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Townshend Act, Townshend Revenue Act, 1767

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Protest The Townshend



This Act passed by Great Britain in 1767, imposed a tax on many important imports to the colonies. Britain targeted items we, the colonies, would have a harder time producing ourselves; such as glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. Britain levied this tax in order to raise 40,000 pounds. The tax money goes to pay of their debt from the Seven Year War, and to pay their officials (like the military), from our pockets!

The Act

We protested the last tax, the Stamp Act, because we were not getting anything in return. We did not get a spot in Britain's government. The tax money never came back to help us. It was not a fair situation. Do we have any of those benefits this time? Do we have a representative in the British government yet? NO! So why does Charles Townshend think we will accept this tax?

This Is An Outrage!

It's Really About Control

Britain wants us to flood their country with money, but they don't want to help us in any way. They are controlling us too much and very unfairly. They treat us like we are their slaves. We work to pay the taxes for them, and we get nothing back! Slavery is unconstitutional, just like the taxes Britain keeps imposing on us.

Do we really want to let them treat us this way?


We need to show Britain they don't own us and they don't have the right to tax us! Boycott the taxed goods. Don't paint your houses! Don't drink tea! Make your own paper! If you have to buy a taxed item, give the collectors greif! Protest Britain's taxes!