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Tow Tug for small Aircraft

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1.0 HG
Towbarless Electric Tug for Aircraft
up to 4,400 lbs / 2,000 kg MTOW
1.0 HG
Flexible, Safe, Efficient & Cost Effective
Best-In-Class Technology
All Technical Specifications are Subject to Change without Notice. TNA Aviation Technologies reserves the Right to make Changes, implement Improvements or to alter Specifications at any Time.
1.0 Hand-Guided Tug
Technical Data & Specifications
Ergonomic Height
Comfortable Lever
for easy Coupling
and Decoupling
Easy and simple
Forward & Reverse
Acceleration Rocker
Switch with adjust-
able Speed Control
1.0 HG
Preferred by Private Aircraft Owners
1.0 HG
More than 3,000 in Operation
Large Remote Control
Lever for Coupling
Removable Battery
Robust High Torque
Electric Motor
Standard Handle
(Multifunctional Three-Axis
Tiller Control Handle is
optionally available)
Universal Coupling
Adapter with Quick Size
Adjustment and Tool-
Free Attachment
Robust & Solid Body
& Chassis
Optimum Tread Depth Tires for
best Traction
(All Terrain Tires as shown in
Picture are optionally available)
1.0 HG is a high quality, industri-
al strength, competitively priced aircraft tow tug
for the small aircraft general aviation market.
Our battery powered, hand-guided, electric air-
craft tow is designed for one person to safely
and easily maneuver aircraft in tightly stacked
hangars or staging on the airplane ramp.
Our aircraft moving equipment and towbarless tugs are designed by pilots, and engineers who understand the importance of being able
to guide an aircraft around a hanger and airfield with absolute precision. TowFLEXX
tug equipment and ground handling systems are
advanced German engineered products, applying latest technologies, unmatched quality and precision. Our ultra modern high-tech fac-
tory is the best example of cost-effective high-quality manufacturing. It is one of the most modern factory floors of its kind, like a Swiss
watch, with the same level of precision. A high degree of automation with a multitude of other advanced manufacturing technologies,
including laser cutting, innovative combined bonding and welding. The factory follows production methods that sets the standard for
world-class manufacturing facilities since many years.
Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with
United States UL, SAE International technical standards and best
practices, including ARP recommended guidelines, as well as all
applicable ASME and ANSI standards and codes. Where applica-
ble our products also conform with OSHA standards and safety
rules as well as applicable mechanical engineering standards and
recommended practices. TowFLEXX
is in compliance with all
applicable ISO standards.
ISO 9001 - We manufacture our Aircraft Tow Vehi-
cles to the highest standards in the industry. We
are in compliance with: DIN 15641, 15018, 18800,
4112, 4132, 1055, 10025, 1543, 1013, 17210, 10149
EN 12895, 61000, 292, 418, 954-1, 95, 1050, 60-204,
60-529, 1175, 18349, 1915, PR-12312-7, 51000 (SAE
J551 equivalent)
TNA - Aviation Technologies
A Division of Turwitt, Nielen & Associates, P.A.
4475 US Hwy 1 South, Suite 202 - Plaza South
St. Augustine, FL 32086 - USA
Tel.: +1-904-217-0496