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Titinia's Story


By: Lilliana Garcia

 Titinia & Mr. Nimbles



           Once there was a baby girl named Titinia, she was born with things no one else can be born with, it was a mystery how she got them.


          When Titinia would cry hard silver sking would appear, until she was calm then would go back to normal.


 That same night Titinia would cry, there was something not right. 


It was quiet once Titinia calmed down, then out of nowhere Titinia's sister is screaming. Her parents come into her room and see her getting taken by this blob...




        She was different than other kids her age, she was given by her mom a mini piglet, since they lived on a farm. Titinia named her piglet Mr. Nimbles, he was her best friend, her protector. 


      She would help her dad, when the work was hard on the farm, since she was able to withstand the heat for a longer time than her dad.

Out of nowhere there was thus man coming in an old rusty truck, next to him was a roll of giant paper. Titinia was scared and called for her mom to come outside a man came to talk to us.




Mom comes out and tells the man, what are you doing here? What do you want with us?




   I'm sorry ma'am for coming like this but we have an important message for you all.


We believe that your daughter is still alive...

     Wait what do you mean daughter still alive? It can't be? 





   Titinia was confused from what the man said, my sister is still alive?! How can that be?   

    When everyone was inside the house, the man told them his name was Doc and I have information upon your daughter. She is being held by a monstrous creature, the government had records about this creature.






     The creature is scary but also is very dangerous, it can kill Titinia if she doesn't do what we say. This creature lives in the small empty island that is close to California. 


       The monster is made of different things that can harm Titinia. 







        There's a secret her mom never told her about Mr. Nimbles, he's just like Titinia. He's able to move fast, become invisible and strong. She told him not to speak or show Titinia the things he can do until it was time.



     The man continued to explain the information he gathered, then explained that he will need to take Titinia now to get her ready to fight the monster to save her sister but also save the world.




  :"Wait what now?! I cannot go, not now, what if I cannot keep my powers controlled when I am battling him??! Am I able to take anything along with me to the battle for help me?


  "Yes you are able to take a few things," said the man. "Can I take Mr. Nimbles?", replied Titinia. "Who is that?" "He's my pet piglet, Mr. Nimbles always been my protector and friend."



  "Okay, you can take him along, is that all?", asked the man. "Yes," Titinia replied.

    After she got aal the things she needed, told her parents bye bye and left with the man and Nimbles in the old rusty truck.



   She asked him where they were going, "Where are we going?" The man replied with, "An area where me and other specialized scientists that are going to help you for battle."

    The man said, "It will be a long way until we get to where we need to be so just take a nap for now...". So she decided to sleep while he was driving to the place they are going.



   Once they arrived at the place, the man woke Titinia up from her nap. She was amazed at what she saw. There were so many different machines and men in white coats walking around.

   As they got out of the truck, a few of the men gave her a weapon and a costume for her and Mr. Nimbles. They showed her to the restroom and told her to come out once she was done.



   When she came out of the restoom she said, "I look so weird, but I'm ready to fight, but why does Mr. Nimbles need one he can't fight."

    "Oh your mother never told you, Mr. Nimbles is like you," explained one of the men. "What?How? Mr. Nimbles?"



    Mr. Nimbles speaks, "Yes Titinia ever since you had me I can do things like how you can do things no one else can do."

   "Wow that's cool, you and me can take on that monster and defeat him." So the men took her and Mr. Nimbles into this small arena where she will be practicing on different versions of the monster. As she was doing that, they both were fantastic at it.



  Then something happened.....

   The monster that Titinia was suppose to defeat, came out of nowhere crashing through the roof and decided to start the battle earlier than it was suppose to be.



   "Well I see someone is surprised to see me," rumbling the monster. Titinia replied, "No, you are just on time monster, now where's my sister?"

   Titinia was close to death thinking of her sister, the monster had her down on the ground. Her mouth was open, the monster was about to put some of his gooey saliva in her mouth so she can change and be like him.



   But she was able to get out from under him and using her weapon she killed the monster. 

Doc came to get her and told her, "Let's go get your sister from the island and take you all home.

    And so they headed on home after they got her sister......