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Stuart Air Show at Windham Field 9am-5pm

Music @ The Mansion 3pm @ Indian
Riverside Park Jensen Beach.
Nov. 6th
Youth in Government Annual Dinner
with Brian Mast @ The Kane Center.
Cocktails will be at 6pm dinner at 7pm.
Nov. 7th

Community Baptist Church Yard Sale 7:30am-12pm

Stuart Air Show Dirty Flight Suit Party
at Witham Field 9am-5pm
Cornhole Tournament @ Hurricane
Grill & Wings Palm City 5-10pm.
Hermit Crab Racing @ Conchy Joe’s 6pm

After Hours lll @ Ranch Feed and Pet Supply Inc.6pm.

Nov. 5th
Fundraiser: Paint for the Planet @
Painting With a Twist 2-5pm.
Bunk House Coffee Bar 1st Anniversary
$1 Coffee All Day 8:00am @ Bunk House Coffee Bar
Coffee & Fellowship
1:00pm @ Next Level of Praise

Nov. 8th

Stuart Air Show at Witham Field
Nov. 3rd
Nov. 4th
Coquechella 2017 Sailor’s Return 3pm
Barkin’ for a Park Rummage Sale
Fundraiser 8am-1pm
1195 SW 29th St. Palm City.

Thanks for the Memories @ The
Elliott Museum 6-10pm.
$100 person/$180 couple.

Moska Project @ Terra Fermata 7pm

FL Ferment Fest
Tickets at
12:00pm @ Ground Floor Farm
100 SE M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Stuart

Viva la France Wine Dinner @
Josephine’s Café & Bistro. A France
themed Wine Dinner $49.00.

Harbour Bay Plaza Holiday Sip & Shop
@ Harbour Bay Plaza 10am-3pm.
Sip, Shop, nibble and give back to the foster in care at place of hope.

Veteran’s Day Parade Downtown
Stuart 10am

Treasure Coast Monthly FlowJam
4:00pm @ Indian Riverside Park
1707 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach
Nov. 10th

Terra Fermata 5th Anniversary
Weekend. Live music, food, drinks
prizes and raffles all weekend!!

Nov. 11th
Texas Holdem Poker @ Manatee
Island Bar & Grill 4pm.
Nov. 9th

Fall Stuart Stroll Downtown Stuart,
4:30-8:30pm. Tickets are $15 in
advance $20 the day of the event.

Texas Holdem Poker
*Golden Ticket*
@ Gin Mill Jensen Beach 2pm
Nov. 12th

Chef David will be redefining New American Cuisine with a twist.

Get ready, Martin County!
Talk:House is going to be the new Talk: of the town!

Chef David and co-owner, Steve Greenman would like the restaurant to be known for all-around delicious food with fresh ingredients, cold drinks, and great prices geared towards locals.

Including smaller plates and dishes with no more than 5 ingredients, excluding salt and pepper, that is.
Chef David plans to source most ingredients from local vendors here in the Treasure Coast community.
The fish section of the menu will change often depending on what the local fishermen are catching.

With no official date set, Chef David is aiming for a mid-November opening. At first they will be open Tuesday-Saturday serving dinner at 4pm, but this will change once the courtyard opens, adding additional days and hours, as well as a lunch menu. Chef David also plans to begin Sunday brunch not long after the restaurant opens. Martin County resident and former Executive Chef of Sailor’s Return, Chef David Van Stolk is thrilled to share his new venture with you.

"Season is great, but you can't forget the locals"


  alk:House is Stuart’s newest restaurant, located at 514 N Dixie Hwy. Some of you may remember it as Courtine’s. t After walking through the building and observing some of the renovations, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and speak with Owner and Executive Chef David Van Stolk. In his own words, Chef David told me: “We have an industrial look, just very sharp. All walkways will display barn doors, which can also be closed to create private dining areas. It will have a little uptown tavern feel. We’ll have a piano player 2 nights a week, karaoke 1 night a week, and a band or two on the weekends. We will also feature a new courtyard with outdoor seating.”

For Full Interview Please Click Here

Holiday Tradeshow
5:30pm - 7:30pm @
Council on Aging of Martin County
River of Beers
The Mansion at Tuckahoe.
13 beers, 13 wines, 13 courses of food $99.00.
Jammin Jensen
Every Thursday 6-10pm
Free Screening of A Plastic Ocean @
Florida Oceanographic Society 7-9pm
Nov. 17th
Open Mic @ Ground Floor Farms
Nov. 16th

4th Annual Bike Drive Kickoff Party
5-7pm @ The Stillery. Tickets are $25
per person or $35 at the door.
Nov. 15th
Bingo at the Bar @ Conchy Joe’s
Seafood 6pm
Jensen Beach Pineapple Festival
Downtown Jensen Beach
Trivia Night @ Conchy Joe’s
4pm & 7pm
Nov. 14th
Trivia @ Dolphin Bar Shrimp House
3rd Annual Pretty in Pink Fashion
Show 5:30-7:30pm @
The Keyes Company
Ladies’ Night @ Conchy Joe’s
½ off all Ladies’ drinks from 6-10pm.
Paint Party Whimsical Santa @
Christine’s Coastal Treasures 7-9pm.
Nov. 13th
20th Nutcracker Gala @ Tuckahoe
Mansion 5-9pm.
Nov. 19th
Stuart Seafood Festival @ Memorial
Park 11am-7pm
Nov. 22nd
Texas Holdem Poker @ The Twisted Tuna
Nov. 21st
Branding Over Lunch – Lunch and
Learn @ Osaka Steakhouse
11:30am-1:30pm. $20 Per Person.
Kane Center Fall Festival 12-4pm.
Family friendly art and crafts festival.
Food & fun for all.
Teach the Beach
3rd Annual Craft Beer/Music Festival
1:00pm Seabreeze Amphitheater
Nov. 18th

4th Annual Race for the Playground @
Jensen Beach Elementary School 6am
Stuart Seafood Festival
Memorial Park 10am-10pm
10th Annual Treasure Coast Beer Fest
American and International Craft Beers
1:00pm @ Southwest Tradition Square
The progressive acoustic duo was formed in Stuart Florida in early 2017 by
guitarist/vocalist Jason Green and drummer Grady Bartholomay.
With the intention of bringing high energy 90’s alternative and modern rock to a more relaxed acoustic setting, Grady and Jason perform their unique blend of songs with powerful vocal dynamics and stunning percussive accents. Coming at you with a blend of many influences such as Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, 311, Widespread Panic, all the way to acts such as The Roots, Dave Matthews Band, Muse and John Mayer, their style flows freely from song to song with an eclectic mix of genres and rhythms.
"Music is the purest and truest way to spread love!"
-Grady Bartholomy

Grady Bartholomay came from a very musical
background and was introduced to all styles and genres by his parents at a very early age, music was a very important aspect of growing up in the Bartholomay household. Starting in middle school, he played many brass instruments from trumpet to trombone and even baritone but found his true calling the first time he played on a drum set. It was a feeling of joy, happiness, content and comfort he hadn’t experienced up to that point in his life as a musician. He joined his first band in middle school and has played in several bands since then including Ryan & Friends and now Exposition. His influences range anywhere from 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers and Muse to artists such as The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley, John Mayer Trio and James Brown. Grady’s passion to reach as many people as possible on a positive level through love and music translates to his vibrant stage presence.

Although having played with some of the best musicians the treasure coast has to offer, Jason and Grady have found a chemistry that compliments and Exposition is the result of their collaboration.

Jason Green was born and raised on the east coast of Florida where he first picked up a guitar at the age of 12. Inherited from his late uncle, a “knock off black flying v” was the instrument he learned his first Jimi Hendrix licks on. From there it was a labor of love that never died. Although primarily self taught, Jason studied music theory for a short time at IRSC where he bgan to hone his vocal skills as a baritone in the college choir. He first started showing up on the music scene in Stuart and Salerno at local open mics and quickly found his groove as a solo acoustic musician. He continued doing solo gigs for the next few years while joining the female fronted progressive rock band Revelry in 2014. His interests in jam bands such as Widespread Panic, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, and The Allman Brothers Band lead him to join the Port St. Lucie based jam band Oddessey, where he brings his powerful vocal and guitar playing into their mix.

Jensen Beach 7pm
Live Music & fun for all ages!
Starbrite Musical Productions
Presents Nashville Music on Tour @
The Lyric Theatre 7-9pm.
Nov. 23rd
Nov. 27th
Nov. 25th
Sip, Shop, Love & Adopt
J. McLaughlin in Stuart, 1-4pm.
15% off all sales during the event.
Nov. 26th
Tykes & Teens Festival of Lights @
Flagler Place 12:30-5:00pm Family
Day featuring music and dance
performances, open to the public.
Nov. 30th
29th Annual Pirate’s Cove Sailfish
Classic. All Proceeds from fishing
tournament go to Molly’s House
The Little Things @ The Brass Tap
Johnny Debt @ The Twisted Tuna
2017 Celebrities Fore Kids Golf Classic
Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club
7th Annual Palm City Turkey Trot 5k
Run/Walk and Kids Fun Run hosted by
Palm City Presbyterian Church
7:30am – 11am.
Nov. 24th
Thanksgiving Day Feast
Kyle G’s Prime Seafood 11am-9pm.
Billy Graham’s new Brew.etarian
& record label, Cut-N-Paste Recordings, is about to rock the Treasure Coast music scene.

Brew.etarian originally had a 25 cap room, but they were doing 85-100 people on Thursday nights. In an attempt to get compliant with their capacity they expanded their lease to to include a second room, and renovated it, allowing them to bring another 80 people in. Though they were only in the second room for seven days before they were evicted from the plaza.

There was a three week period where they had no idea where they were going to go, and with all the wasted expenses from signing an additional lease as well as costs from renovating that whole other room, Billy said it was a real low point for him. But the show must go on, and instead of calling it quits Billy moved the 45 shows they had booked to other venues while waiting for a new spot.

Expect to hear hardcore, metal, punk rock music, and to see what Billy call’s “art.” If you’re not used to the scene, think of it like going to the theatre. And in a shopping center with a strip club and a tattoo parlor, Billy’s new Brew.etarian may have found the perfect home. The new Brew.etarian accommodates up to 182 people, and there was already a stage. Plus, it used to be Cruisers.

“But,” he said, “it’s hard to do business that way. You can’t thrive in the business world acting like that. 
So, you take a step back and reevaluate and perpetuate culture through good things, positive things.
Music, food, things like that.” 

While Billy was still an employee, he helped to implement live music at Brew.etarian. Ultimately he bought Brew.etarian from the previous owners so he could restructure the model to include even more live music.
It’s worth pausing for appreciation here,
because what Billy created with his new
Brew.etarian clearly resonated with the
community. So much, in fact, it resulted in
an eviction for overcrowding.

“Now that we’re in this room though, we’re able to do kinda whatever we want.” -Billy Graham

Remember Brew.etarian, the vegan/vegetarian restaurant on East Ocean Blvd.?
Well, Brew.etarian is back for another round in a brand new location…and with a twist. Last October Brew.etarian was bought out by one of it’s own employees, Billy Graham - the perfect person to take over.
Billy describes himself as “one of those
weirdo hardcore vegan types,”
who at one point worked for P.E.T.A.

841 NW Federal Hwy, Stuart

The music and food at the new Brew.etarian will definitely rock, but what is going on there is so much more. Billy is creating opportunities for Treasure Coast musicians, and he has carved out a space that celebrates the arts, creative expression, and diversity. Plus once Brew.etarian starts serving food again, it will serve a growing number of vegan/vegetarian on the Treasure Coast who are currently fairly limited in dining options.

Billy: We can’t wait to bring food back to Brew.etarian, but we’re still about two months out from serving anything while we wait to be cleared by the city inspector. But we do have plenty of cold beer until then.

Basically, the idea of starting the restaurant, or continuing the restaurant, and implementing live music was to do the music thing full time. I’m a lifer musician. So, I wanted to run a label, but you need room to host your events.

...It was a hard sell at first to tell your friends ‘Hey man, I’m starting a label and we’re gonna shuffle money from a restaurant/bar into funding your record coming out, and we're gonna sell out this room and sell out your records on the first night, and I’m going to write you a check.’

Kat: So tell me what else you’re doing.

Kat: So when do you start serving food?

Billy: Our vibe does not say no to anyone who wants to have a good time. That’s the difference. So, were not profiling for certain types of people to be welcome or not welcomed. We want everyone to feel like they have a spot here if they’re willing to respect the room and the house, you know, respect the rules. Just don’t sh** on stuff or destroy things, and don’t be rude to your neighbor, and you’ll have a spot here...

The reason why we're doing this whole restaurant thing is to run a record label. We run a label called Cut-N-Paste Recordings. This is our office, were standing in our office right now...This is where we make stuff and break stuff and burn stuff.

Kat: What makes the vibe here different than when it was Cruisers?

Kat: How is this new spot personally important to you?

Billy: In my early to mid 20’s, Cruisers was the spot where you played shows because that was it...I think we’re all children until about our early thirties anyway. So, my later childhood and my twenties were absorbed in a room like this and a few other spots, where we were able to make art on the stage. Now, we own the room that is the same stage that we made art on as kids. So, it comes full circle. It provides perspective to try hard to continue because we know how rare this whole thing is. It’s very rare. It’s Stuart…