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Winsor Mckay

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Why Is He A Marvel of Animation?

Windsor McCay was the so called "TRUE" father of animation. Unlike Stuart Blackton, McCay had sequencial hand motions to go along with his 2 minute long film "Little Nemo". This film consists of acctual illusion of movement with squash and strech and brain poping amount of frames and drawings. Even though it does not match up to modern animation, McCay is still a marvel of animation.

This is one of McCays first comics that was turned into a film because of the great story and loving of the comic.

Winsor McCay

What Was His ChildHood?

McCay was born on September 26, 1871 in Springlake Michigan. In his younger ages he loved to draw and his peers were very much impressed by his flattery in drawing and sketching. His dad insisted that he go to a buisiness college, so he went to a Cleary Buisness College, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Although he did drop out, he made money by making drawings for the Dime Museum, Detroit. Then after becoming interested in making comics and making a steady income, he created his first film, Little Nemo. That film wowed the audience with the absolute illusion of movement and creativity.

By: Tyler Teschner