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This is my biography about why I think Tim Burton is a good animator and why I like him as an animator

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Tim Burton: By Elijah Johnson


The reason I chose Tim Burton to do my project on is mainly because not only has he animated some of favorite movies but he's directed some of my favorite live action movies. He directed charlie and the chocolate Factory which is probably the movie i've watched the most especially when i was little i used to bug my mom to let me watch charlie and the chocolate factory. Tim burton also animated the Night before christmas which wasn't one of my favorites but it's still a good movie of course especially around christmas time.  He also directed "Batman" which grossed over $250 million in box office and is one of the studio's highest gross in history. 


Timothy Walter Burton was born on August 25 in Burbank, California. He spent most of his time as a child watching classic movies and drawing. As he gor older he kept developing his love for drawing and soon enrolled at the California Institute of Arts and upon graduation became an apprenetice at Disney Pixar Studios. He soon became bored with his work and broke off from Walt Disney Studios. 2 years later he released a short called "Vincent" in tribute to his childhood idol. This film won an award. 2 years later again he released a re-animated version of "Frakenweenie" 

1989 was the year for Burton and the complany when he directed "Batman and grossed over $250 million dollars setting one of the company largest incomes on a movie. Burton left his own martk on the film and the film became a very influential hollywood film.


Tim has animated and directed some very good films as I mentioned earlier my personal favorite from Burton is "Charlie and the Chcoclate Factory"