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Tripp Elementary School 

Spring 2017

Once Upon a Time...


there was a school...



A school with amazing students and teachers.



A school where each student was valued and loved.



A school that was dedicated to getting better each and every day.

The school was successful. The students and teachers were happy. Yet, many of them knew that more could be done...


There were some students who seemed sad, sometimes lost. There were students who needed to feel loved and cared for more than anything else. There was work still to be done.


Because of this, the teachers felt a call to action!


The teachers decided that Conscious Discipline was one way that they would make a difference for their students!


One of the first steps would be for the students to "wish each other well"!


Students and teachers learned the song together. The lyrics were easy and the dancing was fun!


Classes formed partnerships. Younger students were able to learn from those in the upper grade classrooms. Role models were discovered. New friendships blossomed.


Students wished each other well during the song which played every other Monday with the morning announcements. 


The teachers knew it was just the start...

And so it began...


A new opportunity for the students and teachers at Tripp School to show caring and respect for each other. 


Some might say it was risky. Dancing and singing...wasn't that just for "little kids?"


The school believed in what this could mean for all the students so with unwavering spirit and a true love for the students there...the teachers carried on...


And of course they lived happily ever after!


or just the beginning!