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Description of my city.

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Travel Guide of Buenos Aires

  • There are many things to see and do in Buenos Aires.
  • One  of the main atractions is the cabildo.It`s a beutiful place and its more than two hundred years old

Tourist place of Buenos Aires


  • There also a lot of museums,for example: natural,science, museum Fine Arts.
  • Buenos Aires is the pricipal capital of Argentina
  • Buenos Aires a big city on the river in the east of Argentina

Information about Buenos Aires

  • I love living in the Buenos Aires becauese the people a friendly
  • Buenos Aires`famous beaches are for exaple: Pinamar, Mar del plata, San Bernardo.

Buenos Aires climate and more

  • The climate in Buenos Aires is warm, in the summer we have hot temperature, and winter more or less cold.
  • You can do differents activities. For kids you can find: sledges or swimings. For adults there are health stations were you can do yoga, play volleyball.

Activities in Buenos Aires

  • There are a lot of parks, for example: Rivadavia, Centenario, Chacabuco.
  • Buenos Aires is  a beautiful city.When you visit  Buenos Aires, get a newspaper and see what`s on.You might have a nice suprise.