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Tresillian offers services and support to parents with a newborn baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Tresillian is Australia's largest child and family government funded organisation, providing expert parenting advice and education to parents through services such as our Parent Help Line, Out reach, Day Stay and Residential Care.

Tresillian Family Care Centre


 Accessing our services:


Outreach Program: Tresillian Outreach is a free child health home visiting service that provides up to three home visits for families experiencing difficulties associated with adjusting to parenting. This service provides emotional support and helps parents to maintain their own wellbeing whilst adjusting to their new roles as parents.

Help Line: Tresillian's HelpLine 1300 2 PARENT or 1300 272 736 is available from 7am-11pm where a professional nurse will be able to answer questions and give advice. Similarly, you may be able to acess Tresillian nurses via email for answers, advice and support.

Residential Stay: Tresillian's Residential Programs operate at Tresillian Canterbury, Willoughby ad Nepean. The service is a 4-night, 5-day inpatient service to assist families experiencing significant parenting difficulties.The service looks to guide parents and increase their confidence, allowing them to take on and fulfil their new roles as parents. With the help of family health nusrses, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and paediatricians, parents should feel more confident in their role and experience an increased wellbeing.

Tresillian provides a variety of services and these can be accessed multiple ways including online, on the phone and visiting one of the Tresillian Centres. Our centres are based in New South Wales and Victoria at six centres in Willoughby, Wollstonecraft, Nepean, Canterbury, Lismore and Albury-Wodonga. Centre based services include Tresillian's 4night/5day residential program, Day Stay and Outreach. All services require a referral from your GP, Child and Family Nurse or paediatrian.

Day Stay: Tresillian Day Stay provides up to three day-long appointments at a Tresillian Centre, for parents who are experiencing challenges in adjusting to their parenting role. This service helps parents with early concerns and can help with areas such as breast feeding, sleep strategies, diet and nutrition and anxiety and postnatal depression. This supports the parent for their own wellbeing after the birth as well as helping them adjust to their new and important role

Parenting Programs: Tresillian offers a range of Parenting Group Programs clinically based and designed to help them manage their responsibility and to prepare for their role as a parent. This may be the case particularly with the Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Group Therapy Program, which supports soon-to-be or new parents in managing their own wellbeing surrounding the birth. Another example of one of the programs offered is the Sleep and Settling Strategies, which assists and educates parents in how to calm their baby and put them to sleep effectively, which increases their skills and confidence so they are able to fulfill their important role.


Tresillian is non-for-profit and receives most of it's funding from the NSW Ministry for Health and also rely on the generosity of corporate sector, sponsors and individual donations.

Cost of Services:

Outreach Program: The Outreach Program is free for up to three home visits from a Tresillian  nurse. Operates 8:00am-4:30am Monday-Friday.

 Residential Stay: The Residential Unit is covered by Medicare and parents will only pay a small accomodation fee and meal charge.

Day Stay: Day Stay operates 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday and offers up to three day-long appointments for no cost.

Parenting Programs: Includes 8 core classes and all parenting programs come at a small fee (nominally around $10 per session)

All clincal services are covered by Medicare or private health insurance.