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Tomorrow: Overcoming Procrastination

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The Faith Stir LLC OUR PRAYER Lord let me read this guide with an open heart and an open mind You have all power to help me become a better me Some plant others water but you will give the ultimate increase in the wisdom needed to push me pass the spirit of procrastination In Jesus name amen 2020 The Faith Stir LLC All rights reserved

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INTRODUCTION I had precisely three hours to complete the task before midnight You d think by now I had learned that it was better to just complete these projects for class in small chunks so that I could have time to really reflect and review my work before hitting SUBMIT Nope not even Truth is that I had learned I had even recognized that I had a serious problem but I always seemed to end up in the same predicament Rushing What convinced me that I was Okay was the fact that I always got an A There was even that one time that my project that was supposed to be conducted over an entire semester not only landed me an A but a trip to represent my college at a communication seminar Yeah I had a problem but I was okay Or was I At that moment I would be stressed Exhausted Tired Fed up But the results ah the results are what brought comfort when I figured it was time for change Therefore I continued the cycle I know you re probably wondering why are you trying to help me because you still seem to have a problem Let me say this it takes discipline to not succumb to the beast of procrastination Every day it s a fight to remain free from that demon of terror However there was a straw that broke the camel s back What was it you ask LIFE Although I am an educator now my previous profession was in marketing If you know nothing about marketing all you need to know is that there is no room nor time for PROCRASTINATION Life began to happen both personally and professionally and I had to learn how to activate and execute before time and not in time Utilizing time effectively is a craft work of art Let me share with you the strategies for utilizing the precious time God has granted us so that you can GET IT DONE TODAY

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ch 1 CATEGORIZE IT Let me stop you in your tracks I assume you may be thinking that I was just a poor planner Maybe you re thinking that I was simply lazy HA That s not true at all Let me ask you something Have you ever found yourself paralyzed by the fact that you were successful most times you put your hands to something but still never believed you were as good as others Let me reread that myself Whew That was my problem and if I m not careful it can become a current problem Didn t I tell you in the intro that it takes discipline That s with anything not just procrastination You see I ve never had an issue with doing the work I m a worker I m a hard worker Did I mention I love to work So no it wasn t that I was lazy It was that I was fearful of the results I would yield and overly zealous of the adrenaline rush that I received from the last minute workings Since doing it at the last minute always yielded favored results that s how I would operate Not realizing that I was indeed hurting myself more than helping myself How is that God can t give assignments to someone that can t be trusted to do the work at a steady pace He doesn t throw us together as individuals He takes his time with us He orders our steps strategically In this we should take on the mind of Christ concerning our lives relationships and business endeavors Ecclesiastes 9 11 tells us The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong nor bread to the wise nor riches to the intelligent nor favor to those with knowledge but time and chance happens to them all Since time and chance is going to happen to you and me don t you think we should both learn how to utilize time with our best intents in hopes that our efforts will yield us favorable results In seeking to learn more about the spirit of procrastination which hinders so many of us from our divine successes I learned that there are levels to procrastination That s right There s levels to this devil Procrastination has been categorized by researchers in

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a plethora of ways We are going to briefly look at the characteristics of the Dreamer Busy Bee Micromanager Overthinker Junkie The Dreamer This procrastinator enjoys entertaining her own imagination She gets so excited about her creative ideas until she forgets that she s not only supposed to begin them but complete them as well She s the coworker that is always excited to share an idea at a meeting but she never returns with documented results at the next Could it be that she never got started My how quick the thrill evaporates The Micromanager This procrastinator believes in operating in a spirit of excellence If she s not careful she will be labeled as a micromanager She s somewhat different than that though Her downfall is that she s so keen on detail until it sometimes causes her to spend so much time on one thing until she doesn t make it to the next in a timely manner This queen should be careful or she will find herself anxious quite frequently if she doesn t push pass her need for perfection After all sometimes even with the greatest amount planning life happens The Junkie All hail the savior This procrastinator will deliberately put off work until the last minute because she enjoys the adrenaline that accommodates her actions She s not putting off the work because she doesn t want to do it sound familiar She literally gets excited about the rush This thrill seeker should consider her full potential and her inability to thoroughly execute at the magnitude at which she could have had she paced herself

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The Busy Bee There s not enough time in the day for this worker She s so busy buzzing around her environment doing everything but what really matters She is more apt to completing simple task but puts off the bigger more important tasks until she can t put it off any longer She ll answer emails and respond to texts quicker than she will add the finishing touches to a project She could use some help prioritizing The Overthinker Why must you talk yourself out of getting it done That s right because you overanalyze everything You re worried about failing and not getting it right What if this goes wrong What will they think What will they say Well we will never know if you don t get it done now will we Stop worrying about things you can t control Just do it sis all will be well

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ch 2 ASSESSING AND REFLECTING Now that we ve identified some of the key characteristics of the procrastinator you should be able to place your actions within one of the five categories Of course I would identify with the Junkie Lord bless my heart Remember there are more personality types but overall they all tend to need the same prescription for redefining one s actions planning for execution This chapter though short challenges you to assess where you are currently in your journey of execution Consider the key indicators of your procrastination that is hindering you from either starting or completing a task No one can do these steps for you If you have a journal or a notebook take it out Before proceeding to the next chapter you need to identify the specifics that hinder you from progressing to the next level of production in your life We are not looking outside of ourselves This is where we focus solely upon our uniqueness whether positive or negative With that being said What are you good at What task do you normally complete at a faster pace Why What are some areas of weakness What can you do to strengthen those areas These questions will help us as we progress through the next few chapters of planning and goal setting Besides Proverbs 16 3 encourages us Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans

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ch 3 WHAT S THE PLAN In education we like to plan using Backwards Design That means we plan with the end in mind In other words we look at the desired outcome and work backwards to show how we will get our students to the desired results The purpose of these actions is so that facilitators have the opportunity to plan more effectively around a scholar s needed skills evidence for learning and teaching strategies lessons that will assist them in reaching the overarching goal or standard being taught In our case you would need to identify the BIG IDEA or goal that you are trying to accomplish Thereafter you will consider the evidence that shows you are getting there we call that the SUCESS CRITERIA Lastly we transition into the lessons and experiences the students will be exposed to during their learning For example if I wanted my daughter to learn table etiquette for evening dining I would look at the Big Idea of what dining looks like in the evening time my Learning Target From there I would then consider how she and I would know that she was progressing towards the overarching goal our Success Criteria This could be as simple as stating I will use the proper cutlery throughout the course of the meal tonight In order for her to do this she must be exposed to repeated activities that require her to learn the tools and when they are to be used my planned lessons Keep in mind that she won t learn this overnight That means I also have to consider the length of time it will take her to master the skills needed in order for her to meet our mastery deadline test or presentation Acknowledging this think of one goal that is of high priority to you Need help Think of something that you really want to accomplish over the course of the next 30 to 90 days a short term goal Be reasonable this is a short term goal and we don t want to list a long term goal that will require us to work overtime to complete it in 30 to 90 days Be reasonable

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S M A R T Goals Keep backwards design top of mind as I pull out my tools for the next exhibit that s right SMART goals If you have never heard of SMART goals you are in for a treat What we build from this will create a recipe for success for you in everything that you do with some help from the A word Don t worry we will get there in Chapter 5 so hang tight The acronym SMART means Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely Let s look at the goal that you wrote down Let s revise it to be more specific Don t erase it Don t cross a line through it Just revise by rewriting it in a way that allows it to comply with the acronym Is it specific Is it measurable And so forth For example I can t say that I want to lose weight That s too broad and honestly only wishful thinking until I define what losing weight looks like for me I need to be more specific I want to lose 15 pounds in 90 days That s definitely attainable with an appropriate dietary and fitness plan This goal is specific and definitely measurable with a concrete deadline of approximately three months Another example would be to say I want to be debt free Okay in what area specifically and how much debt are we talking about here I want to pay off all of my student loans over the course of the next two years Well if you owed 10K you would calculate your expected monthly payments Let s see 24 months divided into 10K dollars That puts you at 417 a month for payments give or take considering interest That s doable if you have a reasonable monthly salary What you wouldn t do is say I want to pay off 100K of debt in the next 2 years Not unless you have some reserve set aside that would allow for such We must always be reasonable

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However don t neglect to put that request before God as he does encourage us to make our requests known Philippians 4 6 I m a strong contender of faith and a firm believer that there is nothing too hard for God It is the expectation of the believer to be in good health and prosper even as our soul prospers 3 John 1 2 We should have the ability to live a life of abundance one that doesn t include debt That s why we must put plans in place that will help allow us to cultivate our gifts and talents which will in turn open up doors for wealth After all the Word tells us that our gifts will make room for us Proverbs 18 16 Luke 14 28 advises us to consider the costs before we begin building to ensure we have all that we need to complete the work Setting goals allow us to move at a steady pace towards the desired results Setting goals force us to look at our realized assets strengths and weaknesses and from there we develop strategies We ll look at this in greater detail you guessed it in the next chapter So let s review SMART goals must be specific in what we are aiming for They should be measurable and attainable According to the time that has been allotted Be realistic Put a date on it We begin with the end in mind Write the vision Habakkuk 2 2 Got it Good

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ch 4 SEE IT SAY IT SEE IT AGAIN Have you ever awakened from a dream that you knew was symbolic to your life and you promised yourself that you would write it down but something got in the way of you transcribing it You get to work with it on your mind and you promise yourself once again I ll jot it down when I get time At the end of the day you finally get the much needed time you desired to write it down You pick up your pen and journal you sit down and take a deep breath and begin to write Wait That s not how it happened or did it Yep lack of immediate action has altered the original concept of the dream Now you have to paraphrase it based on a foggy eight hour day s worth of work memory Surely there s a possibility that a much needed key detail will not make it onto the pages Bummer When the vision or goal drops in your heart and mind do yourself a favor and jot it down Voice record it on your phone or write it in your quick notes if you aren t in a position to give immediate attention to it The last thing you want is to have a key detail that is designed to get you to the next steps in life to get fostered into the grips of your day to day activities In Habakkuk 2 the Prophet is waiting for God to provide an answer to his complaint and let me just say this chapter calls for an independent eBook in and of itself This scripture is very famous for its urgency to WRITE the VISION and make it PLAIN that he may RUN who READS it Habakkuk 2 2 The truth is I can give you strategies to succeed in life all day long but ultimately you need to have proper posture and a clear vision from God concerning your life It doesn t end there though So you get a vision or direction from God What s next According to God s response to Habakkuk We write the vision down We write it with understanding and leave the extras out

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We need it to be easily accessible It should prompt us to action It s not enough for us to get a vision and get excited about all that the vision means concerning our lives We have to have more to sustain us throughout the process of achieving Proverbs 29 18 declares Where there is no vision the people perish We must have vision for our lives in order to grow effectively in our purpose We have dreams so that we can become stirred God gives us vision so that we can become stirred The prophet delivers God s message to us at various seasons in our lives so that we can be stirred Not stirred to become Busy Bees Dreamers or Over Thinkers but we become stirred so that we can be activated to pursue and conquer The vision is what catapults us to our next It s what gives us hope and a future Jeremiah 29 11 After the excitement wears off we need strategy to pursue effectively We develop SMART goals under the direction and insight of prayer and reflection We get in a position to hear Once we hear we must write Write it everywhere you need it to be Put it in your journal In your planner Place it on a notecard and put it on your car s dashboard Place a sticky note on the refrigerator Keep the vision and action steps before you EVERY SINGLE DAY Don t just write it Begin to speak it Declare it See it in its full manifestation This is the very act of faith This is how we stir our faith This is how we write the vision and make it plain This is how we become the word in action The more we see it the more we say it the more we ll believe it Then we ll act It won t be so easy for us to procrastinate because the goal is for it to become a part of us We have to be consumed by the very essence of the vision so that we can become unified with that which God has called us to do We give up easily because we never take out time to align Therefore when the storms come and the winds beat upon our house we disintegrate Matthew 7 24 27 We procrastinate We talk ourselves out of the very greatness that we ve been designated to manifest because we don t make the vision plain

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ch 5 OH LORD THE A WORD A is for accountability That s right We need someone that is responsible enough to hold us accountable to our commitment to the vision This could be your spouse your pastor a mentor and so forth It should be someone that is mature that has sound judgment Someone that won t be bias or side with you when you are operating in your nonchalant gift of the procrastinator It needs to be someone that s bold enough to stand up to you and against your stubbornness when needed I normally share any goals and action steps with my husband and my pastors They are my circle of midwives and pushers along with my mother in law and mom You want to connect with people that will pray you through the rut and tough times You want to connect with people that are sensitive to God s spirit that will be slow to speak their thoughts but quick to flow with God when they are compelled to minister to your soul Most times we turn to friends that are not in a position nor a condition to assist us with our vision especially if they lack a spiritual life Lacking in the area of connection That s okay we can pray new connections into our lives We can pray for God to surround us with people of sound judgment that have a love for Him and His work Even now I speak righteous connections upon you and all your endeavors in Jesus name Writing down the vision is a part of the accountability piece as well because remember we ll have action steps connected to the vision These action steps will mirror SMART goals We just have to remember to have patience and trust God s timing Until manifestation or completion of the goal or vision we will have periodic check ins Just like the weight loss goal or the student loan payoff goal you will check in with consistency to see how you re progressing towards the big idea This will also give you an opportunity to reflect on your growth and any changes that

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have transpired on the journey As a coach I would normally meet with a teacher to reflect over her goals for development During the interaction we would focus on how she felt about her progress towards the goals she set for herself She would also have evidence that supported her reasoning that I was able to review If I had doubts about something I would schedule a time with her so that I could witness her in action in her classroom environment In your case your evidence would be your moments of reflecting and journaling your progress It would also be your language and response When you truly take on the art of journaling your progress you begin to show growth and development You begin to become a master at learning reflecting revising and implementing You ll speak the language of the vision without even trying The language of the procrastinator will begin to diminish as you set goals plan and take action If you haven t realized the accountability factor also creates a rich relationship between not only the accountability partners you have chosen but with God as well You have to have constant communication with God to cultivate and progress successfully There is no other way to fully carry out the vision in a healthy manner without continued connection to God through prayer Discuss with him your progress and concerns He s never too busy to hear our hearts and it gives Him authority to move on our behalf when we invite Him in

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ch 6 LET S CELEBRATE One thing I have to constantly remind myself is to celebrate the milestones No matter how small they may be celebrate Take out the time to recognize the growth that is happening in the process We are sometimes more prone to pointing out areas of weakness and areas of needed improvement that we forget to celebrate the growth and development that is in progress or that has already taken place There s not much to place in this chapter as I can t tell you how to celebrate As with any celebration the activity will be dependent upon the the magnitude of the growth and completion If you ve successfully lossed 5 out of your 15 pounds on your weight loss journey you go girl That doesn t mean that you should treat yourself to an unhealthy meal we don t want to negate our hard work in the name of celebrating You might just want to post a selfie or make an announcement on social media something simple However if you ve paid off a credit card you might just want to treat yourself to a decent purchase that you can make in cash Although I can t advise you on your celebratory activities I can say that they should be reasonable and fitting for the occasion Philippians 4 4 8 decrees that we should rejoice in the Lord always It also tells us to think on the positive things Think on the things that are honest pure and virtuous Why are we encouraged to do this Positive thinking promotes positive actions God will keep us in perfect peace when our focus is steadily upon him Isaiah 26 3 He is good So when we think good we manifest good Good spills over into our speaking and interactions with others We create an environment that can carry the vision to term

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ch 7 TIME OUT Don t forget to take a time out when necessary to regroup This can be done anytime throughout the process of pursuit This time should not be marked by prolonged inactivity as we don t won t comfort to set in Neither do we want the familiar comfort of procrastination to creep in and hinder any progress that has been made A time out can be used to review where you are in the process Don t hesitate to take a break if you feel overwhelmed This could very well be a sign that you need to adjust your action steps or that you are beginning to rely on your own strength When was the last time you checked in with your accountability partner or had a conversation with God about the vision and action steps that are before you Taking a break is common and effective leaders and coaches make these types of adjustments for their clients as needed to prevent burnout Please remember you can t burnout if you aren t doing anything Breaks are only needed when you ve expended energy not time There s a difference between expending energy by being productive for short and long periods of time and wasting time for short and long periods of times They both expel energy but only one action expels productive energy Be mindful during time outs Self care and discipline is a very important part of the process when pursuing goals You must be steadfast in your thinking while you execute Keep scripture before you if you are taking an extended break due to unforeseen circumstances I have included some scriptures below that will assist you in positive thinking as you pursue and follow the strategies in your vision 1 Corinthians 14 40 But everything should be done in a

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fitting and orderly way Ecclesiastes 11 4 Whoever watches the wind will not plant whoever looks at the clouds will not reap Hebrews 12 11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time but painful Later on however it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it Proverbs 10 4 Lazy hands make for poverty but diligent hands bring wealth Proverbs 14 23 All hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty Proverbs 20 4 Sluggards do not plow in season so at harvest time they look but find nothing Galatians 6 9 Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up Matthew 6 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you Procrastination is opposition that will delay progress The categories that were given earlier are to be referenced for you to identify the type of procrastinator you are If you were to look closer at your characteristics you will watch God take the characteristics that are indicated by your procrastination type and work it for the good of the kingdom Write the vision and keep it before you Be specific Let God order your action steps Activate your pursuit and watch the manifestation unfold

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MEET THE AUTHOR Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up Galatians 6 9 A Georgia native Shaundra is a devoted educator by day and an entrepreneur by night Shaundra has always had a love for writing and storytelling as a young child As she matured into adulthood she found a profound passion for public speaking and encouraging others She is an extremely proud wife of seven years to her husband Jamon Together they have two beautiful children She is a dynamic servant leader and Christian She possesses a hosts of talents but finds fulfillment in carrying out her purpose as God s servant Greetings to you Thank you for subscribing to this guide and I pray that it blesses you in your current and future endeavors The purpose of this resource was to get our souls stirred and moving in the direction of God s vision concerning our lives It s not enough to be comfortable with having talents God has given us talents to bless the body and to bring increase to our families Stir the gift that is in you Seek God s SHAUNDRA STRAUGHTER FOUNDER OF THE FAITH STIR LLC will Get rooted in His word There is a season for all things I believe dear friend that it s your season to set things in order Write the vision 2020 The Faith Stir LLC All rights reserved

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