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Tim burt

Tim Burton Biography

Mckenna Mortensen

Tim Burton had a strange childhood.He would wanted to watch scary movies and draw rather than going outside and playing which his parents didn't like very much.

Ater high school Tim got a job at Walt Disney Studios.After working on a few movies he realized he didn't like the movies very much because it was far removed from his own sensibility so Disney let him have the freedom of to work on his own projects.

His fist movie was only 6 minutes.It was black-and-white Vincent.It was about a boy who dreams he's horror movie veteran Vincent Price, living within a horror movie.It even had the voice of Price himself.

Tim Burton's secound movie was a 27-minute live action movie, Frankenweenie which was judged not good for children till 1992.

Tim's 3rd project was Pee-wee's Big Adventure.It was enormous and surpising hit at the box office.It was made in 1985.