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CAMP TIMANOUS BODY MIND SPIRIT SUMMER 2020 CAMPER HANDBOOK Please Be Sure To Check Out Medication Policy page 9 Visitation Policy page 13 Package Policy page 15

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IMPORTANT DATES Camp Timanous was founded with the goal of providing the finest summer experience for boys by enhancing body mind and spirit Sharing a simple healthful life in a beautiful natural setting with friendly interested capable people is a priceless addition to a boy s development Small size experienced counselors beloved traditions and a dynamic activity program help ensure a positive experience for every camper Our hope is that every boy will leave with increased self confidence improved social skills and increased respect for his peers and community Wednesday June 24 Travel day for campers flying to Logan airport Sunday July 19 Travel day for campers Campers being met by camp at Logan airport in Boston arrive For first session campers departing from Logan or Portland and second session campers arriving at Logan Thursday June 25 Camp Opens Monday July 20 Second Session Starts Campers should arrive between 12 30 and 4 30 Campers arrive between 10 00 and 11 30 AM Sunday July 12 Hiiteni Sunday Wednesday August 12 Closing Day After breakfast the entire camp travels to our sister camp Wohelo for a celebration of the camps founders We will return to Timanous around 12 30 Saturday July 18 First Session Ends Final Council Fire 1 30 2 45 All campers attend Families are welcome and first session families are encouraged to join First session campers depart after Council Fire Watersports Starts at 10 00 Families Invited Final Banquet Lunch will be served at 12 00 and followed by the award ceremony at 1 00 which should end no later than 3 00 Families Invited All campers depart after Banquet except those flying by themselves Thursday August 13 Final Travel Day Campers with flights from Portland or Boston depart

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 Map 3 Typical Day 4 Required Forms Tuition Policies 5 8 Packing What to Bring What NOT to Bring 9 10 Health Policies Forms 11 13 Arrivals Departures 13 14 Visiting 14 Laundry 15 Mail Packages 16 Telephone Tutoring Catholic Mass Tipping 17 Other Info

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7 15 First Bell A short dip for those who want one 7 30 Second Bell Everybody up 7 50 Flag Raising Camp assembly and personal inspection 8 00 Breakfast 9 00 Cabin Clean up 9 30 Morning activity choice 10 30 Morning swim 11 45 Cabin time rest reading writing 12 30 Lunch our big meal of the day 1 30 Quiet Hour cards games reading tutoring 2 30 Afternoon swim 3 30 Afternoon activity choice 4 30 Free time all activities open 6 00 Dinner 6 45 Flag Lowering Evening activity program 7 45 Everyone heads to their cabins 8 45 Taps all quiet on the bunkline A DAY IN THE LIFE A T YPICAL CAMP DAY 3

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REQUIRED FORMS We use CampMinder an online system for camper registration and forms There is a link to the system on our website Please complete the following forms by May 15 Health History Physician s Exam Camper Information Camper Permission Transportation Additional Options Blankets sleeping bags tutoring TUITION POLICIES 80 of the application deposit will be refunded if a camper withdraws by March 1st The second payment of 2 000 is due on February 1st with the balance due on April 1st We will send tuition statements in January and March Since our budget is based entirely on tuitions there are no refunds for early departure after the season begins You may want to purchase tuition reimbursement insurance Contact us for a provider 4

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PACKING Uniforms________________________________________ All campers wear the required uniforms There are a variety of choices for T shirts shorts and sweatshirts On Sundays all boys must wear dress shorts and a short sleeve camp logo T shirt At other times any combination of shirt shorts sweatshirt and or pants is acceptable Our camp outfitter is Maine Camp Outfitters 1 800 560 6090 maine camp com Our password is Timanous All families receive a Maine Camp Outfitters uniform catalog in the camper packet which contains all the required and optional clothing If it is easier clothing can be sent directly to camp and will be waiting in the camper s cabin when he arrives A representative from Maine Camp Outfitters will be at camp on the third or fourth day each session to help with exchanges or new orders Nametags_______________________________________________ All camp clothes look the same All items must have clear and permanent name labels You would be amazed at the number of items left at the end of the summer without names We return all labeled items of value but there are always a lot of items which we cannot return either because they were never marked or the labels are not legible Please make sure everything is well labeled Trunk___________________________________ WHAT TO BRING Please refer to the detailed packing list included in the packet or on our website The information below is provided as further explanation All campers should have a trunk to store their belongings A trunk approximately 18 x 14 x 32 is ideal Trunks can be the traditional style found in the Maine Camp Outfitters catalog or a plastic Rubbermaid trunk which can be found at Target or Walmart It should be sturdy as they are often used as a chair table and or step stool International campers may rent a plastic trunk from camp If shipping luggage it is best to send it about two weeks before the start of camp directly to Camp Timanous 85 Plains Road Raymond ME 04071 UPS and FedEx deliver daily Please obtain tracking information so you will know when it arrives at camp Trunks shipped to camp will be placed in the cabin next to your son s bunk before his arrival When arriving by car counselors will help move trunks and luggage to your camper s cabin Bedding_________________________________ Campers provide their own sheets pillows and pillowcases They may bring their own blankets and sleeping bags or either may be rented from camp Campers are required to sleep in beds with sheets They may not sleep in their sleeping bag although an open sleeping bag may be used as a quilt Campers should bring 2 sets of sheets as beds are changed every Sunday Fitted bottom sheets make it easier Mattresses are cot sized so either cot or twin sheets will work twin sheets are just a little loose 5

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WHAT TO BRING PACKING CONTINUED Towels _________________________________________________ Campers should bring 4 to 6 small fast drying towels Large thick towels do not dry easily either when hanging on the clothesline or in the dryer Towels which remain damp are unsanitary so we suggest that campers bring enough towels to ensure always having a dry towel Please make sure the towels are well labeled with your son s name Raincoat ________________________________________________ A raincoat is a necessity as we spend much of the day outdoors rain or shine Boys are required to wear a raincoat on rainy days Books__________________________________________________ We provide quiet time to read and relax in the cabins so boys have lots of opportunities to read We do have a camp library where the boys can borrow books and we welcome donations of used books Please bring any specific summer reading material You may want to send the books in a plastic container or sealable bag as moisture causes the pages to curl We also receive a daily newspaper Magic Cards _____________________________________________ Many campers bring Magic Cards or similar As there have been concerns that some campers play Magic instead of taking advantage of the unique activities camp offers we limit the availability of the cards by requiring campers store them in the camp office Magic Card times will be scheduled several times a week when campers may retrieve their cards from the office and then return them after the period Please only bring what will fit into a Ziploc sandwich bag Water Bottles ____________________________________________ Boys should bring at least one water bottle Water bottles are required on all camping trips with 2 being necessary for all hiking trips Please make sure it is clearly labeled Special Friends Stuffed Animals ______________________________ It is okay to bring a stuffed animal While not everyone does many boys do bring them Some keep them on their bed while others store them in their trunk Batteries________________________________________________ Instead of sending your son with conventional batteries we ask that he bring rechargeable batteries Most common are nickel metal hydride NiMH There will be a recharging station in the main office and boys will be able to exchange their dead rechargeable batteries for fully charged batteries We will carry AA AAA C and D batteries Crank flashlights that require no batteries are popular but do not provide enough lighting for reading Personal Sports Equipment _________________________________ While Timanous provides ample equipment for sports many campers like to bring their own Personal equipment brought to camp must be used and stored under the same guidelines as camp owned equipment Personal equipment includes but is not limited to a tennis racket baseball glove lacrosse stick fishing pole or soccer shin guards Please label all items 6 We also have excellent and ample equipment for our archery and riflery activities Occasionally boys bring their own bow or 22 rifle These will be locked with the camp s equipment and must be brought to the office upon arrival Please contact us with any questions about equipment not mentioned

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PACKING CONTINUED Lacrosse ________________________________________________ Lacrosse is a popular sport at camp and boys of all levels will be able to participate in learning basic skills as well as inter camp competitions Campers who want to play at camp and who currently have lacrosse equipment pads helmet etc should bring it Everything except the stick must be stored in an equipment or duffel bag which will be kept in the Lacrosse Shack near the field Please make sure everything including the bag is labeled with the camper s name Lacrosse sticks are the only lacrosse equipment that can be kept in the camper s cabin Camp has a supply of helmets pads gloves and sticks for camper use We try to have an adequate supply of all equipment but cannot promise every size will always be available All boys who wish to play lacrosse with full equipment must bring a mouth guard to camp even if they do not bring their own equipment We continue to offer lacrosse for those campers who just want to toss the ball around or who are just learning the sport Musical Instruments _______________________________________ Waterproof Boots _________________________________________ Our packing list suggests waterproof boots or shoes for very good reasons It can get very wet and muddy and when this happens nothing dries Rubber boots or hiking boots are best for staying comfortable on very wet days while Crocs and water shoes are helpful for general use Laundry Bags ____________________________________________ All campers must have 2 official Timanous laundry bags available from Maine Camp Outfitters These bags should be clearly labeled as this is how each camper s laundry is returned Insect Repellent and Sunscreen_______________________________ Please refer to page 10 for details on both insect repellent and sunscreen If you are sending either with your son we ask that it be in lotion format not spray Crazy Creeks Camp Chairs__________________________________ These are very popular but are in no way required The chair provides support when sitting on the floor or ground The boys enjoy them at cookouts or gatherings in the Hall We do not sell them in our camp store but you can purchase them from Maine Camp Outfitters LL Bean Walmart or many other stores They should be the style that sits right on the ground with no legs Simple Board Games Playing Cards ___________________________ Simple board games and playing cards are encouraged but please understand that cabin life is not conducive to games or toys with lots of pieces including Legos WHAT TO BRING Boys are welcome to bring their instruments but please remember that our rustic cabins are not ideal for more delicate instruments Many of the campers who do bring their instruments enjoy playing together 7

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WHAT NOT TO BRING PACKING CONTINUED As we stress a simple life the boys need little that is not on the packing list A few items warrant specific mention Campers are not permitted to possess or use alcohol drugs tobacco vaping and or synthetic smoking devices such as Juuls vehicles weapons except personal archery and rifle equipment as previously noted and any pets or animals Please make sure your campers understand these policies and supervise their packing to prevent such items from being brought to camp Electronics ______________________________________________ We do not allow personal electronics smart phones music players handheld games Kindles or e readers etc If brought we will hold these items in the office until the end of camp Food and Candy __________________________________________ Timanous has an excellent reputation for wholesome and plentiful food We do not allow candy or food to be brought into camp either in person or by mail Besides health issues it creates favorable conditions for rodents and ants We ask that parents please respect this and let well meaning grandparents and friends know about this policy Campers open the packages in the office and the contents are inspected by office personnel It can be frustrating for your son when we have to confiscate the contents Campers do get candy at Friday Candy Pocket Knives ____________________________________________ Campers are not allowed to bring knives of any kind Money _________________________________________________ The camp tuition covers all aspects of the program Each boy has an incidental account of 150 funded by the initial deposit The incidental account covers travel expenses tutoring camp store purchases trips to the doctor not covered by our camper insurance or other such charges Most parents receive a refund from the account at the end of the summer Refunds will be mailed at the end of August Campers do not need to bring any money to camp but if they do it will be held in the camp office not in their cabin Camp Store _____________________________________________ 8 The store is a small closet in the office where boys can purchase small necessities like toothbrushes toothpaste batteries etc Purchases come out of their incidental account balance

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HEALTH POLICIES FORMS A key to the success of Timanous over the years has been our vigilance on camper health and safety Our resident nurses provide excellent care for your son Medical care is available at the infirmary 24 7 We will make every effort to notify you promptly if a significant medical problem arises This would include an overnight stay in our health center a visit to a doctor or anything other than routine care Please make sure we have your current contact information and emergency numbers up to date in CampMinder Please inform the camp office if you are going to be away from home for an extended period and have different contact information Personal hygiene is stressed through a daily personal inspection This includes clean hands face clothes and teeth Hot showers are regularly scheduled Vigilance about health and safety an active outdoor lifestyle and plenty of wholesome food and rest have made Timanous proud of its fine health record over the years Medical Forms ___________________________________________ The Health History and Physician s Exam on CampMinder must be completed prior to arrival at camp The Physician s Exam should be printed and taken to your child s physician The form has a personalized barcode tied to your son s account Many physicians have their own form which may replace the Physician s Exam form provided it includes all the necessary information Campers must have a physical within 12 months prior to the start of camp Please make sure to provide information on all medications the camper takes a full vaccine history and any allergies or other chronic medical conditions Complete health records will help us provide the best possible care Medications _____________________________________________ We use CampMeds a medication pre packing program to help us dispense routine medications This system helps us meet our commitment to the medical needs of our campers as well as comply with strict regulations for dispensing medication Nurses dispense medications at all meals and at bedtime Please refer to the information included in the camper packet This information is also posted on the forms dashboard of CampMinder Medications are not allowed in cabins Exceptions are for inhalers or epi pens with prior approval and documentation from a physician Health and Accident Insurance _______________________________ Despite every safeguard sickness and accidents may occasionally occur To ensure a standard coverage for all campers we provide a policy that covers every camper and is included in the cost of your son s tuition The policy covers up to 1 000 for each illness and up to 3 500 for any accident treatment while at Timanous Medical expenses covered by this policy include prescriptions x ray and laboratory costs physicians and nurses fees hospital bills and medical supplies ordered by the doctor without any co pay The policy does not cover any costs for preexisting conditions or non medical expenses such as eyeglass replacement or prescriptions dental treatment unless necessitated by injury to sound natural unfilled teeth allergy shots inhalers and previously prescribed medications Although the camp policy covers typical expenses incurred at camp families should have their own insurance policies in the rare case of medical costs exceeding the camp s policy We always instruct medical providers to bill the camp s insurance first 9

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HEALTH POLICIES Lice Checks _____________________________________________ We hire an outside lice treatment service to perform checks on all campers and counselors on opening day and again at the beginning of the second session These technicians are trained to spot an infestation at any stage If they should find an infestation they will immediately provide treatment This will allow the camper to participate in all camp activities The treatment is a tedious and timeconsuming process and is reflected in the treatment cost of 300 per camper billed to his incidental account Ticks ______________________________________ Many of you are familiar with the deer tick population plaguing the East Coast We saw our first deer tick in 2008 and have been aggressively dealing with them since using a multi step procedure We first clear all of the leaves and pine needles from around the buildings and pathways We then use of a product called Tick Tubes which kills the ticks carried by mice without hurting the mice Finally the property is treated professionally prior to the campers arrival As added protection we continue to encourage campers and counselors to use insect repellent especially when venturing into the woods and to perform tick checks on a regular basis Experts suggest using repellent with DEET We only sell a natural repellent in the camp store no DEET If you would like your son to use a repellent containing DEET you must send it with him Please don t alarm your son but please let him know if he should find a tick on his body he should let his counselor and or the nurse know Sunblock _______________________________________________ Because the campers spend the majority of their time outside sunblock is important We supply each cabin with SPF 50 sunblock and campers are encouraged to apply it before morning activities and again before afternoon activities If your son requires a specific sunblock type you should send it with him Please consider a lake friendly sunscreen free from parabens and nanoparticles 10

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ARRIVALS DEPARTURES Full and First Session Campers Arriving by Plane at Logan Wednesday June 24th ______________________________ Full and First Session Campers flying into Logan should arrive on Wednesday June 24th We ask that their flights be scheduled to arrive between 2PM and 6PM They will be met by camp counselors who will accompany them to camp Opening Day Thursday June 25th ___________________________ Full time and first session campers arrive by car chartered bus or plane Counselors have pre assigned the boys beds so there is no advantage to arriving early We ask that boys coming by car arrive between 12 30 and 4 30 There will be camp representatives in the parking lot to help you with the arrival procedures which include After finding a parking spot in our parking lot unload everything going to the cabin and leave it beside your car Please make sure everything trunk duffel bag fishing pole tennis racquet boxes etc is labeled with your son s name Timanous luggage tags are sent to all campers for this purpose As long as everything is labeled you do not need to stay with the luggage Counselors with golf carts will deliver it to your son s cabin You may want to carry smaller or lightweight items yourselves Leaving the parking lot please walk toward the camp office and Barn where you will be able to meet the directors and or counselors Campers and parents will be asked to first check in with the nurses who will be stationed in the Barn This is the time to give the nurses any medications your son is bringing to camp Campers will also have their heads checked for lice by a professional lice company After that parents are welcome to accompany their son to his cabin and assist with the check in procedure including making his bed You are also welcome to take a tour of camp Once completed we encourage a timely departure to ensure a smooth transition for your son 11

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ARRIVALS DEPARTURES CONTINUED End of First Session Saturday July 18th _______________________ The first session ends after Council Fire on Saturday afternoon Parents of first session campers are encouraged to attend our Council Fire which will begin at approximately 1 30 and last about an hour Parents are welcome to arrive early enough on Saturday to have time to visit with their sons and see what they have been doing Families are welcome to join us for lunch which will be served buffet style at 12 00 We suggest parents not visit on Friday as we expect campers to be busy with final activities All first session campers leaving by car should have everything in their car prior to Council Fire We can make arrangements to ship trunks and or any baggage not taken with you First Session Campers Departing by Plane Sunday July 19th ________ First session campers leaving from Portland or Logan should schedule their flights for Sunday July 19th We ask that all flights from the Portland airport be scheduled in the morning The Logan departure is primarily for international flights but can also be used for boys flying domestically to the West Coast Campers are accompanied to Logan by our counselors in conjunction with Wohelo our sister camp Flights from Logan should be scheduled between 2PM and 6PM Second Session Campers Arriving by Plane at Logan Sunday July 19th ___ Second session campers flying into Logan should arrive on Sunday July 19th We ask that their flights be scheduled to arrive between 2PM and 6PM They will be met by camp counselors who will accompany them to camp in conjunction with Wohelo our sister camp Second session campers flying into Portland should arrive on Monday July 20th Second Session Campers Arrive Monday July 20th ______________ Second session campers will be arriving on Monday July 20th If you are driving your son to camp please arrive between 10 00 and 11 30 to ensure your son is settled in his cabin before lunch Orientation will begin after lunch and it is very important that all new campers attend Please follow the check in steps outlined under Opening Day on the previous page Campers flying into Portland will be met by camp counselors and brought directly to camp Please try to schedule your flights to arrive between 9AM and 12PM Closing Camp Activities Wednesday August 12th ________________ 12 The first activity is Water Sports where the boys have the opportunity to show some of the skills they have learned over the summer Water Sports take place at the main swim area rain or shine at 10 00 and last about an hour Families are invited Following Water Sports there will be about an hour to check the cabin to make sure your camper has all of his belongings assist with any last minute packing and load your car Counselors will transport trunks duffels and all large items from the cabins to the parking lot where it will be loaded into your car Everything should be out of the cabins prior to lunch Everyone is invited to lunch at 12 00 At 1 00 the final awards ceremony will take place and will end around 3 00 At the end of the awards ceremony all campers traveling with their families depart Only campers flying by themselves from Logan or Portland airport will stay at camp Wednesday night Campers flying from Portland can depart Wednesday after 5PM or Thursday morning

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ARRIVALS DEPARTURES CONTINUED Final Travel Day Thursday August 13th ________________________ Campers flying from Logan should schedule their flights for Thursday Campers flying from Portland should schedule their flights either Wednesday after 5PM or Thursday morning The Logan departure is primarily for international flights or flights to the West Coast The boys will be accompanied to Logan by our counselors in conjunction with Wohelo our sister camp We ask that the boys flights from Logan be scheduled between 10AM and 4PM VISITING We do not have a formal visitation day Parents and families may visit any day after the initial two weeks but please remember that too many visits can interfere with a fundamental goal of Timanous which is instilling a sense of independence and responsibility in the campers We suggest no more than one visit per session This information should be shared with friends and family When visiting you may take your son out of camp but we ask that you follow the guidelines listed below No visits are allowed during the first two weeks of camp this is true for new and returning campers and during the first two weeks of the second session for new second session campers If you are planning a visit during the week please call to make sure your son will be in camp and not on a camping trip Families are welcome to all meals except Saturday evening cabin cookouts Campers must be back in camp by 7 45PM We do not permit overnights as it is very disruptive to cabin unity Campers must sign out in the office before leaving camp Campers may leave with another camper s parents with parental permission no more than twice in each session When taking campers other than your son out of camp we ask that you stay within the neighboring towns Raymond Windham Naples unless you have made previous arrangements with the directors Visits between 11 30 and 2 30 will ensure campers do not miss any activity periods On Sundays the boys are required to attend Sunday Chapel at 11 00AM and Council Fire at 6 45PM Families are invited to attend both events especially Council Fire an event of which the boys are particularly proud 13

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VISITING CONTINUED Sunday morning July 12th the entire camp will travel 8 miles by bus to Wohelo for a celebration of the camps founders Families are welcome to attend and may pick their son up at Wohelo after the ceremony returning them to Timanous later that day We will leave after breakfast and return to Timanous around 12 30 At the end of the first session July 18th all campers must be in camp to attend Council Fire at 1 30 on Saturday There will be no Sunday Council Fire but we will have Chapel on Sunday morning We will email a detailed schedule for the weekend once camp has started Visiting dogs need to be kept on a leash at all times For safety and insurance reasons use of camp facilities by parents or noncamper siblings is not allowed Visiting First Time Campers __________________________________ We ask parents of first time campers to carefully consider the effect a visit may have on their son before committing to a visit We do not allow visits during a camper s first two weeks as this is an important period of adjustment For first or second session campers once this period is over only a week remains For some campers a visit during their last week can be disruptive leaving many parents wishing they had postponed their visit until the end of the session For new full time campers a visit later in the summer should be fine We are happy to work with you to make the best plan for your son as our ultimate goal is to ensure each camper has the most successful camp experience possible L AUNDRY Laundry is picked up Monday just before lunch and returned at the end of lunch Tuesday All campers and counselors must have their laundry in an official Camp Timanous green laundry bag available from Maine Camp Outfitters The laundry service uses a separate washer and dryer for each laundry bag As the contents of each bag i e whites darks towels synthetic material are washed together it is not possible for the clothes to receive the same level of care as they might at home Some boys chose to pretreat their stained clothing by using a stain removal stick brought from home before putting their laundry in the bag 14 The two most frequent complaints about laundry are articles returned damp and lost items If a camper has damp laundry he should let someone know as soon as possible as we will re dry the damp items In most cases damp laundry is caused by heavy items usually towels which slow down the drying process The laundry service works hard to make sure all items are returned to their rightful owners Occasionally an article of clothing is left in a washing machine or dryer and will then be mixed in with the next wash to be done in that machine More often the mix up occurs in the cabins when boys mistakenly pick up other campers clothing and put it in their bag For this reason we ask the boys to carefully check the name tags before they put away their clean laundry

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STAYING IN TOUCH Mail ___________________________________________ We encourage family members and friends to write often Envelopes should be addressed to the camper and sent to Camp Timanous 85 Plains Road Raymond ME 04071 The boys must write a letter home on Sundays but can write as often as they want They may get stationary in the office anytime If you are sending them with stationary we suggest sending it in a plastic bag or container as on rainy days the moisture causes paper to curl and envelopes to stick We recommend sending your son with self sealing envelopes and a detailed address list You may even want to review how to properly address a letter to ensure delivery if this is his first time at camp Parents may send one way emails to their sons through CampMinder Parents may create guest accounts for friends and extended family to send camper emails Camper replies or eLetters are available for international campers ONLY due to the lag time in sending letters home Packages __________________________ In keeping with our philosophy of living a simple life we will allow packages containing necessities which include necessary items forgotten at home books and magazines We will limit all other packages to one each session All packages are opened by the boys in the office and are inspected by the office staff If a camper receives multiple packages or contraband including all food items items that can create excessive litter e g water balloons and items not appropriate for the cabins e g sparklers some practical jokes knives etc they will be kept in the office Please contact us if you have any questions Blog Photos ____________________________________________ You can follow the events of the summer on the camp blog updated every few days and accessed from our website Photos are also posted every few days and can be viewed on our website We will send reminders and links to the blog and photos during the summer Please note the intention of the blog and photos is to provide a brief candid glimpse into life at camp but not document each camper s experience on a regularly recurring basis 15

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TELEPHONE The telephone is not available for camper use They may accept calls from parents for emergencies and special occasions Please contact the directors before calling as hearing their parents voices on the phone can be difficult for some boys The best time to reach the boys is during meals as it is the only time we can guarantee they will be near a phone but please remember that your son may be missing his meal to speak with you Meal Times Breakfast 8 00AM 8 30AM Lunch 12 30PM Dinner 6 00PM Monday thru Friday Saturday Sunday Every day Mon Tue Thur Fri Sun Wednesday Saturday dinners are cookouts so boys are not near a phone TUTORING Although Timanous is not a tutoring camp we are able to offer excellent instruction during Quiet Hour after lunch It does not interfere with the camp program and is done by capable counselors usually upper class college students or teachers Tutoring is an extra expense of 35 per hour which will be billed to you at the end of camp accompanied by a brief report from the instructor If you wish your son to be tutored please note this on the Additional Options Form on CampMinder The program and books should be brought to camp along with an outline of material to be covered CATHOLIC MASS If you would like your son to attend Catholic Mass on Sunday at a nearby church please contact us in writing before camp There is no charge for this service and the boys return to camp in time to attend our own chapel service Mass is optional unless we hear from you TIPPING 16 Camp Timanous policy prohibits the tipping of any counselors We encourage parents or campers to instead write a nice note to staff members expressing your appreciation You may also make a donation to our campership fund in honor of the counselors

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OTHER INFORMATION First Name Camp __________________________________ We are a first name camp which means the campers call everyone at camp by their first name including our directors Garth Dave and Linda Green and Grey __________________________________________ Although we do not have a competitive color war all campers and counselors are assigned to either the Grey or Green team If the camper had a relative precede them we attempt to assign the new camper to that team The most popular grey green activity is Capture the Flag or C flag To distinguish the teams for Capture the Flag the campers and counselors must dress in their team s color Although this can be done with the camp uniform some boys bring special attire and or face paint just for these events We discourage boys from modifying any of their uniform items i e ripping sleeves or necklines although some boys bring old outgrown uniforms for that purpose You may want to discuss with your son what you feel is acceptable Sunday Chapel ___________________________________________ Sunday morning the entire camp gathers for our weekly service It is a nondenominational service led by one of the head counselors Links to past chapel talks can be found on our blog and include topics such as making friends trying new things at camp and making the best of your time at camp Sunday Council Fire _______________________________________ Sunday evening the entire camp gathers again for our weekly Council Fire This is a time for reflection on the past week Awards earned during the week are announced In addition counselors publically commend individual campers for improvement special efforts or other acts of kindness Parents and families are invited to join us for Council Fire At the end of the first session the weekly Council Fire is held on Saturday afternoon This year that is Saturday July 18th Swim Levels ________________________________ A camper s swimming ability is tested upon arrival to determine his appropriate swim level Our placement is based on his current swimming ability and may not match his level from another swim facility Aides Program _____________________________ The Aides program is our CIT Counselor In Training Program Campers may apply for an Aides position in the fall after completing their Crows summer Awards _________________________________ Archery riflery sailing and swimming have a progressive system of awards While the first level in each activity is attainable by most campers with some practice the levels become progressively more difficult requiring increased effort and dedication In addition there are two sets of comprehensive awards the Land Honors and Water Honors Each has a series of three awards requiring campers to demonstrate proficiency across several activities As with the other awards the first level is attainable by most campers but requires planning 17

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CAMP TIMANOUS BODY MIND SPIRIT 85 Plains Road Raymond ME 04071 207 655 4569 info timanous org timanous org Offseason address 18 PO Box 2886 South Portland ME 04116