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this book will get you very woke on a girl whose named Alyssa Brown & her story.

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The timeline 


  Alyssa Brown   

Exactly about 17 years, 9 months, 20 days, 17 hours, 14 minutes, & 44 seconds ago. A lil black baby girl was born at De Paul Hospital. By her mother whose maiden name is Olivia Rena Shipley & her father, Shauntay Lavell Brown, was standing right beside of her when it all went down. They decided to name the living blessing of joy Alyssa Shauntay Brown. At this point, of having their second born child, several year later they were going to have ANOTHER baby girl and make me the middle child... LOL! 

Age 0-12 Months: Trust vs. Mistrust

During my first year of life, I'm in what Mr. Piaget likes to call the "sensorimotor stage". I slowly start to adjust myself to learn how to walk over the duration of 12-15 months. By making a lot of movement with my body, I start using my sensory and motor skills to learn more about the world around me by trying to touch a lot of different things, and tasting new foods, and mimicking people around me. Almost all the time I had "stranger anxiety" especially on my first days of daycare. I would cry and cry because I was in great discomfort with the absence of my mama and dada. I then slowly started to trust her as I knew that she would always come back.

Age 1-3: Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt

This time instead of me to continue to poop in my pants, I had to put on my big girl pant ans get "potty trained." It was a nightmare. My parents didn't even buy me a lil potty set so i was always scared that the toilet was going to eat me alive. I also doubted a lot of my abilities to see what I can and cannot do. The birth givers parenting styles were becoming a lil more "Authoritative. They started to give me rules that I had to abide by like "Don't hit your lil sister" and I be like "Why?' and then they respond like "Cuz it's not nice". 

Age 3-5: Initiative vs. Guilt

This is what Piaget likes to call the "preoperational stage" I start to represent things with a lot of words images, and habit but lack my reason for it. I also start to develop a lil bit of egocentrism and have a hard time taking an adult's point of view.At this stage of my life my parents soon to become less "Authoritative" & more "Authoritarian". I continue to repeat the same actions over and over again and then they start to lose their patience with me and yell. They become very demanding like saying "Keep your room clean and your toys off the ground!" I would then respond "Why?" and their response would be "Cuz I said so!" More and more guilt starts to emerge from doing things I know better just for the fun of it. This time period involves a whole bunch of crying, and a whole bunch of timeouts. 

Age 6-11: Industry vs. Inferiority

As the world famous Piaget called this, the "concrete operational stage." This stage of my