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Tim Burton

by Meria Nakamura

People called him Animation of pioneer because  He influenced lots of other filmmakers as he rewrote the genre-old rule that animation had to conform to certain things. His stop motion had connotations of horror and audiences fell in love with the zany worlds he could create.

I chose Tim Burton because I like ''The Nightmare before Christmas''

Burton was not a very good student but he is good at making animation. He cites his early childhood heroes Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss as being huge influences upon his work. At college he studied character animation and graduated in 1979.

Burton’s work as a filmmaker has propelled him into the status of an industry great. Before Burton’s work on productions such as ‘Vincent’ or 'The nightmare before Christmas', animated films tended to be geared heavily towards the lighter side of fantasy with animals and princesses often being the subject.