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This Booklet is about Tony Anthony Walker.

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Tony A. Walker

By: Saumil Srivastava, Myla Snyder, Noelle Rieger,

Benjamin Wynn, Caleb Hofer


*America Will Live*

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      Tony Walker was born on October 9th, 1981 and was raised in Orrville, Ohio. When he was just one month old his family's house burned down and he had to move to Willoughby to live with the family who adopted him.


       He went to college at both The Ohio State University and Kent State University and was the valedictorian at both schools. He also had the highest IQ of any college student in the country at the time. He got his Masters Degree in politics and he did a few sports, too.


      In 2003, he was married to his wife Trisha Walker. In 2005, Trisha gave birth to their son Samuel and their daughter Lily was born in 2011.



      Even though he loved politics, his true passion was baseball. He was in The Olympics once in 2008 and won 1 gold medal, for baseball. He got drafted to the Cleveland Indians in 2003 and his nickname was Big Tony, and he got injured. When he was injured he studied politics further and gave up sports, and in 2011, he ran for governor of Ohio and won the nomination.



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Snapshot Bio


He wants the tax money to go to public schools.


He thinks lowering taxes would help people buy things they need.


He believes less strict gun control would allow people to protect themselves if they have to.


Tony feels America should use more renewable energy.


Tony thinks spending more on fixing the country is more important than spending more on the military and helping other countries.


Opinions on Current Issues

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Sports on TV: He loves to watch the Cavs, Indians, Browns but he likes the Falcons.  


Politics: When he was younger (around 18) he loved to watch the presidential debate which sparked his interest in politics.


Gaming: In his free time he plays Madden (football), NBA 2k (basketball) and WWE 2k (wrestling).


WWE: He also watches WWE. He favorite superstars are Dolph Ziggler and Brock Lesnar. As a child, he watched WCW and his favorite wrestler was Goldberg.

Swimming: In the summer, he loves to swim and at his home in Ohio he has an in ground pool.

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