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    • 1.Help regulate the many chemical processes in the body.

    • 2.There are 13 different vitamins known to be required each day for good health.  

    • 3.Vitamins are separated into two types: Fat Soluble & Water Soluble Vitamins.


    • 1.The body depends on minerals for practically every process necessary for life.

    • 2.Minerals actually become part of the body.

    • 3.The body requires 16 minerals daily.


    • 1.Provide substances needed for growth and healthy skin.

    • 2.Enhance the taste and texture of food.

    • 3.Required to carry “fat-soluble” vitamins throughout the body.
      4.Provide energy.


    • 1. provides energy.

    • 2. Help to build, maintain, and repair body tissues.


  • 1.Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy 
  • 2.Carbs provide the body’s need for dietary fiber.



  • 1.Water carries nutrients to your cells and carries waste from your body.

  • 2.Regulates body temperature.

  • 3.Dissolves vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. 

  • 4.Lubricates joints.

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Nutrient Book

By TJ Bradley