat.

[Natalie]: But it should BECAUSE that bastard don’t know how to treat me.

[Dallas]: No man should put his hands on his woman but both of you need to fix this shit or get out of it. Otherwise else you WON’T be working here anymore. I can't have that kind of drama here.

Dallas pushes away from her. Natalie then takes a seat on the toilet and starts crying.

[Natalie]: He hits me all the time Dallas and I cant get away from him.

phone rings. DJ is on the other line.

[DJ voice]: say Dee you need to come get your girl Tish.

[Dallas]: What’s wrong?

[Dj voice]: she was jumped by three of the other girls earlier. now she’s all over the club tripping out. I think she took some pills and is spaced out right now.  

[Dallas] ok I’m on my way

he hangs up the phone.

[Dallas]: Damn!

he walks out but then stops and turns back around to finish his conversation. he hands her a key.

[Dallas]: Go to my office and take a nap. I will get Kim to finish your shift for you. You can stay here for the night but no guest.

[Natalie]: Thank you Dallas...

[Dallas] Whatever

[Natalie] you are always taking care of your ladies. That's why we love you so much.

[Dallas] Yeah Yeah...I gotta go...and remember NO GUEST!

Dallas starts to walk out the club. He runs into Tay

[Tay]: Dallas is everything ok

[Dallas]: Yeah just a minor issue. Can you do me a favor?

[Tay]: Sure. Wait your lip is busted.

[Dallas]: Yeah it's nothing I'm ok.

[Tay]: Ok what can I do to help?

[Dallas]: Call Jason and tell him I need him to come up here and see over things until I get back.

[Tay]: ok I will but I have yet to reach him all day.

[Dallas]: Ok just try again for me please.

Dallas leaves out the club and hands the valet his keys and then makes a phone call Passion.

 back at passions house she enters the kitchen to answer her phone wearing a very sexy lingerie and holding a bottle of wine. she answers the phone

[Passion]: Hello

[Dallas]: Hey babe. how are you?

[Passion]: Where are you?

[Dallas]: Im leaving the club

[Passion]: really?

[Dallas]: yeah but…

[Passion]: but what

[Dallas]: I have to go and get Tish. She’s gotten herself in some trouble and they called me to pick her before anything else goes wrong.

[Passion]: really…

[Dallas]: I know I said we would spend the evening together…

[Passion]: Dallas…that’s fine. Go take care of your friend.

[Dallas]: are you sure?

[Passion]: I understand…Dallas I understand. Just let me know if and when you are headed this way.

[Dallas]: Babe I promise as soon as I get her in a safe place I will call you.

[Passion]: ok you do that.

[Dallas]: Babe I love you

[Passion]: I know you do…

they both hang up.Dallas gets into his car as it pulls up. passion takes a drink of the wine, puts the phone down, and grabs a candle and lights it.


[Scene 4]



Dallas is seen walking into the gentlemen’s club that tish works at. He gets little resistance from the staff but is stopped by one of the security guards who seems to know him. He pats him 

 down and takes the gun that Dallas has on him.


[Guard]: Playboy you know the rules.

[Dallas]: I’m only here to get Tish

[Guard]: Yeah you need to get that silly hoe before Jimmy fire her ass.

[Dallas]: How about you just worry about doing your job. Door man...

[Guard]: Keep talking pretty boy and I will finish what it looks like somebody already started.

Dallas walks through the crowd looking for Tish. He walks toward the Dj booth. Dj sees him.

[DJ]: My big homie Dallas Sky in the house. Ladies catch him and you may hit the lotto.

[Dallas]: Where is she?

[DJ]: Who

[Dallas]: Man come on stop playing.

[Dj]: bro why do you even do for that crazy ass girl. I mean out of all the ratchet chicks you can pick you pick the Queen.

[Dallas]: Everyone have jokes tonight.

[Dj]: Passion is on stage 4 homie…

Dallas heads to the stage where tish is dancing. she looks very drunk. dallas grabs her hand and pulls her off stage. a couple of guys that are watching her start to heckle dallas but the bounce holds them back.

[Tish]: what are you doing i’m making money?

[Dallas]: go get your shit and meet me at the front door.

[Tish]: I’m not leaving?

[Dallas]: Go get you shit now!

he hands her his jacket and she walks away. he walks up to the bar and orders a shot and drinks it. as soon as he sees tish headed to door he walks back up to guard.

[Guard]: You know Jimmy said you can’t take her out the front door.

[Dallas]: look you tell your daddy Jimmy if he has a problem with what I did tonight to call me. Now give me my gun lurch.

He hands him back his gun and dallas and tish walks out of the club. on her way to the car tish stops to throw up… they get to his car and tish falls asleep. When they get to Dallas’s house Tish is still asleep. He carries her inside and lays her in the bed. He tries to call Passion but gets no answer. He then goes into kitchen and fixes her something to eat.

He wakes her up.

[Dallas]: here you need to eat

they walk over to the table where her food is there.

[Tish]: My favorite chicken noodle soup, rice, and tea.

[Dallas]: yeah weird butt

she eats while he sits there and watch. He then gets up and come back to table with a drink.

[Tish]: Give me some

[Dallas]: Hell no. you don’t need any more to drink.

[Tish]: you not my daddy

[Dallas]: Lucky for you cause if I was I would probably be whupping your ass right now.

[Tish]: You wish you could spank this ass.

[Dallas]: Whatever tish

[Tish]: My name is passion

[Dallas]: that’s your dumb stage name

[Tish]: so dumb you have a girlfriend with the same name.

[Dallas]: damn! almost forgot.

dallas tries to call passion again. he leaves a message.

[Dallas]: Hey i know you are sleep and upset at me. i’ll just wait and come by in the morning.

he hangs up the phone.

[Tish]: It’s my fault right?

[Dallas]: naw. She will understand…I hope…

she stares at him until they both laughs

[Dallas]: yeah it is your damn fault… just a little bit ole apple head lil girl.

[Tish]: i’m so sorry dee

[Dallas]: man it was suppose to be the perfect evening and eveything went wrong.

[Tish]: Do you really love her?

[Dallas]: yeah I believe so

[Tish]: I’m happy for you…jealous of her. She better know what kind of man she has in you.

[Dallas]: that’s the second time I heard that today.

Dallas gets up from table and walks over to sofa.

[Dallas]: i was going to ask her to marry me tonight.

[Tish]: are you serious?

[Dallas]: yes.

[Tish]: you don’t think you are rushing dee?

[Dallas]: I’m not…I have to show her that I’m serious. I am juggling so many things in my life and I need to slow down.

[Tish]: and you think getting married is going to do that?

[Dallas]: yes

[Tish]: even if that mean losing your other passions? no pun intended.

[Dallas]: Tish I won’t be losing anything.

[Tish]: Retract my last statement, pun so intended…

they both sit there in silence. moments later Dallas gets up and picks up a letter.

[Dallas]: ok here open this because i’m a little excited about what it’s about.

he hands her the letter. she looks at him for a second.

[Dallas]: please open it tish…stop playing.

she opens the letter and gets a little excited

[Tish]: oh my goodness…

[Dallas]: what?

[Tish]: oh my goodness Dallas! They love me…they loved my painting they want me.

[Dallas]: OMG the college?

[Tish]: yes yes yes

they hug

[Dallas]: I am so proud of you. I told you, you have talent with those brushes.

[Tish]: yeah but they only will cover the tuition. i would have to get a place to stay, find a car, and move…Dallas I can’t do all of this. I don’t have a clue…

[Dallas]: Tish calm down. Is this something you really want to do?

[Tish]: I do?

[Dallas]: Then if you promise me that you are going to go to class everyday, study hard, and be the best you can be…then I will take care of getting you a place to stay and a car.

[Tish]: omg…are you serious…thank you thank you thank you…

[Dallas]: you are my friend

tish hugs him again and just holds him as a tears falls from her eyes

[Tish] You are much more than a friend dallas…you are my lifeline. If I could take out my heart and give it to you it would not be enough to repay you for all you have done for me. Dallas the only thing I fear is that I will go to California and lose our bond, ESPECIALLY if you are about to go and get married.

[Dallas]: Don’t you worry about that.

[Tish]: Do you promise?

[Dallas]: I promise passion…

tish pulls away and looks into his eyes.

[Dallas]: I’m sorry I ment…

before he could finish tish kisses him.

[Tish]: now you don’t have to be sorry… for a moment I got to experience what it feels like to be her… thank you friend…best friend…The first man to show me so much respect…You believe in my dreams…you believe in me…and I love you with all of my heart soul and all of this sexy body.

[Dallas]: Girl your little skinny tail aint sexy.

[Tish] my customers think so

[Dallas] yeah after all them shots of crown they would marry a cow

[Tish]: ole hater number one!…anyways this cause for a drink

[Dallas]: ok just one cause your ass need rehab.

they both have drinks and laugh and talk. he shows her the ring and tickets. then they look through her art books until they both fall asleep with tish up against his chest.