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Todo lo que Brilla no es Oro: The Story of Stones

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Kelvin Birk, Ocean Ring

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The term aquamarine is derived from a combination of two Latin words.The first one, aqua, means water and the second, marina means sea. Together, the word translates to the color of the sea.

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"Whether the stone once belonged to an eminent royal or is shrouded in intrigue,  a stone with history and legends, has an aura all its own” 

Throughout ancient history, stones and gemstones were put to use around the world, worn as objects of power, adornment and beauty, thought to give protection against evil, danger or disease.

We invited 28 artists to create their own history and narrative with their version of a special stone or stones, using their innovative techniques and materials to create an object of adornment. The result was this exhibition  of artists presenting their unique sensibilities, each with a different interpretation of the meaning of a stone.

Libby and JoAnne Cooper

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Necklace. Fine silver, shakudo, shibuichi 5%, shibuichi 15%, 

shibuichi 25%, platinum, white sapphire, grey spinel, white topaz. 

Constructed and inlaid.

1/2" x 21" x  2 1/4"



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Flower Wreath with a Red Fruit


Necklace. South sea gold pearls, South sea black pearls, 

Citrine, Lemon quartz, Smoky quartz, Japanese red coral, 

Green Kayanite, green amber, sterling silver.

19" L x 1/2" D


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Flower Wreath in Autumn Fields and Mountains


Necklace. South sea pearls, Labradorite, 

green routile quartz, smoky quartz, lemon quartz

Amber, green amber, sterling silver

19" L x 1/2" D


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Volcanic pumice stone ground into a sphere, 

permeated with ceramic paint and baked, Sterling silver. S Hook.

2.5" l x 3/4" d 



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"This stone was formed by a volcanic eruption. The flow of geological time is far more majestic than that of us humans and other living things. Therefore, we tend to distinguish between living organisms and other natural phenomena. However, there is no doubt that both are part of the universe. Our fleeting lifetime is also part of the larger cosmic time. Pumice stone was a perfect choice, as it is meant to wear the energy of the earth."

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Volcanic pumice stone ground into a sphere, permeated 

with ceramic paint and baked, Sterling silver. Hook with clip.

2" l x 1 1/8" w 


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Green Envy


Earrings. Sterling silver, 14k gold, (In descending order) 

chrome diopside, green tourmaline, mini geodes, 

chalcopyrite, cat's eye jade, pyrited quartz.

2 3/4" l x 7/8" w



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Flowers in Mind


Earrings. Sterling silver (rhodium plated),

18k gold, crystalized agate, aquamarine

1 1/2" l x 1" w x 1/2" d


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No Idea/Inspiration


Ring. Sterling silver (rhodium plated),

18k gold, milky aquamarine, aquamarine.

Size 6 (can be sized). 1" w  x 3/4" h x 1/2" d


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Hidden Truth


Ring. Oxidized sterling silver, pure gold, 

oxidized pure silver, raw diamond. Keum-Boo.

Ring shank 1/2" wide x 1" high x 1 5/8" diameter

"Jewel" 1" h x 1 5/8" dia.

Size 7.5/8


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Ring. Sterling silver band, vitreous enamel,

oxidized silver, brilliant cut diamonds.

Size 7.5


"The brilliant cut diamonds scatter on top of the 

ring offering the wearer protection from negative energy."


Ring. Sterling silver, vitreous 

enamel in blue hues.

Size 7.5


"Cluster is strewn with an abundance of circles and circles are the perfect representation of cycles."

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Ring. Sterling silver band, 

brilliant cut aquamarine,

transparent blue vitreous enamel.

Size 7


"Aquamarines provide inspiration and tranquility 

and that is exactly how we felt making this ring."

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Ring. Irregular shaped sterling silver band, diamonds, opaque blue enamel dots.

Size 6


"Foam is a fun irregular shaped band with 

diamonds for re-energizing and strength."

Sea Goddess 

Ring. Sterling silver band, two black pearls, 

diamonds, vitreous enamel with an over fire 

of purple lustre for shimmer, oxdized silver. 

Size 5


"Black pearls are known to bring luck and prosperity 

to the wearer and diamonds add protection."

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Ring. Sterling silver,  cabochon moonstones, 

peridot and white topaz, blue-green vitreous enamel. 

Size 7.5


"Mossy is as lush as forrest fauna with cabochon 

moonstones providing calmness, peridot for 

strength while the topaz soothes."

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"Moonstones are known as lucky stones and they symbolize inner clarity and relaxing energy. There are also many beliefs in the power of moonstone to bring about positivity in one's life. For me, it can also represent precious water. For this kinetic ring design, I cut the stone to give the effect of a drop of water and I placed it inside a golden plate. Thanks to a tiny mechanism, the plate follows the hand movement and the drop can never fall. It's an homage to water and its importance for life on earth."



Kinetic ring. 18k gold, sterling silver, moonstone, citrines.

1/2" h x 5/8" w x 1/2" d

Size 6


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Kinetic Moonstone


Kinetic ring. Stainless silver, pearls, moonstone.

1/4" w x 3/4" d

Size 8


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Azurite is a prismatic crystal  made up of copper  carbonate hydroxide, soft blue in color, known for healing stength and balancing emotions. In ancient Egypt, azurite was  a sacred stone used only by by high priestesses and priests. In China, it was believed to be the stone that cracked open celestial pathways, and Native Americans used azurite to communicate with spirit guides. Azurite has also been celebrated for its beauty. For thousands of years artists would  grind the stone down to a beautiful blue pigment to use in paintings and fabric dyes.


Reflecting Back


Earrings. Azurite geode, sterling silver.

1 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2"


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Reflecting Back


Earrings. Quartz druzy geode, sterling silver.

3/4" x 1/2" x 1/2"


Druzy Agate is a druzy quartz crystal that displays different varieties of colors with a capturing glittery finish. This radiant gemstone induces delightful feelings of creativity, relaxation, as well as mind, body, and soul natural healing.

Reflecting Back


Earrings. Agate druzy geode, BiMetal: 

Sterling silver and 22k yellow gold.

1/2" x 1/4" x 1/4"


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Ethiopian “Wello” opals, oxidized sterling silver, 

18K gold (wire frames and hammered links), 22K gold

(opal settings), 24K gold (fused to sterling silver)

19" l x  1.5" w x 1/4" d


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This extraordinary necklace is made entirely with Wello opals, from Ethiopia. Wello opals are volcanic in origin,  remarkably durable and admired for their strength, stronger than any other opal.  In addition to durability, these opals are exceptionally bright, with an incredible amount of fiery color play.The stone name “opal” comes from the Sanskrit word “upala” for precious stone. The ancient Romans associated opals with hope and good luck. The opal is said to inspire the wearer’s imagination and creativity.

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From the Green Seed


Recycled can, sterling silver, HMA, Agate

29" l (adjustable). Flower: 3" x 3 1/4" x  1/2"

Cone: 4" x 1 1/2" d 


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Eunseok Han's jewelry out of recycled aluminum cans replaces precious stones and metals. Han notes that disposable products are one of the main contributors to environmental pollution, whose effects she explores in her work. Her jewelry of vibrantly colored, cut up, recycled  cans reveal the possibilities of using discarded materials to create beautiful, wearable works of art. 

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The Vibrant Sprout


Recycled can, HMA, copper.

6" x 3" x 1"


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“While searching for stones I found this twisted wood from a tree in my garden"



Woven 18k gold and sterling silver, hematite, wood 

5.7" x 3.25" x 1.77" 


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"Flint has been used as a tool for over 2 million years. 

I chose to use this ancient tool's middle part that resembled a torso”



Braided 18k gold and sterling silver, flint scraper (tool) from the Stone Age found in Denmark.

3.26" x 1.6"


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Moeraki Boulder Necklace

New Zealand Beach Stones, Sterling silver, 18K gold, granulation   

18″ L, Center element 11⁄2″ W x 1” L



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Made of New Zealand beach stones inlaid with gold granulation, Harold O’Connor’s necklace is reminiscent of the famed Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand, situated in the waters of the beach where these stones were found. Each weather and ocean smoothed stone is meticulously cut, carved and inlaid by the skilled hands of the artist.

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Healing Wheel with Black Labradorite


Pendant. Black labradorite, copper, sterling silver, 

foil, 24k coated glass powder.

Pendant: 4” x 4” x 2”

Chain length (plus the part of pendant): 20 3/4”


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"Legend states that Labradorite holds the Northern Lights in its mysterious depths. A unique crystal that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Black labradorite’s  rich ever-changing colors, are as amazing as the lore that surrounds it. 

I enhanced the stone’s deep blue with the blue of the butterflies, associated with health, healing and tranquility. Orange symbolizes the sun, with the rays of the sun bringing warmth and energy through the sky. For me, Labradorite represents the power and strength of the ocean, working as a healing talisman."

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Waiting for a New Life


Earrings. Zircons, sterling silver, titanium,

black rhodium and pink nanoceramic bath. French clips.

2 3/4" h x 1" w x 1/4" d


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"When I received the invitation to participate in the exhibition Todo lo que Brilla no es Oro: The Story of Stones.  Automatically, two blue stones came to my mind that my father had given me years before he died, these stones belonged to his mother, my grandmother. The stones were removed from some old earrings, I do not know the reason why they were removed.

First of all I decided to take them to a gemological laboratory to analyze them. These are two natural Zircons. I have kept these stones very lovingly stored, because I am one of those people who think that you have to know how to wait, that important things have their best time to be conceived."

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"In this project I have worked with the idea of giving these stones a new life, therefore the stones represent a seed that germinates into pink shoots. My grandmother was called Rosa, this is why I chose the pink color."

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"Conceptually we must understand that in these earrings there is the express desire to capture the idea of receiving a legacy, keeping it safe and transmitting it again.The idea of giving a new life to things that have fallen into disuse makes me dream that a small part of my father and grandmother remain alive. At least during the time that I have worked with this project I have thought a lot about them."

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A Rock is Not Just a Rock


Brooch. Anodized aluminum (rock and background paper), 

wood, brass, laser printer ink.

2.75" x 1.5" x 2.5"


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"Regardless of vast social and technological changes, basic human emotions and interactions remain the same. Fascinated and inspired by how timeless some old Chinese literature is in this particular subject, my work is a collage of what I learn from it. I prefer to capture it by resonating between seriousness and whimsicality. I employ an eclectic use of contemporary and traditional technologies and materials, ranging from advanced 3-D computer modeling and CNC machining, to traditional fabrications and enameling."

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Growing Grand

Claw ring. Sterling silver, several crushed stone segments, 

multiple crushed precious and semi precious gemstones.

3" h x 3" d x 2" w

Size 7.5 (sizable)


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Ocean Ring

Boxcast ring. Sterling silver, large cloudy aquamarine, 

aquamarine crystal, oblong faceted aquamarine, 

peridot crystal,  2 round faceted peridot, 

large oval faceted topaz, square faceted topaz, 

oblong faceted cubic zirconia.

3/4" w x 1/2" d x 1/2" w

Size 8 (Sizable)


Moss Ring

Boxcast ring. Sterling silver, Silver, large oblong peridot, 

medium oval peridot, oblong peridot, 

large aquamarine, 2 iolites

3/4" d x 1/2" w x 1/4" h 

Size 9 (sizable)


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Precious Fluke I

Ring. 18ct yellow gold, square iolite, 

pink tourmaline oval, green tourmailne oval, 

peridot round, square rubelite, pink oval spinel, tourmaline   

3/4" d x 1" w x 1/2" h

Size 7 (Sizable)


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Purple Haze

Boxcast ring. Sterling silver, large square with ruby crystal, 

large oblong garnet,  oval garnet, 

round mossanite, rectangular cubic zirconia,

round ruby.

1/2" h x 5/8" w x 1/2" d

Size 6.5 (sizable)


Tangerine Glow

Boxcast ring. Sterling silver, amethyst crystal, citrine crystal, 

cut citrine, cut orange garnet, ruby crystal, 

rubellite crystal.

3/4" w x 1/2" h x 3/4" d

Size 6.8


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Icarus II


Brooch. Druzy Quartz ‘cloud’, Mississippi pearl wings, 

sterling silver moon and 14k yellow gold

approximately 2 3/4 h x 2 w x 3/4



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"As an artist I have learned to live with the knowledge of the precious, ephemeral nature of beauty and life.  It is the concurrent awareness of my own mortality that impels me to live in the immediate moment and which, in turn, inspires me to work towards transforming this personal sense of wonder, awe and primal fear into creative expression."



Brooch. 14k yellow and white gold, 2 dragon pearls.

approximately 3.5 x 3.5 x 3/4 d


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The Paradox of Invisible Structures

Brooch/Pendant. Silver, copper, 18k bi-metal, 

beach stones, vitreous enamel, antique mother-of-pearl  gaming counter, vintage lens, steel

2.75 x 2.25 x .3 inches; handmade adjustable lucky pebble chain is 35 inches



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"In my heart there is a cairn of worn rounded stones, illuminated by a golden sun.  

Something is unfolding there, or, I am holding space for an unfoldment of…?"

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The Listening Stone


Beaded granite, ballast stone, beaded, 

bezeled cabochons, natural sunstone, 

ruby, emerald, jasper, iolite

6" X 5" X 2"


"The Listening Stone is a ballast stone from a ship traveling from England to the United States as ballast and ended up in Gloucester, Massachusetts in the basement of a very old colonial house, with many other ballast stones. I have always loved rocks of any kind and this one is so beautiful with such a story and holding it is really a remarkable thing, its weight along with its story, and I feel you can hear it if you listen.I left an oval shape on the bottom so you can see the stone itself along with the title and my signature and date created."


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Glass beads, wire

21” length


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Frame Necklace


Sterling silver

31.5" long


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Door Brooch


Oxidized sterling silver, gold leaf, stainless steel pin

2" x 3.5" x .5"


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Door Brooch


Oxidized sterling silver, mother of pearl, stainless steel pin

2" x 3.5" x .5"


Mariko Sumioka creates sculptural jewellery evocative of both East and West. She is fascinated by architectural elements and structure: the natural materials and colours, dark and bright contrasts, linear forms, geometric shapes and spaces. Her Door Brooches embellished with gold leaf and mother of pearl suggest the illusions of stones.

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Amorous Stranger


Pendant.  18k gold,  Fire Opals, 3 tourmaline pearls. 

The stones are fixed with colored titanium balls on a titanium plate.

Pendant: 3 1/2" x 1" x 1/4" Chain: 23" long


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In Amorous Stranger, the Fire Opals represent love, the gold represents proudness and the titanium represents power. The stones are lustrous and rich in color – glittering, but not all in gold.

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Sculpture with ring. 

Ring: Tourmaline, diamond , 22 k gold granulated bezel 

and a green gold band covered in scales. tapered band with back detail engraved fish.

Sculpture: porcelain, diamond, pearl,22k and sterling silver.

Ring size 8. Top of ring 3/4" w, tapers to 1/4" wide in back.

Stand 4" h x 1 1/2" d x 2 3/4" w


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"Mermaid has a wreath of fins and scales with the pearl whale protected inside of her cage that is covered with tiny sea shells, a seabird and a feather - all a part of her world. The tourmaline ring serves as a crown when not being worn.

The light green tourmaline is worn for protection while traveling through life and for personal abundance and energy. The magic of the mermaid is also part of the ring with the stone representing her eye covered by the compass rose with the diamond center and scales surrounding the band."

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Cursive Necklace


18k gold, 22k gold bezels, aquamarine, 

tanzanite, garnet, amethyst, sapphire


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Musical Score Bracelet


Rubies slices, 22k gold, 18k gold.

7 1/2" l (adjustable) x 1" w x 1/8" d


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Rubies are often associated with wealth and prosperity. Many ancient crowns were decorated with rubies, because they represented good fortune and courage. The ruby's deep red color also has ties to love, passion, and raw emotion. Ruby is a most desirable gem due to its hardness, durability,  and luster. 

Petra Class masterfully frames vividly colored rubies with 22k and 18k gold. The bracelets design is interspersed with solid high karat bars, suggesting abstract designs of of a musical score.

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The Flower


Brooch. 3D printed resin, sterling silver.

3.46" x 3.35" x .67"


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The Flower


Brooch. 3D printed resin, sterling silver.

3" x 2.8" x .67"


"The light reflection, color, and shadow of diamonds were dataized to high and low and projected into the special forms of flowers. This new series was born as a combination of two special things."

The Flower


Brooch. 3D printed resin, sterling silver.

3" x 2.8" x .67"


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14k gold, 18k gold, Chinese Turquoise, 

aquamarine rainbow moonstone, Malachite

16" long, Pendant 2" l x 1/4" d


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"This piece is about strength in symmetry, and finding a balance.  The single different stone, the malachite tongue, signifies a central core from which any healing must begin.  This was my first major piece after a near death accident left me struggling to regain my physical strength and creative balance and return to my studio work."

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Baby Snake Necklace


Sterling silver, Yellow Sapphire, 

Green Sapphire, Peridot.



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Warren Seelig
Granite, silver, brazed stainless.
19” x 13” x 7”

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