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Home buying is a collaborative effort between the buyers and their Realtor, attorney, lender,inspector, and many other resources. It can be overwhelming for buyers. Amy breaks it down and offers contact info for these key resources she has used on past transactions to make your purchase seamless.

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Amy's Top 10 Resources for Home Buyers

# 10


General Inspection


The inspection is a critical part of the purchase process and you want to use a company that is efficient, and isn't an excessive alarmist.


Prices vary so call more than one to compare prices.



Click Here For inspector Contact Info


Click Here for Oil Tank Contractors


# 9

 Oil Tank Removal, Scanning and Remediation


Homes built before the mid 1900's mostly used oil as a heat source. Today, most buyers and real estate attorneys want the old tanks removed and replaced with an above ground tank or a change to gas heat. 





Click Here for:

Chimney Specialists 

# 8

Chimney Specialists


Having a specialist inspect the chimney is a great way to avoid unexpected and potentially expensive problems down the road.


Click Here for Roofing / Masonry contact info

# 7

Roofing / Masonry


If the general inspector has any suspicions that the roof is old or in disrepair he will recommend you call a roofing specialist. 

A roof in good condition is critical for the overall safety of the home.

 Click Here for Utility Contact info by Town

# 6


Utility Companies


The utlitiy companies differ from town to town. To get continued service call and have the bills changed to your name a week before closing. 

Click Here for:

Attorney contact info.

# 5

Real Estate Attorney


Having a knowledgeable, local real estate attorney advising you throughout the process is critical. This ensures the deed to the property is clear, contracts are in your favor and inspection issues are properly negotiated.

Due to the mortgage finance laws, it is best to shoot me an email and I can refer you to qualified lenders I have worked with in the past.

# 4



Unless you are paying cash, you'll need a qualified lender who will offer favorable rates and terms on your mortgage. Each lender offers varied products so it is wise to shop and compare.

# 3

Neighborhood and School Info

 Understanding the nuances of the communities you will explore during the search process is critical to ending up in a place you will feel comfortable for years to come. Make sure to work with a market specialist in those areas to get the best info.




Type in any town on this live web page below specifics on each community. If you want school info hover over the community tab at the top and click on school info

View the Latest Market Info by Town Here

# 2

Market Analysis


In order to get the best value in your particular price range, it is essential to obtain the most current market information and analysis. Consumer sites like Zillow and Trulia do not have access to the Garden State Multiple Listing Service and therfore do not provide accurate information in a timely manner. Only a professional Realtor can supply you with this. You need a negotiation expert.

# 1



The Realtor is the one professional to partner with you throughout the entire transaction. Choose someone who seems capable, has deep resources, sharp analytical and negotiating skills and with whom you feel compatible.

Amy Harris

Accredited Buyer's Agent 

Amy Harris Real Estate / Keller Williams Premier Properties offers first time and experienced buyers concierge service throughout the entire transaction, making the process far less time consuming for her clients. This booklet is just one example of the incredible service she provides.


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