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PRO-DashboardFORECASTING LOCATION pinsgive forecasted accumulationamounts specific to that ZIP Codefor every precipitation type up to60 hours out and with just oneclick hourly forecasts and ThreatIntelligence Alerts are revealedRADAR OVERLAYS allow you toquickly display currentconditions, traffic conditions,and traffic cameras, withoutever having to leave the websitewhile baselayers give you theoption to switch from currentradar, future radar, and moreASK A METEOROLOGIST providesyou with 24-7 access to degreedmeteorologists with just the clickof a button

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Threat IntelligenceTHREAT INTELLIGENCEALERTS provide clients withZIP Code specific informationfor all of their forecastinglocations which includedetails on timing,precipitation transitions,accumulations, andpavement informationLIVECASTING keeps clients up-to-date on any changes to theforecast prior to or during astorm so they can adjust theiroperations accordinglyPAVEMENT INFORMATIONempowers clients with the detailsmost critical to their operationslike temperatures, accumulations,and 1st and 2nd-inch timing onpavement, not grass

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On-The-GoTHREAT INTELLIGENCE ALERTSare produced twice a day anddelivered by ZIP Code through textmessage and email to as manyrecipients as you chooseDETAIL PDFs are attached toeach email alert and included ageneral overview of each alertas well as an hourly breakdown

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Certified SnowfallReportsCERTIFIED SNOWFALL & ICEREPORTS produced by degreedmeteorologists who closelyanalyze weather reports andradar information to give youthe most accurate informationfor billing verification24-HOUR TURNAROUNDmeans by the end of the nextday your Certified SnowfallReports will be there allowingyou to bill your clients in atimely fashion CUSTOMIZED REPORTS let yourclients know this report wasaccurately prepared for you forthat specific ZIP Code, not just aregional analysis of the storm

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freezeWarn™FREEZEWARN™ delivers both pre-storm refreeze notificationsand a post-storm melt andrefreeze certifications for meltand freeze events that occur daysafter the last snowfall has fallenHISTORICAL DATA provides theinformation of the last 3 snowand ice events as well asobserved hourly surfacetemperatures so you can bearmed with the details you needwhen questioned on deicingapplications on precipitation-free days/nightsCERTIFIED STAMP guarantees toyour clients that this report wasprepared by the team ofmeteorologists at trueWeatherfor your company and thatspecific ZIP Code

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New This Past WinterMORE DATA was added to the PRO-Dashboard this season like anenhanced radar, a future radar thatextends out even further, and aslew of new overlays and options to give you all the tools you need to tackle a stormSALT & BRINERECOMMENDATIONS powered by VSI by BOSS Snowplow willdeliver an industry-first to ourclients with pre- and post-stormrecommendations for wintryweather eventsFRESH NEW LOOK with all of ouralerts and reports along withadditional information that willhelp our clients dive into the storyof the storm even more

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Save over60%Service PricingForecastingFirst LocationAddl. LocationMonthly Winter OnlyAnnual$199$99$750$300$1050$400WINTER ONLY pricing is for thesix-month period from November1st to April 30thCertified Snowfall ReportsAny LocationSave over40%Specialized climatology and legal weather reportsavailable upon requestANY LOCATION regardless ofwhether you have forecasting ornot, it's just one price forCertified Snowfall ReportsSAVINGS are a comparison tomonth-by-month pricing over thatsame time spanWITH CLIMOS INCLUDED means allCertified Snowfall Report locationswill include access to 10-YearClimatology Reports at no extracharge(with or without forecasting)$39Includes freezeWarn and 10-Year Climo ReportsJUST

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