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John Lasseter



By: Ty Lewis

"The art challenges the technology and the technology inspires the art." - John Lasseter


I chose this famous animator because he is an inspiration to all pursuing the animation career, he also created some of my favorite Pixar films such as Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Cars, and much more.

John Lasseter was born in January 12, 1957 in Hollywood, California. When John was in high-school, he read about the making of Walt Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty.' This inspired him to become an animator and later attended California Institute of Arts. After graduating, he took a job at Disney's animation studio, but was soon fired. The following year he got a job at Lucasfilm Ltd. In 1986, the company was aquired by Apple Inc. and became an independant company called Pixar. They then went on to create amazing movies such as Toy Story and Bugs Life, they were huge hits! Now Pixar is a multi-billion dollar company with John Lasseter as chief creative officer of Pixar. John now has 5 kids and a wife named Nancy.


Characters John Lasseter Created



Lightning McQueen