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The Point at Windermere Shopping Center
Recess! by Charley Childcare Center
Purchased 6,300 sf building - 1,500 existing Dry Cleaners. 4,800 sf unfinished.
Contracted with Horizon Construction for build out of Recess! by Charley, using my floor plan design.
Supervised all construction; obtained city and county permits; completed interior design.
Created Logo and produced graphic
design for submission to sign maker.
Start of Marketing Strategy Local
Newspaper article on front page of
Business & Industry section.
Parents Lounge Theme: Warm Contemporary to feel like home.
Did complete Interior Design to include a Massage Chair and
Player Grand Piano
Big Kids Room: Designed all interior
facility layouts, electronic setup;
selected color scheme and furnishings;
installed flooring.
Infant and Toddler Room
Charley Mascot
Movie Theater and
Karaoke Room
Recess! by Charley Facilities - Continued
Touchscreen Self Check-In/
Check-Out; Security Cameras
Phase 2 - Contracted Horizon
Construction to convert 1,600 sf of
unused tenant space into gym.
Phase 3 Install an Outdoor Playground
ROADBLOCK: Water and Sewer Department denied Permit due to access needed to underground system via existing manholes in the proposed playground area. Only
option given was to move entire set of sewer lines. Cost would be prohibitive.
SOLUTION: Proposed a creative solution of leaving system in place, covering manholes with simulated rocks (see upper right photo) for easy access if service was
required. Made a 15’ fence section removable if county equipment needed access. Resubmitted - Permit was approved.
ROADBLOCK: Proposed Playground space required digging up asphalt, removing seven(7) parking spaces. Building department denied request due to minimum # of
parking spaces would not be met.
SOLUTION: Researched and discovered the End Cap unit was designed for a restaurant. Resubmitted noting childcare facilities require fewer parking spaces.
Building Department changed the classification and approved the plan.
Walmart Marketplace
Recess! A Clubhouse for Kids
Converted Previous Walmart Tenant space to a Recess! Childcare Facility
Contracted with Waco Construction for build out of Recess! Clubhouse inside Walmart, using my floor plan design.
Supervised all construction; obtained city and count permits; completed interior design.
Proposed Recess! Clubhouse Facade
Extensive negotiations with the Walmart Architecture Group was needed, resulting in numerous
versions of the fade. Walmarts rules for a streamlined effect clashed with the Recess! branding for
the Clubhouse. Both color renderings above were created by myself using Plan3D software.
Final Recess! Clubhouse Façade Rendering
Completed Storefront with Temporary Signage
Infant/Toddler Areas pictured on the LEFT. Mini Movie Theater and Gaming Rooms pictured on the RIGHT. Space
contained no exterior EXIT Door – All walls, doors and windows facing Walmarts interior required a 2-Hr Firewall
rating, plus sprinkler system installation to meet strict requirements of the Fire Marshal.