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This story is about a element (Tin) that has to go through a adventure to get to his powers back.

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The Tin Hero


Jacob Martinez

There was once a element named Tinothy. 

He had regular job where he was a teacher. 

When he would get off his regular job, he turned into someone else.


He Turned into Tinfinite! 

Tinfinite would help fight crime in the city of elements at night.

There was one day that he stopped fighting because he kept losing.

Known to him every time he battled he got weaker.

He had to go to the place where his powers came from to charge up his powers.

A place that he has only been to once. In the caves of the North Pole.

He would use his last bit of power to travel over there using super speed.

As he was trying to get back to where his powers originated there were abominable snowmen guarding the cave?

He had no powers to defeat him but had to use his mind to help him beat the monster.

So what he did is scream so loud he made a small avalanche defeating the monsters.

He then went into the cave and grabbed the stone that gave him these incredible powers.

All of a sudden all his powers came back and he was stronger than ever before.


All of a sudden his powers came back? Speed, Agility, and transformation.

He brought the stone with him so that he can never lose his powers again.

When he was gone trying to get his powers back element city was crawling with criminals.

This would be his biggest challenge yet.


One by one defeated and captured them putting them all in jail.

After that there was never another bad incident like the one before. 

After that he was awarded the key to the city for catching all the bad guys



The End