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Thanksgiving Every Day - Tool 2

"Always giving thanks for all things" - Eph. 5:20
Benefits of This Tool:
We will become more aware of the blessings God has given us.
We will become a more thankful person. God highly regards thankfulness. God says that when we come to Him,
we are to come with thanksgiving and praise. "Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise."
(Ps. 100:4)
We can thrill God more often. Just as a parent is thrilled when their children come to them on their own initiation
and give them heartfelt thanksgiving for various good things, we can thrill God when we come to Him and give
Him heartfelt thanks for the many things He has given us. What does He think is the most important thing to
thank Him for? Our salvation! Jesus corrected His disciples from being overly thrilled about the fleeting joys
of Kingdom ministry,
"Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but
rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven."
(Luke 10:20)
We can distance ourselves further from the sin of grumbling and complaining and unwanted disciplines from God.
(1 Cor.10)
We can more often enter and live in the joy and the "wow" state of the "spirit of thanksgiving."
Directions for Use of this Tool:
1. Go through the list one item at a time.
2. Agree with your mind if the item is truly a blessing to you. Savor it. Enjoy it again. Be exhilarated with it again
and again.
3. If the item is truly a blessing that you enjoy, then give a heartfelt "thanks" to God for the item. "Own" the
conviction in your heart, so that you are not just being mechanical about your thanksgiving.
4. Go to the next item and repeat.
5. I believe that if you follow these directions for the use of this tool, you will enter a state of spiritual and
emotional exhilaration and excel at becoming a thankful person - all while having pleased God at the same
time! "Train yourself for godliness
" - 1 Tim 4:7
These things can never be taken away from us. We
can always be thanking God for these
Rejoice that our names our written in Heaven
No Hell! Get to go to Heaven!
We are a son or daughter of the Maker of the
We can come to God anytime, come into His
actual presence, come before His throne
anytime and talk to Him
(Hebrews 4:16)
Overall Happy, Peaceful, and Joyful Heart!
The God of the Universe lives inside of us!
God's Provision, Protection, and Guidance
God's Wisdom
(esp. if and when we ask for it)
Ongoing forgiveness of sins, and freeing us
from sin!
We continually get changed into His image and
God Likes Us! God Loves Us!
Our God is a good God, who does no evil,
wrong, or make mistakes.
King Jesus will be our Friend when no one else
God grants requests and answers prayer. We
can get help from God!
Partake in His Eternal Ministry - Work with God and
partake in the joy of His Work.
Depth of Biblical Revelation! "Many prophets and
kings longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to
hear what you hear but did not hear it." (Luke 10:24 NET)
Thanks to God the Father and the Lord Jesus
Christ for being tortured and dying for me,
instead of me.
The option of a heart free from troubles and fear
(John 14:27)
The option to be continually filled with Joy and
the Holy Spirit
(Acts 13:52, John 15:11, John 16:24)
All those people God sent into our life to help us
You came and got each of us. . .
when we were lost
and in darkness . . . and all the pain that entailed . . .
All the pain You endure as you oversee the
millions of Your children . . .
All the pain You endure as You work to save all
the millions who are lost and in darkness. . .
These can be taken away at any time.
Good Health? Physical? Emotional? Mental? Spiritual?
Get up daily and be able to Walk and Talk ?
Good friend(s)?
Do you have any good friends?
Good spouse?
Is our spouse also a good friend?
Is our spouse still our boyfriend/girlfriend?!!
Abraham had to wait until his late 90's for his
first child from the Lord.
Good Children? Are your kids pretty good kids?
"I have not greater joy than this, to hear of my children
walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4
Enjoy your Job/Work? A priceless gift from God
Freedom to worship without being jailed,
tortured, etc.?
Good church leadership? Wise, God-filled
leadership with integrity? Priceless.
We all have things that we like to do for fun. What are your
top joys in life? Does God let you enjoy them in abundance?
If not, ask Him to let you have your fill! Examples:
Fun Spouse or friends.
Watch good movies.
Enjoy beautiful scenery.
Drive vehicle that doesn't break down all
the time.
Have air conditioning.
Eat as much chocolate or ice cream or
pizza as I like.
Do my favorite hobby as often as I like.
Safe Neighborhood?
infrequent break-ins/
There are probably 4 main or types of trials in life. As
we become more mature Christians, we better learn
to overcome our trials. We begin to accumulate a
history of God's deliverances from our trials. If we
review this list of deliverances frequently, we are
better equipped to not fall apart in our next trial,
because we better remember how He delivered us
from all the previous ones!
1. Health? How has God delivered you or your loved
ones in this arena? Write these instances down and be
able to recite them easily.
2. Finances? Besides just steadily providing for us, how
has He bailed us out in particularly large financial crises?
List and review.
3. Relationships? How has He intervened in our
loneliness, strained relationships, broken relationships,
lost relationships, etc.?
4. Demonic Oppressions/Depressions?
We can easily compare how most of us in the
Western world enjoy more luxuries than the richest
kings of history. As we thank God for these things,
we can really enter the "wow" state of a spirit of
thanksgiving. This is a good place to dwell.
Electricity! - Provides tons of conveniences and
Air Conditioning - It is a gnawing burden to live,
work, and try to sleep in hot climates without air
Abundant Food -
even most poor street people in
our Western cities can easily get a meal from the multiple
soup kitchens, food banks, food pantries, Salvation Army
centers, churches, Federal food stamps, etc.
5-Star Restaurant Food Recipes & how to
make them - easily available on the internet/TV
Modern Heating Systems! - The traditional chore
of heating a home through the gathering and preparing of
firewood can be a ton of work!
Light Bulbs!
Flick a switch for bright light!
Window Screens! -
Said to be the largest
contribution to the sanity of man! Not invented until
early 1800's!
Clean Water - Many in the world do not enjoy this
luxury and suffer not having it through increased sickness
& diseases, and poorer health.
Indoor Plumbing - Need a drink, turn the tap. Need
a nice hot shower, turn the dial. So nice.
Sewer Systems - Flush and it's gone!
Appliances - Refrigerators, Freeze
rs, Ice
Makers/Ice Cubes
(Emperors made runners run up
mountains to fetch them their ice for a cold drink)
Washing Machines,
Dryers, Microwaves,
Stoves, Garbage Disposals
DVD Players and Digital Music Players
Symphonies on Demand! Quality Motion Pictures on
Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Airplanes,
and Trains -
And the fun of riding in them!
Television -
Travel the world from your living room!
Computers and the World Wide Web!
Glass - Magnifying glass, Microscopes,
Windows, Telescopes, etc.
Eye Glasses and Contacts!
To be able to see
well! Fantastic.
Photography and Home Movi
What a luxury. . .
Telephones and Smart Phones - Talk to
anyone on earth in real-time!
Clock/Watch, Calculator, GPS, Music, Movies, Quality
Camera, Video Recording, Mail, Texting, Book Library,
Flashlight, Live News from around the world, Photo
Album, Encyclopedia Set, Live Weather/Radar Map,
Calendar, Internet, etc. . . and tons more !
. . . INCREDIBLE. . .
Video Gaming! A ton of fun!
The Gasoline Engine
- allows for Lawn Mowers,
Chain Saws, inexpensive Boats, Motorcycles,
Snowmobiles, Generators, Cement Mixers and more!
The Electric Motor - allows for Vacuum Cleaners,
Electric Drills, Electric Saws, Kitchen Mixers, Can
Openers, Sewing Machines and more!
The Bicycle! (Remember your first bike?)
Book Binding and The Printing Press (vs.
scrolls. Also, everything had to be laboriously hand-
Calculators- the first commercial pock
calculators were very expensive.
Dentistry (Alleviates a lot of misery!)
Medicines & Pharmaceuticals - Many children
died prematurely from the common cold that progressed
to inner ear infections then to the brain - incurable until the
invention of antibiotics. Other diseases and plagues
dominated through field of medicine: leprosy
, polio,
yphus, typhoid, measles, etc.
Plastics (Allows for creation of inexpensive toys and all
types of things)
Ice Cream!
The Match!
(Instant fire!)
Inexpensive Paper, Ink, and Pens
Rubber and Rubber Balls!
Inexpensive Watches
(Lions and other big cats once ruled the night
and struck fear into the hearts of men for ages.)
(allowing for high-rise construction)
Photocopying! instant replication of
Nuclear Power
Transistors and Solid State Electronics
Aerosol Cans
(We are now able to propel many
atomized materials)
Commodes and Toilet Paper
The Hot Water Heater
- Hot Showers!
Amusement Parks and Rides!
(Inexpensive man-made rock!)
Concrete and Asphalt Roads (vs. mud roads)
Cardboard and Cardboard Bo
Vinyl Flooring and Vinyl Products
(Imagine surgeries without these!)
(Clear wrapping tape, duct tape, packaging
tape. . . all types!)
Aspirin - a very inexpensive pain reliever
The Mirror
Sound Amplification
(Imagine innumerable
meetings and gatherings without this luxury)
Microscope (Opened up new galaxies to explore, and
the germ world to be exposed, identified, and dominated)
(vs. having to hand-button everything)
Shoe Technologies (Inexpensive, quality footwear)
Foam Rubber (We spend a lot of our time sitting)
Fiberglass and Fiberglass Insulation
Wealth of Dental and Medical know
skill, and expertise
(Alleviating tons of pain and
misery) (quackery also minimized- many believe George
Washington actually died from being medically "bled"!)
MRI and CAT Scan Technologies (to help see
through tissues and better diagnose ailments)
Inexpensive Wall-to-Wall Carpet and
Carpet Technologies
Cotton Usage from the Cotton Plant
(Allows for inexpensive clothing)
Weaving, Loom, and Textile Machine
(Inexpensive clothing)
Inexpensive 4-Color Home Printers!
Plastic Garbage Gags and Twist Ties
Online Educational Classes of All Types
(The knowledge of ho
w to do almost anything more easily
and quickly)
Inexpensive Safety Razors for Shaving
The Fax Machine
(Almost instant document
transmission around the world)
Plexiglas, Safety Glass, and Acrylic Glass
The Rubber Band, The Scissors, The
Stapler, the Paper Clip, and other
practical tools.
Wire Technologies!
(allows for the ability to
produce wiring for everything from paper clips, dental
braces, window screens, much-needed inexpensive
fencing, to wire for the transmission of electricity, etc.)
Our Own Personal Set(s) of Holy
(Centuries ago a luxury; few could own
their own Scripture)
Innumerable Bible Study Guides, Stud
Aids, Commentaries, Translations,
Classes, etc.
Bronze Age to Iron Age to Steel Age to
Stainless Steel and Aluminum and Metal
(Cars used to rust away quickly.)
Machine Design & Construction
(allows for
inexpensive mass-production of almost every type of
product - so more people can enjoy them)
Instant Messaging & Email
(No more waiting days or weeks for a telegram or a
conventional letter in the mail - once coming by
horseback and/or by sea! Communicate to almost
anyone almost instantaneously!)
VI. My Book of Remembrance
This is a journal/book of the certain times and events you can remember when God particularly really
helped you - really blessed you in a certain, powerful way, on a specific day. The event or thing might
seem like a small insignificant event to others, but to you it was monumental. Record the event. Date the
event. You will want to review it and praise Him again. I believe in heaven, thousands of these times will
come to our minds, and we will want to praise Him forever. Why not start now?
4-24-2007 I was cutting a huge fat limb off a huge mature hardwood tree weighing perhaps a thousand pounds. I
asked my wife to hold the long ladder while I was way-up in the tree with two hands on the chainsaw. I took all the
safety precautions I could think of and knew of. As the giant limb came down, the limb danced on its tip, spun, and
the whole limb swung down like a giant vertical bat right next to my wife's whole body. It would have probably killed
her instantly. I KNOW God was involved in saving her life. . . I will always thank Him.
*NOTE: Many times in my personal "services", I begin with this Tool 2, and I can be lost in thanksgiving for hours. . .
handling each item. . . savoring each one again. . . then truly thanking God. Again, it is very inefficient to have to go
on another mission trip to be thankful for hot showers and clean water to drink. I have a suspicion, that in eternity,
when we truly see all He really did for us, what and how He provided for us, cared for us, protected us, grew us up,
trained us, transformed us supernaturally, etc. . . We will crave to thank Him even more, forever. . . I think He really
likes it when train ourselves in this type of righteousness - on this side of eternity.