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TRA Summer Catalog 2023

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The Right Approach to EducationSummer Course Catalog K-12 Academic Support and MentorshipCollege ApplicationsEducation ConsultingWellness and Sustainability Classes To register call (650) 525-1583 or email

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"The heart of the Waldorf method is that educationis an art-it must speak to the child's experience. Toeducate the whole child, his heart and his will mustbe reached, as well as the mind."- RUDOLF STEINER Rave Reviews!"First, let me say that I am amazed at Jamie’sreception to tutoring with you. When I firstbroached the topic with him, he was definitely notenthusiastic. After his first meeting with you, I cansee how open and receptive he is now. I hoped thatmeeting with someone that was not a parent wouldbe a positive experience for him, and I definitelythink that is the case. So, that is a win." - Astrid S. "Thank you so much for supporting Alexa throughthe college applications process. Your guidance hasbeen invaluable and has helped Alexa buildconfidence along the way." - Cathy D."... Maggie worked with Manuel. He was awesome.He helped Maggie craft her essay and keptapplications on track. He worked from the list ofschools we provided. He helped track deadlines,provided encouragement, but also structure to getthe work done." - Mary Anne P.

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MENTORSHIPChildren need to work with people whom they want to emulate. Our teachers are heart-based, academiccollaborators who will inspire your child to strive.TRADITIONAL ANDALTERNATIVE LEARNINGTECHNIQUESOur credentialed and expertteachers work with all types oflearners using movement, art,mindfulness techniques, and more!PreK to College ClassesACADEMIC EXCELLENCEWhether it's starting your littleone off with ABCs or getting yourteenager prepared for college, thelove of learning starts with TheRight Approach! (Yes, we're that good.)

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THE RIGHT APPROACH PERSONALIZED CLASSESNEW Flex Dates! Let us know your preferred days/timesthis summer and we will do the rest! First come, firstserved!1-1 or small group1-1 sliding scale rate: $80-$110/sessionsmall group rate: $38-$70/sessionsmall group classes: starting at $450Call (650) 525-1583 or emailscheduleme@therightapproach-ed.comWhat will your child learn this summer?

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COURSES BY AGE & TOPICDenotes Online Sessions

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COURSES BY AGE & TOPICDenotes Online Sessions

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TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS 10AM-1PM OPTIONAL:12-12:30 FAMILY LUNCH GATHERING12:30-1PM FAMILY STORY TIME LittleBuddieswithTeacherMaggieUsing Waldorf-inspired techniques, Teacher Maggie willinspire and engage your little ones. In this small groupclass, students will play in the garden, engage indramatic play, read stories, make play-doh, cook, sing,dance, and so much more! Parent participation optional.Perfect for students ages 3-6!Call 650 525-1583 for more details!

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PERFECT FOR STUDENTS AGES 5-8 $575/WEEK $25 OFF FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WEEK ForestCampwithTeacherKaylaLaurelwood Park 9am-2pmWeek 1: July 10-14 Week 2: July 17-21 Week 3: July 24-28 Week 4: July 31- August 48 Led by experienced forest school teachers, this Waldorf inspiredcamp engages head, heart, and hands in an outdoor environment.

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K-6 MathMath Boot Camp: Grade 3If any math fundamentals were missedin grade two, this class is perfect foryour rising third grader. Our staff willreteach important grade two conceptsand preview upcoming third grademath facts with movement activities.This class includes an interactivenotebook for students to practice theirwork through summer to keep theirskills fresh for the upcoming schoolyear.Math Boot Camp: Grade 4 The transition from third to fourthgrade math can be tricky iffundamentals were missed from gradethree. This class will solidifymultiplication facts, long division, andprepare your child for fraction learning.We will use math manipulatives andmovement to make math meaningfuland fun! This class includes aninteractive notebook for students topractice their work through summer tokeep their skills fresh for the upcomingschool year. Math Boot Camp: Grade 5This key math foundations course revisits alloperations with fractions and draws a clearconnection from fractions to decimals. Thesecritical math concepts carry students throughmiddle school. Memorization of common fractionsto decimals will also be covered. This classincludes an interactive notebook for students topractice their work through summer to keep theirskills fresh for the upcoming school year.Math Boot Camp: Grade 6Fractions, decimals, percents...oh my! This classbrings together all levels of elementary math andapplies it to real-world situations. From buying acar, to paying the tip, students will practicemaking real-life math decisions and memorizesimple calculations. This class includes aninteractive notebook for students to practice theirwork through summer to keep their skills fresh forthe upcoming school year. 9

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Test Preparation:Lower/Middle ISEE Executive Functioning: Executive functioning skills arecognitive strengths that build habits andhelp us manage our lives in order to besuccessful. This course providesstudents with tips and strategies to keepthemselves organized, while identifyingpersonal roadblocks, building strongstudy habits, and reducing homeworkfrustrations and procrastination. We willexplore how to improve note taking,memory retention, and timemanagement. We begin with a full length practice test to gauge yourchild’s areas of strength and areas of need. From there, weschedule an intensive, week-long program that focuses onstrategy use. Students take notes, practice strategyapplication, and complete practice work both inside andoutside of class. We then schedule 1-1 sessions, generallycompleted in the fall/winter to review any neededstrategies, teach concepts, and work on timing and pacing.At the culmination of the program, students will take asecond practice test to demonstrate their improvement. Our Lower/Middle ISEE Program Includes: ❑ Pre-assessment on either the lower or middle ISEE orSSAT. This practice test serves as a baseline to determineyour child's strengths and areas of need. ❑ Two parent-teacher-student conferences to go over theresults of your child's pre and post-assessment tests and todetermine your child's exam goals. ❑ Group instruction (no more than 6 students per group)that includes fifteen hours of intensive test prep strategies.❑ A workbook of practice test problems specific to yourchild's areas of need to be completed throughout thesummer. We grade these workbooks and offer specificfeedback. ❑ Fifteen sessions of one-on-one instruction.❑ A second practice test.❑ All materials used throughout the programPROGRAM FEE: $2,695, online or in-personWhy Prepare for the ISEE? If your child is planning on attending aprivate school, he or she may need totake an entrance exam. Our intensive,all-encompassing program structurewill immensely improve your child'sperformance on these exams andprepare him or her for the academicchallenges of middle school and beyond.We work with each student on anindividual basis to ensure excellencewhile maintaining an environment thatis both intellectually stimulating andfun. 10

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Our Upper ISEE/HSPT Program Includes: ❑ Pre-assessment on either the upper ISEE orHSPT. This practice test serves as a baseline todetermine your child's strengths and areas ofneed. ❑ Two parent-teacher-student conferences togo over the results of your child's pre and post-assessment tests and to determine your child'sexam goals. ❑ Group instruction (no more than 6 studentsper group) that includes fifteen hours ofintensive test prep strategies. ❑ A workbook of practice test problems specificto your child's areas of need to be completedthroughout the summer. We grade theseworkbooks and offer specific feedback. ❑ Fifteen sessions of one-on-one instruction.❑ A second practice test. ❑ All materials used throughout the program.PROGRAM FEE: $2,695, online or in-personTest Preparation:Upper ISEE/HSPTWhy Prepare for the UpperISEE/HSPT? If your child is planning on attending a privateschool, he or she may need to take an entranceexam. Our intensive, all-encompassing programstructure will immensely improve your child'sperformance on these exams and prepare him orher for the academic challenges of middle schooland beyond. We work with each student on anindividual basis to ensure excellence whilemaintaining an environment that is bothintellectually stimulating and fun. We begin with a full-length practice test to gaugeyour child’s areas of strength and areas of need.From there, we schedule an intensive, week-longprogram that focuses on strategy use. Studentstake notes, practice strategy application, andcomplete practice work both inside and outsideof class. We then schedule 1-1 sessions, generallycompleted in the fall/winter to review anyneeded strategies, teach concepts, and work ontiming and pacing. At the culmination of theprogram, students will take a second practicetest to demonstrate their improvement. 11

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K-6 EnglishClassic Novel Book Study: Grades 5-6 Want an opportunity to dive into literaturerenowned for its adventure and life lessons? In thisclass, we will choose a classic novel and engage in avariety of in-depth discussions and activities toanalyze characters, interpret themes, andcomprehend the author’s intent. Such activities willinclude responding to texts, peer/group in-depthdiscussions, and developing strongercomprehension skills. Our classic novel book studyis the perfect opportunity for students to explore agenre that carries great depth and meaning, whileconnecting it to who we are today. Book Study: Grades 3-4In this class, students will learn to readfor meaning through engagement withchallenging text. Through Socraticdiscussion, they will practice theircritical thinking and reasoning skills.We will choose a novel based onstudents' grade levels and interest andfocus on character development,writing style, and universal themes.Students will also strengthen theirvocabulary as it applies to each bookand write short, yet rich analyticalcompositions that connect to the novel.Book Study: Grades 5-6 In this class, students will learn to read for meaningthrough engagement with challenging text.Through socratic discussion, they will practicetheir critical thinking and reasoning skills. We willchoose a novel based on students' grade levels andinterest and focus on character development,writing style, and universal themes. Students willalso strengthen their vocabulary as it applies toeach book and write short, yet rich analyticalcompositions that connect to the novel.Building Literacy withPhonics: Grades K-3 In this specialized class, students willlearn how to connect letters to sounds.They will develop word awareness skillsas they explore and play with lettersounds to build words. Students willstrengthen their literacy skills whileboosting their reading and writingconfidence. 12

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DyslexiaReadingWorkshopwithTeacherGinaThis class is specifically designed for students in grades 1-3 orgrades 4-5 who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. Using theWilson Method, Teacher Gina works with students to demystifytricky sounds and symbols to ensure success! Students will LOVEher approach to learning and her warm, cheerful spirit. You willbe amazed at the results!13

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Hands on Science: LEVEL I: Grades K-3In this class, younger elementary students will work together by performingnumerous scientific experiments! Students will use a scientific approach toobserve, analyze, and share their findings.LEVEL II: Grades 3-6In this class, upper elementary students will engage in cause and effectexperiments and track their data during research. Students will be physicallyengaged during their experiments while working together as a group or inpairs. 14

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SelfDefensewithCharlieLooking to improve your basic self-defense skills? In thisclass, Charlie teaches students how to effectively block andstrike in various scenarios. Through light cardio exercise,students will also improve their focus by learning a series ofkempo and kung fu techniques. Offered as either a groupclass or 1-1, this course will meet you where you're at usingan individualized approach for ages 8 to 104!15

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EducationConsulting startingat$105/hourCHOOSING SCHOOLS THAT ARE BEST-FITGuidance for over 50 Bay Area K-12 schools and collegesin the US and abroad.STRUCTURING AT-HOME LEARNINGWe provide tips and tools to keep learning fun andengaging.DEVELOPING CUSTOM CURRICULUMWe work with schools and after-care programs to designoptimal educational experiences for all ages.16

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Middle/HighSchool CoursesOrigami and Math Come and learn about geometric structures through the art of paper folding! Not onlywill we discuss the presence of geometry inour natural world and create these images,but de-stress using the mindful practice oforigami. This class will meet students at theirlevel, whether they would like to learn thebasics or create intricate designs. (Allmaterials provided) Intro to Pre-Algebra/Algebra IIs your child ready for middle school math?This class will build on students' currentmath skills in fractions, decimals, andpercents to improve on foundationalconcepts. We will then prepare students forAlgebra 1 by introducing importantvocabulary and the basics of expressions andequations. Intro to GeometryThis class will help students get a head start inpreparing for their first geometry classand/or aid those who plan to test out of it.Learning objectives include a solidunderstanding of lines and segments,geometric shapes and their properties,postulates, theorems, proofs, properties oftriangles, angles, area, perimeter, and volume.Bridge to Algebra II In this course, we will review importantmathematical skills that make up the core ofalgebra and mastery that is vital for success inalgebra II. Students will learn strategies forunderstanding word problems as well as takecomprehensive notes with steps that will serveas a reference for the upcoming school year. Bridge to Calculus In this course, we will review advanced algebraskills learned in pre-calculus that will becrucial to master for success in calculus.Specific concepts include simplifying rationalexpressions, solving polynomials, properties ofexponents, working with function notation,finding domain and range, and graphingfunctions. Math 17Intro to Statistics This course will prepare students to takestatistics at both the standard and AP level byintroducing core concepts such as probability,data collection and analysis, distributions, andconfidence intervals. Bridge to Pre-CalculusThis class will strengthen students'understanding of the concepts learned inalgebra II, as well as introduce some of themore challenging concepts seen in pre-calculus.

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Understanding the Earth's Climate In our rapidly-changing world,understanding climate science is animportant facet of scientific literacy. Wewill begin the course with an overview howEarth’s climate works, how climate haschanged in the past, and how scientists useobservations and models to makepredictions of future climate. Lastly, wewill discuss the connection betweenhuman activity and the consequences ofclimate change for our planet. Studentswill be given the creative freedom tocomplete a project on any topic related toclimate change (e.g., ocean acidification,sea level rise) and present it the class. Astronomy and the BIG Questions Ever wonder how big the Universe is? Orhow it began? What about aliens? Let'sdiscover the answers to these questionsand more! Night Sky: Reading Constellations and their Myths Let's learn some constellations and thedifferent myths behind them. This classwill culminate in an evening outing in theTRA garden to actually see theseconstellations in action. Perfect forchildren and adults!ScienceMiddle/HighSchool Courses18

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Weird Physics There are really odd things that happenin our world that could be consideredmagic: Black Holes, Superfluidity,Special Relativity, Cold Fusion, SpookyAction at a Distance- let's discover thefantastic in physics! Science (continued)Intro to Physics- Study of Matter,Energy, and ForcePhysics is all around us, from turning on thecoffee maker, to the sun that warms andgives us light each day. Our introductoryphysics course will preview mechanics,electricity, magnetism, and optics. Ourobjective is to build a conceptualunderstanding of physics as well as developthe ability to apply physical concepts toproblems that closely resemble everydayphenomena. Daily homework, regularquizzes, and a culminating evaluation will begiven. Middle/HighSchool Courses19

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High School Applications- ParentStatements High school applications are not onlystressful and time-consuming for students,but also for parents. Most applications forprivate high schools involve a set ofpersonal questions for parents. This classoffers the chance for parents to receiveone-on-one help in the entire writingprocess. Sessions will include the planningand writing of actual questions that haveappeared in past applications. In completingthis class, parents will not only gain insightinto strategies to write personal statements,but they will also write templates that cansignificantly diminish the time spent on theparent statements that they will need to fillout in fall. Perfect for all parents of eighth graders;call to schedule!High School Preparation High School Applications- StudentInterviews Navigating through all the paperwork of highschool applications can be complex and time-consuming. Once the applications arecompleted, there remains one final hurdle: in-person interviews. This class is tailored toenable students the chance to conduct mockinterviews while also learning presentationskills, composure and other importantingredients necessary to master theseinterviews. Mock interviews will involve actualquestions that were posed during previousinterviews. This class will also enable studentsto improve interpersonal skills that are criticalin a wide range of settings. Most importantly,this class builds confidence and allowsstudents to approach school interviews in acalm and composed manner. Middle/HighSchool Courses20

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Writing Essays- A RefresherGet ready for a new era of essay writingbefore the school year starts! In 8th and9th grade, the level of writing that isexpected of students changesdrastically. Students no longer cancoast with informal and unorganizedpapers. This class will providetechniques that will streamlinestructured essay writing with a step-by-step breakdown. Throughout thecourse, students are sure to find atechnique that can make the oftentedious process of essay writing easier!Writers' Workshop, Grades 8-12Having trouble writing an effectiveessay? If you've ever struggle to makeyour points clear in multi-paragraph ormulti-page essays, then this program isfor you. Students will learn the basics ofhow to write an essay from the verybeginning, including choosing orreceiving an argument, choosing how toapproach the argument, creating astrong thesis statement, and supportingarguments with facts and evidence.Students will also learn how to usegrammar more effectively – andfearlessly – in order to create strongessays. EnglishMiddle/HighSchool Courses21

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Contemporary Novel Study Students will learn to read for meaning throughengagement with a challenging, modern text.Through socratic discussion, they will practicetheir critical thinking and reasoning skills. Wewill choose a novel based on student grade leveland interest and focus on characterdevelopment, writing style, and universalthemes. Students will also strengthen theirvocabulary as it applies to each book and writeshort, yet rich analytical compositions thatconnect to the novel. Grades 9-11Classic Novel Study Want an opportunity to dive into literaturerenowned for its adventure and life lessons? Wewill choose a classic novel during and engage ina variety of in-depth discussions and activitiesto analyze characters, interpret themes, andcomprehend the author’s intent. Such activitieswill include responding to text, peer/group in-depth discussions, and developing strongercomprehension skills. Our classic novel bookstudy is the perfect opportunity to explore agenre that carries great depth and meaning,while connecting it to who we are today. Grades9-11 English (continued)Creative Writing WorkshopWriting short stories or novels is a fun andcreative way to spend time, and when you canwork with a group or another person, you areable to grow even more as a writer. In thisprogram, students will spend time writingshort stories, read excerpts from severaldifferent literary styles, and use these assamples to find their own literary voices. Wewill also work on how to effectively develop acharacter and create an exciting and engagingplot. Students will bond as a community ofbudding writers and present their work toone another, culminating in a take-homebooklet full of students’ publications! Grades6-8Middle/HighSchool Courses22

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Middle/HighSchool CoursesSocratic Book Study Was George Washington really the man thelegends make him out to be? Go beyond whatyou learned in your history textbooks byattending this class on events in history thatyou never knew happened. We will read andanalyze books such as Lies my Teacher ToldMe, by James W. Lowen, You Can’t Be Movingon a Neutral Train, by Howard Zinn, What if?by Stephen Ambrose, et. al., and GreatestStories Never Told in History, by RichardBeyer. Learn to be a better critical thinkerthrough discussion and reflection on thevarious topics discussed. Class is organizedas a symposium whereby students can voicetheir point of view in a healthy debate.Students will develop analytical skills,historical insight, presentation and speakingskills, as well as the ability to write essayswith strong, compelling arguments. High School Summer Reading This intensive book study prepares studentsfor the rigors of high school English. We willchoose an assigned novel (e.g. WutheringHeights, Ready Player One, The GreatGatsby, or an equivalent summer readingbook) and focus on character development,writing style, and universal themes. Studentswill analyze text for meaning, strengthenvocabulary, and write short, yet richanalytical compositions. Grade 9-11English (continued)23

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ACT/SAT PreparationAP CoursesThe Right Approach to Education helps students and parents get ready for the upcomingrigorous junior year with preparation for the ACT, SAT, and college applications. These entrance exams are one component utilized in determining college readiness andto which schools students will be admitted. The Right Approach helps prepare studentsnot only for the challenges associated with these tests, but also helps students reachtheir full potential to maximize college opportunities. About the Program for the ACT/SAT/AP ExamsWe know that the SAT and ACT examsdo not measure the intelligence of ourchildren, but nevertheless, they are areality within the world of education.We help students navigate each examusing strategies that can be appliedthroughout their lives. We are not justpreparing them for a test; we arehelping them cope with the anxietythat comes with any task. We workwith each student on an individualbasis to ensure excellence in anenvironment that is intellectuallystimulating and fun.24

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❑ Pre-assessment practice test on eitherthe ACT or SAT. This practice test servesas a baseline to determine your child'sstrengths and areas of need. ❑ Two parent-teacher-studentconferences to go over the results. ❑ Group instruction (no more than 6students per group) that includes fifteenhours of intensive test prep strategies. C❑ As many mini-practice tests as needed(these are 1.5 hour exams in criticalreading, writing, or math) throughout theend of 2021. ❑ Twelve sessions of one-on-oneinstruction. ❑ A second practice test used to measureprogress. ❑ A flat rate fee for additional sessionsneeded in either SAT or ACT after theprogram is complete. 1-1 test preparationsessions are discounted to $75/hour (a HUGEsavings PER class) until the student's finalexam date.PROGRAM FEE: $2,795, online or in-personTest Prep: ACT/SAT 25ACT/SAT PreparationAP Courses

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CollegeApplicationsCollege applications mentorship at The Right Approach is about finding yourstudent's unique path. Your professional college counselor works closelywith your student every step of the way, from finding best-fit colleges tocrafting powerful personal statements.The Comprehensive Plan Our most popular planincludes 30 hours ofprepaid 1-1 sessionscarefully designed to ensurecompletion of all steps fromstart to finish. Includesdeveloping a college list, upto 15 applications, 2 hoursof outside editing, 2 parentconferences, and regularemail updates. $5,150Essays OnlyThis program is forstudents who havealready fine-tuned theircollege list and need helpwith the writing processand meeting deadlines.Includes 22.5 hours ofinstruction. $4,395On the GoThis option is great forstudents who needminimal help or who haveinconsistent schedules. $195/hour26

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PERFECT FOR STUDENTS AGES 8+! KnittingwithGabbiePractice the gift of "Gab" while learning to knit!Gabbie teaches all the basics needed for your firstknitting project from "casting-on", to knit and purlstitch, using circular needles, picking the rightyarn for a project, crochet, and more! *materials not included27

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ArtClassesfor AllAges Relax your mind and give your hands something to do inart classes! Learn everything from how to braidmacrame to basic art techniques and clay sculpting.Together we will explore the great world of art usingcharcoal, oil pastels, clay, paper, and paint. This uniquelearning experience places an emphasis on having funwhile exploring creativity! 28

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French All Levels: French is a language that most of ushear every day in our region, but can weall speak it? The Right Approach isoffering an intensive French class forlevel I, II, or III learners. This class willbe divided into three sections:Level I (beginner): Students learn theFrench alphabet, salutations, basicvocabulary, basic sentence structure,colors, numbers, and regular verbs.Students will be responsible forcompleting reading and oralassignments as assigned. Ages 6+Foreign Language Level II (intermediate): Students willlearn complex sentence structure, oralcommunication, listeningcomprehension as well as irregularverbs. Students will be responsible forcompleting reading and oralassignments as assigned. Ages 8+Level III (advanced): After a brief reviewof conjugating irregular verbs andproper sentence structure, students willbe required to write full essays as well ashold conversations with their peers andteacher. This immersion class will bedictated 90% in French with alldirections and explanations given inFrench. Students will be responsible tocomplete reading and oral assignmentsas assigned. Ages 8+29

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Beginner's German! Level I (beginner): Students learn the German alphabet, umlauts, andmore! Salutations, basic vocabulary, basic sentence structure, colors,numbers, and regular verbs. Students will be responsible for completingreading and oral assignments as assigned. Ages 6+Foreign Language 30

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Small group adult and child classesin gardening, cooking, and raisingchickens! Call (650) 525-1583 fordays/times/locations.Community Wellness andSustainability Classes31

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Mindfulness Techniques: Don’t Hate, Self-Regulate! In a world that’s constantly mining our attention, our children face morechallenges than ever in connecting to themselves and focusing on thepresent moment. This class will cover self-exploration, self-awareness,empathy, emotional regulation and mindfulness tools that highlight thepower of mental and emotional hygiene. The overarching goal of this classis to empower students to live life in a place of conscious creation, ratherthan passive reactivity, so that they may find a stable anchor of self in theirinner world, and an intentional life in their outer world. Ages 8-12 Community Wellness and Sustainability Classes32

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Intro. to Guitar:Become a guitar player this summer! This course introduces students to the acoustic guitarand gives them a strong foundation to build upon. The first half of the course will focus onthe basics of the guitar: tuning, fingerboard knowledge, chord formation, and basicstrumming techniques. We will then cover music theory, rhythms, finger-style picking,improvising, and songwriting. We will also discuss the many different styles of music thatcan be played on the acoustic guitar, such as classical, jazz, blues, folk, rock, and pop. Required materials: student must bring in an acoustic guitar to utilize during lesson. Ages10+Learn the Ukulele:Have you ever wanted to learn how to play your favorite songs on the ukulele? Have you everthought about making your own songs? In this class, we will teach all of the basics to playingsongs including tuning, chord formation, strumming patterns, and finger picking. Whetheryou are looking to learn for the first time, wanting to improve your skills, or just wishing youhad people to play music with, this is the class for you! Required Materials: Students musthave a ukulele they can bring to lessons (any size). Ages 5+Music 33

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Intro to Sketch/Script Writing: Ever wanted to write a movie screenplay orcomedy sketch? In this class, students will learn how to write a short script.We'll go over the correct formatting, character development, "game,"heightening, plot, beats, a table read, receiving and using notes, therewriting process culminating in a reading you can share with your friends. Standup Comedy: Feeling a little funny? In this class, we will brainstorm skitideas and how to construct a joke using your own experiences to craft anarrative. We will teach how to "punch-up" not down, and put together a"tight 3" which is a 3-minute set you can perform for anyone! Improv: Learn how to think in the moment and build a world with your teamout of seemingly nothing! In this class, we'll play games, create characters,try different forms of improv, and find the funny in every situation. Performing ArtsGrades 6-beyond, online only34

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ERIKASTRATZTutor- AllSubjects, K-8ERIC ELSEACollege Advisor, English TutorGABE FLORESCollege Advisor, Tutor- allSubjectsJAMIE GOVONIHOBECEO/FounderERIKA STRATZAssistant DirectorMeet Our TeamJULIE RIZZOTutor- English alllevels, German,French, artGABBIEBLACHMANMath/ScienceTutorGINAWILLIAMSK-6 ReadingSpecialistCHARLIE WESTLYAdministrativeAssistant

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Meet Our TeamCHARLIEWESTLYMath/ScienceTutorKAYLADZUREKPreK-6 TutorCHRISTINAGONZÁLEZCollegeAdvisor,English TutorKYLEBRADACHMath/ScienceTutor- all levelsKARATALLEDGETutor- English,Spanish, ArtJAMIEGOVONIHOBECEO, Founder

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Two Locations!San Mateo: 1150 W. Hillsdale Blvd.Belmont: 1201 Sixth Avenue (650) 525-1583 scheduleme@therightapproach-ed.comSay Yes to Summer Learning!