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A return to the light, driven by passion. 


We were already collectors passionate about vintage watches and among the divers of the 60s and 70s, there was one that seemed to us out of the ordinary : the Triton Spirotechnique, and it is our passion for this watch that is the starting point of this crazy adventure - relaunch the Triton brand. This watch became cult was born at a time when the great brands were appreciated for their originality and their specificity ; the iconic design of Colonel Parmentier was the embodiment of this spirit and we were determined to make no compromise to preserve it - this "DNA" - which gave the original watch its unique character. 

The Triton was the most expensive dive watch of the 60's. With its noon wreath and its characteristic crown protector, it was conceived as a tool for divers and was only sold in shops Diving. We decided to relaunch the emblematic Triton around the values ​​of exclusivity and excellence to lead to a watch that is not a generic product intended to please the greatest number, contrary to what Most brands today. We are proud to say that the Triton Subphotic is the worthy heir of its glorious elder whose timeless design was not the result of fashion but the result of the requirements of robustness and comfort.  

Passion and respect were the two strong values ​​to develop this watch: passion for this historic brand and respect for the most demanding customers. The Triton Subphotic is precisely designed and assembled by hand by the best Swiss watchmakers who share our taste for perfectionism. We are specialists in sports watches, not generalists. Our customers deserve the best watches - authentic and sturdy - and that's what we offer them. We want you to enjoy the Triton Subphotique, the most original sports watch of recent years.

Philippe FRIEDMANN & Jean Sébastien COSTE

Mr. Parmentier had filed the patent for the iconic crown protector in order to secure it and to avoid fatal dive accidents.

History of Triton

Jean-René Parmentier (1921/1998), former colonel of the French air force and a passionate watchmaker, designed the Triton for Spirotechnique in 1962, founded in 1946 by the famous commander Cousteau.



Jean-René Parmentier


Made in France with a Swiss caliber ETA with self-winding, it had a diameter of 37 mm at the level of the case and 39 mm at the level of the bezel. The Triton was recognizable from the first glance with its bezel with very specific typography (number of units smaller) and a wicket with date red and black. It was marketed from 1963 until the mid-1970's and distributed exclusively in the diving shops of the Spirotechnique.

DNA of Triton watches

Original design in the early 60's.

This very technical watch, among the most expensive dive watches of the 60's, was intended for professional and military divers ; It will be found on the wrists of some members of the Cousteau team and French and American combat swimmers.


Diameter 40 mm in brushed stainless steel type 316L or 916L. The bottom and the crown are screwed to the housing. This housing provides a perfectly sealed environment that protects the high-precision automatic movement of water, dust and pressure. 


& Crown protector


The crown is of "push / screw" type for perfect sealing ; it is specially designed for diving watches.

The crown is doubly protected by a steel frame (crown guard) itself screwed to the casing.

It is resistant to water pressure up to 500 meters (500 M / 1640 FT / 50 Bar).

The winding crown is screwed on the case, ensuring a leak tightness comparable to that of a decompression lock.


Unidirectional notched, 60 teeth (according to the standard dive 60 minutes).

The Triton Subphotic is equipped with a bezel with sapphire crystal for optimum robustness.

The graduations of this bezel include a "Super Luminova C3" finish for maximum legibility. 

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

Sapphire glass

Calendar disc

The date disc of the Triton Subphotic incorporates numbers prevents red and black pairs, for perfect legibility.

Helium valve


500 M / 1640 FT / 50 Bar

The case of the watch is rigorously tested to withstand the pressure. A process tested and validated in two stages : vacuum test then test in water under pressure. 

The Triton Subphotic is equipped with a helium valve at 3 o'clock to support decompression stages in boxes up to 500 meters (500 M / 1640 FT / 50 bar).

The Subphotic is equipped with the customized Triton mechanical caliber on a Soprod A10-2 base with oscillating weight and engraved Côtes de Genève bridge. This caliber, 100% Swiss Made with 28'800 vibrations per hour and 42 hours of power reserve, is self-winding perpetual rotor perpetual. The Triton A10-2 caliber is equipped with a Parachrom spiral that offers greater resistance to shocks and temperature variations. Caliber with hours, minutes and seconds in the center. Instant date with quick correction. Stop second for a precise time setting. 



Each Triton Subphotic is available with a bi-material strap that incorporates a synthetic rubber lining sewn on black rubber. Natural rubber provides resistance and waterproofing while synthetic fabric brings the touch of elegance of the Subphotic Triton. Each bracelet is mounted on a personalized Triton steel pin buckle.


The Triton Subphotic is also available with a steel brush strap developed to measure. This bracelet, very comfortable on the wrist fits perfectly into the case of the watch. The folding buckle is operated by a double push-button clasp.

Our dial allows an optimum readability of the information provided by the hands and the date. The creation of dials is a real art craft that always requires a lot of manual skills. Thus, the luminescent material of the "super luminova C3" type is placed by hand. 


We called it "Subphotic" because it supports a depth of 500 meters, where there is no light, well below the oceanic photic zone (about 200 meters deep). For a more chic rendering, the Classic dials have indexes applied by hand.


Atlantic Blue




Classic Black






Pearl Grey




The new Triton takes back the crown protection designed by Jean-René Parmentier in 1962. We called it "Subphotic" because it supports a depth of 500 meters, where there is no light, far below the Oceanic photic zone (about 200 meters deep). Faithful to the original Triton, its Sport dials have hand-painted indexes.


Sport Black



Pacific Blue




Limited edition "1963"

63 units

Sport Black





DLC Black Redline





Each Triton Subphotic is offered with a bi-material bracelet that incorporates a lining of synthetic gum fabric sewn on black rubber. Natural rubber provides resistance and waterproofing while synthetic gum fabric brings the touch of elegance to the Subphotic Triton. Each bracelet is mounted on a personalized Triton steel pin buckle.  


For those who want another bracelet, the Triton Subphotic is also available with a custom-made brushed steel bracelet. This bracelet, very comfortable on the wrist, fits perfectly into the case of the watch. The folding buckle is operated by a double push-button clasp. 


Triton bracelet 


Triton bracelet



At no time have we made any concessions regarding the quality of our Triton watches. We have selected the best Swiss watchmakers to produce impeccable watches. With this know-how, each watch is assembled by hand, in the great tradition of Swiss haute horlogerie.


The uncompromising design of our watches allows us to offer a 5-year guarantee, guaranteeing your serenity and peace of mind. 

Our Triton technical partners, rigorously selected, are at your disposal to answer all your requests.




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