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Create and File E Bills of Lading Automatically GET REAL TIME TRACKING OF ALL SHIPMENTS Reduce risks of rejected shipments by enabling all parties to follow the goods en route CHOOSE THE BEST CHECK IN CHECK OUT METHOD FOR THE JOB Capture up to 4 driver and site supervisor digital signatures Use QR codes to con rm pick up and delivery of products Have remote site supervisors visually con rm check outs DIGITAL CHAIN OF CUSTODY Weigh In Using E Scale Tickets Improve Cash Flow SHORTEN THE ENTIRE WEIGHMENT PROCESS SO GOODS ARE DELIVERED FASTER ELIMINATE PAPER AND AUTOMATE BACK OFFICE OPERATIONS Greatly improve driver productivity by enabling drivers to get their tare gross and net weights on their smart devices without leaving their trucks Reduce potential risks for on the job injuries lower insurance costs and promote a safer work environment by having drivers weigh in from the safety of their trucks Enable dispatchers and customers to monitor truck weighments in real time so they can con rm the accuracy of expected pick ups and deliveries Quickly generate and reconcile electronic invoices Reduce billing discrepancies over lost or illegitimate paper tickets Prevent disputes over illegible multi page paper bills of lading Validate and digitally sign o on invoices before paying them or deny payments for speci c reasons Eliminate paper checks Pay suppliers and third party carriers on a pre arranged schedule to help improve cash ow VIEW FULL HISTORICAL REPORTS BY ANY ATTRIBUTE REFERENCED ON AN E TICKET E BILL OF LADING OR E SCALE TICKET Integrate TruckPay with other ERP systems such as SAP JWS and NetSuite Use TruckPay analytics to identify operational strengths and weaknesses SUPPLIER WAREHOUSING FACILITY REAL TIME REPORTING RETAIL DISTRIBUTION CENTER E BILLS OF LADING SECURELY STORE E DOCUMENTS IN THE TRUCKPAY DOCUMENT VAULT Automatically prevent any carrier from working on your jobs without validated insurance and compliance documents REAL TIME REPORTING CHECK OUT S ET E BILLS OF LA DI N G ERP INTEGRATION E S E T IC K CHECK IN Export data to PDF EXCEL and CSV le formats C A LE T I CK E T E P AY N TS A R A P S ME INVENTORY E IN VOICE S

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