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Go down deep to find out some uncovered underwater facts!

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How do Trenches Affect Marine Animals?

By Joseph Hardy


Table of Contents

p. 2- Table of Contents

p. 3- The Question

p. 4- Who does this Affect?

p. 5 -Historical Event

p. 6- The Answer!

p. 7- Index

p. 8- Glossary


What do Animals use Trenches for?

Do marine animals use trenches as safe spots in the sea? Are there plants down there to eat? What do these trenches do?

Who does this Affect?

Mostly just plants and animals. Some very-deep sea plants settle  down there, and animals go down to eat those plants, and animals go eat those animals, and animals go eat those animals, and...

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What Historical Event Goes With the Question?

Well, in 1960 Swiss explorer Jacques Piccard and American Navy lieutenant Don Walsh landed on its [Trench’s] bottom in a primitive submarine, the Trieste, and looked out their tiny porthole for a few minutes. They saw a fish, or maybe it was a sea cucumber. There is life everywhere in the ocean, on every patch of ground, in every ounce of water.


The Answer!

The answer is that there is life at the bottom of the sea! Fish or sea cucumber, there is life in the Trenches!



Animal- p. 3-4
Fish- p. 5-6

Sea Cucumber- p. 5-6

Trench- p. 3, 5-6



Trench- A long, steep-sided, narrow depression in the ocean floor.