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Writer: Scott Andersen

Illustrator: Natalie Yee

Designer: Tiffany Echols

Project Manager: Zachary Smalley

Toto's Great Adventure !

Once Upon A time there was a cat named toto.

toto lived, on a farm, with a girl named dorothy.

one day dorothy and toto were playing fetch. as toto ran, there was suddenly a cyclone.


the wind lifted him away!

toto landed in a faraway meadow,

all alone.

"where is dorothy?" toto asked out loud.

"who is dorothy?" a woman walking on the road asked.

"my owner," toto said.

"i am glInda," she said, "if you come back to oz with me, i can help you find dorothy."

they walked for a long time.

glInda and toto arrived at oz. dorothy was waiting for him!

they lived happily ever after.