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Timanews 2022

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MALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONS FALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSMany of you may be aware of our tagline, “Where boys unplug and connect.” After two years of limited personal connections, 2022 was the year where we really were able to once again unplug and connect. We all know Timanous to be a community built on personal connections. Technology is simply a tool to help us plan for the next time we can get together in person. The Timanous family connected this past year in a variety of ways- from a glorious camp season to our own 105th Anniversary Reunion this past August, the renewal of camper reunions (New York and Greenwich in November with more to follow this winter) to alumni weddings and many more informal get-togethers of Timanous friends. From my vantage, each gathering had an extra amount of Timanous spirit, as if we were all aware of what we’d missed the past few years and how fortunate we were to be together again. The Timanews is a celebration of many generations of connections. As you read through this issue, I hope you are reminded of an old friendship or special moment at camp. We are so fortunate to have this extensive network of friends, united by our shared experiences on the shores and waters of Panther Pond. I also hope the Timanews will inspire you to reach out and connect with a Timanous friend you haven’t heard from in a while. And, when you get together, be sure to take a photo and send it in for the next edition of the Timanews.Enjoy the Timanews. I look forward to connecting with you soon! Sincerely, Garth AltenburgDECEMBER 2022TIMANEWS

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Juan Aguerrevere: “Hola everybody! I missed this year’s Hundy celebra-tion, but I hope those who went had an amazing time. I’ve been busy down here in Venezuela with my radio show and hitting the beach as much as I can. Ale-jandro, my brother, is living in Panama working for P&G. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year to the Timanous crowd from Juaaaaan.”Dave Baker: “Memories. In my second year at camp, the summer of 1945, I lived in Crow’s Nest. I think that there were four of us. Crow’s Nest was a large tree house, access via a ladder, exit by a fire pole. Memories of capture the flag come to mind. Other memories include a canoe trip to Sebago WoHeLo via Panther Run and the village store in Raymond, my Dad, Ev Baker, reading his camp prayer at the weekly campfire meeting where Woodsman and Voyag-ers were initiated. Those were the days.”John Bellow “79-’81: ”After a long, long dry summer, the rain has returned to SpringRain Farm and Orchard on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I have spent another year growing and selling organic farm products. Tomatoes and English cucumbers were enormous-ly productive. I operate 15 large green-houses in addition to my order crops. Big projects include de-veloping ways to produce figs and persimmons organically on our farm. As the fall winds down, I am excited to spend 6 weeks on my upcoming vacation to Ar-gentinian and Chilean Pata-gonia trekking on short and long trails. The 5 day trek is looking huge. Best to all who know where Panther pond is.”Geoffrey Blum: “I enjoyed seeing many Camp T friends throughout this past year and especially enjoyed the 105th reunion gathering in August. Of special note was a dinner prior to the reunion with other 1969 Crows. It was wonderful to re-connect with Jim Winninghoff, Blake Zimmerman, and David Cope. Hopefully, at the next reunion we will see more of our cabin mates.”John Booth: “Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I’m still a lawyer on Cape Cod doing death and taxes. I was able to go on a family vacation to Hawaii this year that was amazing. I miss camp and hope to visit this summer. I am moving to Revere to live with my girlfriend. Let me know if any of you are ever in the area!”Peter Bopp: “I took two great trips this year with lifelong Timanous friend, Jon Arnold. We had a fabulous time in Africa in April, visiting Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa including an awesome combination of two safari camps, Vic-toria Falls, CapeTown and the Cape of Good Hope. There were beautiful sights and incredible experiences getting so close to wildlife, observing them in their natural habitats.I spent the month of August in Maine, renting a cottage on Moose Pond enjoy-ing a peaceful and bucolic setting with gorgeous views of the lake. We centered our participation in the terrific Hundy +5 at Camp T, seeing many old friends and partaking in beloved camp traditions. It was such a special time to reconnect with the fellow alumni and the values we all hold dear.”Lee Brayman serves at the US Consul-ate in Mumbai, India, working on trade issues for the Department of Com-merce. His son, Spencer, will graduate in May from George Mason University with a degree in Engineering.Bill Breidenstine (‘76-’81): “I am looking forward to having my brother, John (‘75 - ‘80), and his family home from Thai-land for Christmas this year. They will be moving to Mexico City in the summer of 2023.We are doing well in Hershey. Our youngest daughter is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh and the older two are both college graduates, so we are going through the empty nest experience.Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and all the best in 2023!”TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSSUBMITTED BY PETER BOPPSUBMITTED BY PETER BOPPSUBMITTED BY GEOFFREY BLUMSUBMITTED BY GEOFFREY BLUMJOHN BELLOWJOHN BELLOW1

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On August 12 and 13, 2022, over 125 alumni gathered on the shores of Panther Pond for the 105th Reunion of Camp Timanous. See pages 17-20Grant Burgess: “Life is good here in Maine, where Casey and I have been living for the past few years now. The big news in our world is the arrival of our baby boy, Forrest, who is on track for Mallards 2030. We made sure to take him for a dip at Beginners Beach and to meet his camp family at the Hundy+5 reunion in August. I’m currently writing this update on my first vacation from my new job as a full-time parent, enjoy-ing a great weekend with Phil Cimbak, Ryan Whelpley, and Ash Wall. We are excited for the year ahead!”Ben Burke continues to live in Colorado, ski and bike whenever he can and get a geothermal energy startup off the ground. He is looking forward to the next reunion.Casey Calamaio: “Hello to the Tima-nous Family! I am still in Huntsville, Ala-bama working at the university in town. Recently, I won my first major research grant using drones to map flood inunda-tion with NOAA, which is a very exciting project. As I write this Timanews entry, I am recovering from a deployment with the Civil Air Patrol to support FEMA re-lief efforts and urban search and rescue in western Florida after Hurricane Ian. I hope everyone is doing well and I am looking forward to seeing friends and family from Timanous again soon.”John Calder: “Too many memories! How to pick? In the summer of 2017, dur-ing the 100th reunion time, I signed in on the guest book. The Officer of the Day, a counselor, read the signature and questioned if I were the one who had been “Neatest” for seven years in a row. “Yes,” said I. The previous evening the counselors’ skit had cast this counselor as that legend. The O.D. was floored! Neatest from 1956 to 1962, it was sixty years past! My training as a sailor enabled my wife TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSJOHN CALDERJOHN CALDERFORREST AND GRANT BURGESSFORREST AND GRANT BURGESS105th Reunion“Loved it all thanks- some of our best days in Maine 2022!”“I hope we do it again and again and again!”Hundy + Five2

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and me to charter yachts on Chesa-peake Bay as co-captains with four to six friends for crabs and beer. Also, my dream to have my own sailboat took twenty years to fulfill. Renovation of a fourteen-foot GP14 sailboat, an English class, with new sails, teak floorboards, compass, and signal flags took two and a half years. We launched in 1988, and now my friend, my boat, has been my companion for thirty-four years. We live in Devon, Pennsylvania but do our sail-ing on Sebago Lake.Timanous has left a legacy of lifelong friendships, values, and skills which are never lost.”Jake Carpenter: “Life is good here in Truckee, CA! During the summers, I am continuing to work as an outdoor educa-tor throughout the west. I am mainly working with middle and high school students on courses that are focused on backpacking, mountaineering, and leadership development. This winter I will be ski patrolling at Palisades Tahoe, Alpine Meadows. We just saw our first significant snowfall of the season and are looking forward to several more feet next week! These past few years I’ve been keeping the habit of sing-ing old camp songs to keep pace while backpacking or hiking along the snowy ridges at Alpine Meadows. I was able to visit Mark Endrizzi in Boston last year and have kept in touch with a few other Crows ‘08 alums. If anyone is ever pass-ing through Lake Tahoe, feel free to give me a shout!”Will Carroll: “The new telework-friendly world allowed my family to enjoy the call of loons in between conference calls and a morning dip before staff meetings during a two-week stint in Casco cen-tered around attending the Hundy+5. My sons (8 and 5) remembered little of the Hundy, so I was thrilled at how much they enjoyed trying archery and jump-ing off Main Dock. And I loved meeting all the other little kiddos that may one day fill the bunkline. Another highlight of that vacation was that my sister Laura - former Wo-girl - got engaged atop Heavenlys at Big Wo. Upon returning to DC, I left the federal government after 12 years for a new job with a higher edu-cation consulting firm. It’s a fully remote job, so I sure hope to be back on the shores of a Maine lake next summer.”David Chaplin: “I am semi-retired, work-ing as a veterinarian 2 days a week on average. I am happy to report my son, Sam, and I did attend the 105th reunion at camp and enjoyed staying in Crogles cabin and catching up with old friends. I also made it to my first Tuesday night gathering at Gritty’s where Dave Chid-sey welcomed me and introduced me to some new friends! Cheers!!”Though Chids (David Chidsey) is in Alaska when camp is in session, he is on campus most every week in the off sea-son. Still making trips to see his elderly parents in CT and NH and in his 37th year of teaching middle school. Excited to have college graduated daughter, El-lie, home for a time to venture out with on adventures on foot or bike in Gorham and beyond. He is still picking up sticks and cans wherever he goes. He hopes to see you in the Old Port, on Tuesdays, just after five.Scott Chrysler: “It has been a busy year for us. My parents decided last spring that ‘22 would be their last summer in Maine. On November 1, their house in Camden was sold. Dori and I were there to help empty the house and load the moving vans. I pulled a Chids and pulled out of Camden at 2:00 pm and arrived in Columbia, SC a little after 7:00 am the next morning with a van laden with parental belongings. The next trick will be finding them a place to live as Ian caused havoc with their house on Sani-bel. It will all work out. Last June, Janetta and I made the move to South Carolina after 24 years in Louisiana. I am loving my new position as Director of Opera-tions at Hammond School. Each day brings plenty of new adventures with much to learn as I explore a whole new side of independent schools. Scott III is in the process of planning his wedding for Fall 2023, and Addison and Landon are in their senior year at LSU. Addy is majoring in Construction Management and spent his summer interning with Broadmoor Construction in Metairie, LA working on renovations to the Superdo-me. Landon is majoring in Information Systems & Decision Sciences and spent his summer interning with the Ag School in Baton Rouge. Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season and New Year.”Chris Clarke and wife, Gaby Pretto, are enjoying living in Armonk, NY with boys Christian (6), Julian (3) and Chase (1). Chris has been running on camp memo-ries ever since attending this year’s Hundy+5 reunion and most appreciated the infectious Timanous Spirit all week-end and especially so during the concert in the barn!Seth Coburn: “Hello from Maine. We (Helen, Ian and our newest, Luke) enjoyed making it to the reunion this summer and seeing some old friends. Helen and I continue to enjoy being lawyers (on most days!) and Ian and Luke continue to find new ways to make mischief. Ian (4) is already asking about when he can go to camp! If anyone is coming to visit camp, be sure to drop us a line as we’re close by.”TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSDAVE CHIDSEYDAVE CHIDSEY3

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Livy Coe: “Hello Timanous Family! After finishing my recall to Active Duty with the Navy at the end of 2021, I’ve returned to Tesla and transferred to our Amsterdam office. Life on the continent is lovely, and I have been lucky enough to receive my first Timanous visitor, 1999 Best Junior Camper, Mike Goodwin! I think of camp every day and the spare bedroom is always available to any Ti-manous people visiting Amsterdam!”Charlie Congleton: “Sam Reuss and I are in year number two at St. George’s School in Middletown, RI. I teach math and I am head coach of boy’s lacrosse; Sam teaches humanities and coaches field hockey and lacrosse. When I walk by Sandy Tattersall’s name everyday on the wall of graduates in the dining hall, I think of him and camp; my spirits always pick up. Come say hi next time you are in town, it’s usually burning off for a beach day here!”Jake Congleton: “I enjoyed the Hundy plus 5 but there weren’t very many in my first decade picture! I guess I have to get used to being the senior citizen! Thanks to Dick Howlett for the taxi ser-vice and the great young counselor who operated my golf cart!”Peter Congleton: “I enjoyed seeing so many “old” friends--and even meeting some new ones--at the Hundy+5 this summer!After three decades of directing gift planning programs for educational and healthcare organizations, I am now providing those services to nonprofits as a consultant.If you are involved with building fund-raising capacity for a nonprofit, you can find me on LinkedIn, but I’d love to hear from Camp T friends in any case!”Will Cook: “I had a great time seeing old friends at the 105th, and my son Jamie loved his first summer at camp in Eagles. He is excited to return next year!”Phil Cimbak: “I hope this note finds the Timanous family happy and well! Feel-ings of belonging are still strong after an amazing Hundy plus 5 experience this summer. Megan, Raymond the dog, and I are enjoying life in Bethesda and hope to see many familiar faces over the course of the new year - please let us know if you find yourself in the DC area!”Tucker Cutler: “I was honored to be able to pay tribute to Robbie Hollis in the June memorial service for him in Provi-dence. There were wonderful stories from many, and yes, a Timanous few shared theirs. Robbie was one of the sweetest, funnest fellows ever. It was a great 105th reunion, still more fun again with all my Timanous friends! (I did miss you Todd Danforth) And on that note, I had my 40 Hebron Academy reunion in October, spent time with a roommate, and a soccer teammate I hadn’t seen since we graduated! Loads of fun once again!! I think Timanous enhanced my abilities to have fun- Cheers All!”Todd Danforth: “I am working as a psy-chologist and living in Westwood, MA . My daughter Sarah is doing well in med. school, Will (Crows 2015) graduated this May and is working in a law firm. My heartfelt condolences to Adam, Jason and Andrew Levasseur and their fami-lies on the passing of their mom. Big hi to George Jackson and Al Ryter.”Matt Dapas: “Hello Timanous family. Attending the Hundy+5 was a dream. I enjoyed catching up with so many of you. A big thank you to all who made that weekend possible. The week prior I hiked Katahdin with my dad, which was another 2022 highlight--I love that mountain and I have such fond memo-ries of my first hike to the top as a Loon in 2001 (shout out to the others on that trip). My life is great. I recently assumed TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSTIMANOUS ALUMNI AT MEMORIAL SERVICE OF ROBBIE HOLLISTIMANOUS ALUMNI AT MEMORIAL SERVICE OF ROBBIE HOLLIS4

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a research faculty position at Northwest-ern and I cherish living in Chicago. Please reach out if you happen to come through for any reason. Look to this day!”Vinny Dotoli: “I hope all the positive vibes from the 105 are carrying through for everyone. Here in NYC, Luke has made a good transition to high school; he’s not the top guy on the cross-coun-try team but runs much quicker races than his old man could ever do, and he is even getting most of his work done. For Harlem Academy, we are enjoying the first fall at our new campus, including a bunch of visits from camp friends, so please reach out if you want to stop by.”Archie Douglas: “I celebrated my 65th birthday this summer by starting my 38th year as an educator, continuing as Director of College Counseling at Bent-ley School in Lafayette, CA. I haven’t set foot in Maine since the 2017 Hundy, but David Chidsey’s weekly reminders and musings keep my memory fresh. I also wanted to share word that my uncle, Porter Goss survived Hurricane Ian, despite considerable damage to his home on Sanibel Island. Finally, I was pleased to attend the wedding of my younger son, Alec, on the Or-egon coast in July. Best wishes to Mallards ‘65, Crows ‘71, and everyone in between! I am still loving life in Santa Cruz.”Bruce Droz: “Attending Hundy + 5 was one of the highlights of 2022 for me. It felt like com-ing home after 44 years and seeing dear old friends, too many to mention their names here. Other highlights include walking the bunk line, canoeing on Panther Pond, Campfire, Chapel service, and hiking up Rattlesnake Mountain! Another highlight was meeting new friends that share the same love for Camp T.”Rob Dwelley (Crows 64/65): “Having spent most of my life as a builder, not a day goes by without a thought of Carter McDonald. He was both patient and professional. The shop fed my soul and gave me a life’s skill. Timanous is in a class by itself. Enjoy.”Dave Edwards: “We’re loving life in Bend, Oregon. I am using my old head of camping skills frequently with lots of hiking, backpacking, and backcountry skiing. My wife, Helen, and I published our first book called Make Better Deci-sions. Check it out and let me know what you think!”Peter Ebling: “Greetings from San Fran-cisco! I am teaching 4th grade science at Alta Vista School. It’s an exciting new adventure. If anyone from the Timanous community is in the Bay Area, feel free to look me up.”Dave Giancola: “Hi Everyone! Although we were unable to make it to camp for the reunion in August, it was for good reason! My wife Sam and I welcomed our daughter, Ruby Hayden Giancola, into the world on August 19. She has filled our lives with a lot of smiles and has recently started sleeping through the night (which always helps)! She has met some of the Timanous family, but she can’t wait to meet all of you and make her first trip down the wooded path. We are still living in downtown Jersey City, so please reach out if anyone is in the area. Hope everyone is doing well!”Mike Goodwin: “My wife and I are still living happily in San Francisco, and I’m still working on my insurance startup. TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSINMEMORIAMHenry “Rich” Keene (1930s) July 11, 2021 Richard Austin (1930s) August 20, 2021Rob Hollis (1960s-1970s) December 29, 2021 Gib Suitor (1950s-1970s) January 26, 2022 Bob Morgan (1940s) August 12, 2022 George Wood (1950s) September 23, 2022 Craig Kronman (1960s) October 20, 2022 RUBY GIANCOLARUBY GIANCOLA5

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Timanous sightings have been relatively scarce this year, although we did let Livy Coe crash the last night of our honey-moon in Amsterdam, where he put his Crew Award skills to good use navigating us through the city’s canals in a small electric boat. Raymond is on the travel agenda for summer 2023, so we are hoping to see some familiar faces then. Please reach out if you’ll be in the Bay Area!”Scott Gredler: “Greetings Timanous Family! The Gredlers are well, and enjoying life in Hingham, MA. Our kids all dressed up as “Top Gun” fighter pilots for Halloween, which evoked many memories from movie nights at the Hall (I’m pretty sure Top Gun was the only VHS Camp owned in the mid-90’s!) I had a blast catching up with everyone at the Hundy + 5, and I’m really looking forward to doing it all over again at the Hundy + 10!”Much Love,The Greds, Amy, Grace (11), Tommy (9), & Clare (7)Fred Hollister: “I am still continuing to enjoy being on Sebago as the fall con-tinues to wind down here. The off-sea-son quiet, colors and lighting continue to be amazing. One of the highlights of this time on Sebago was definitely the \T/ Hundy + Five Reunion. It was great to see some fellow “old-timers” return to the fold like Jim Grover, Dave Cope and Dave Henahan. A hearty cheers to Bob Gulick for returning after over 60+ years (!) and Kip Darcy who was just here in ‘69 and ‘70 as a young camper. It was also great to renew old friendships with the likes of Bruce Droz and see so many others that had not been back in quite a while like Spencer Grimes. To those who didn’t make it, please consider do-ing so for the Hundy + Ten. You won’t regret it! Crows ‘71 made a pretty good showing - but we want more of you back in 2027!”Greg Hostetter: “This summer was a blur: annual June trip to Highland Lake, fol-lowed by an amazing last-minute trip to Nor-way, Denmark, Sweden (the countries, not towns in Maine!), Finland, Estonia and Latvia in July, and back to Maine in August for the excellent Hundy+5 Reunion. It was so awesome to reconnect with many camp friends and mentors. I highly recommend attending future reunions. Another highlight was spending some time with the Besches (Quentin & Donna) at Northaven - where the dogs loved the pool, and the hospitality is always second to none. I will be teaching skiing again this winter at the local “mountain” here in PA, but I plan to take trips north and west. I am thinking about a future alumni 5-Day trip on Aziscohos if anyone’s inter-ested…”Dick Howlett: My Christmas Wish- I am 76 years old and have been submitting an entry for the Christmas Timanews since it started with Johnny and Marti way back when. And what I wish for this Holiday season is that everyone who reads this will take a moment to appreciate how lucky we all were that Craig MacDonnell stepped up, right at the start, and said he would be will-ing to be the Chairman of the Board of what became the Timanous Founda-tion. We all knew what that task would entail and no one else was willing to say “Yes.” Within a year or two, Craig quit his full-time job and worked full time getting the Foundation off the ground. Of course, he had lots of great help from lots of people, but he was the boss. He helped everyone stay focused and kept pushing everyone ahead. The amazing success of the Foundation in buying and now successfully running camp through the empty COVID summer is due to the support of the entire Timanous commu-nity, but Craig’s willingness to take the lead cannot be underestimated……and lead us, he has.”TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSL TO R: DICK HOWLETT, GRANT PENNOYER, JIM WINNINGHOFF, L TO R: DICK HOWLETT, GRANT PENNOYER, JIM WINNINGHOFF, TIM BROKAW, STEVE RICHARDSON, FRED HOLLISTER, TIM BROKAW, STEVE RICHARDSON, FRED HOLLISTER, JOHN HOFFMAN, CRAIG MACDONNELLJOHN HOFFMAN, CRAIG MACDONNELLSUBMITTED BY MIKE GOODWINSUBMITTED BY MIKE GOODWINSCOTT GREDLER AND FAMILYSCOTT GREDLER AND FAMILY6

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Stu & Kathleen Howlett: “Greetings from upstate South Carolina! All three of our little ones are at the same school for one year (Cole 6th grade, Evie 2nd, Tenley K5). We stay busy with scouts, dance, ninja and dam building while Kathleen continues as a chemical engineer at Fluor and I count down the 22 more years to retirement from the SC Educators Pension Plan. We hope all have a wonderful holiday season!”Evan Jones: “All is well out here in the inland Northwest of Washington state for the Jones crew. The only sad aspect of 2022 is that I wasn’t able to set foot in Maine! It has been busy for me/us indeed. I’m working full time these days on behalf of kids again, serving as an Education Advocate for children expe-riencing Foster Care here in Central WA at an amazing non-profit called “Tree-house” ( It’s tough work sometimes, of course, but always, always inspiring. Brother Charlie Jones (once a Timanous counselor himself) is still out there changing lives as a life coach to start-up CEOs (sort of like a camp counselor in gray flannel) living in Bethesda, MD. He is also faring well and living the T-Spirit still. My wife Maggie and I are off to Chile in November ‘22 to see daughter Emmaleah (she’s there on a Fulbright Fellowship in Santiago), and then we’re going to Australia in March ‘23 to see the elder daughter Cassie (she’s there managing marketing for Bumble—Oz/NZ of all things). We miss them both awfully just like I miss the elder and younger Camp crowd back East. Empty nesting sort of sucks. But, alas, it’s the “dogged pursuit of an extraordinary life” which that place and those people on Panther Pond instill in all of us whether we were counselors or campers or both. So I guess we wind up just passing that gift on wherever we go! Anyway, I hope to visit Raymond again in 2023 as I’m putting together a crew to do a 5-day canoe trip in July up on the St. John River. If anyone wants to come and re-enact one of our classic camp treks, just let me know! (No Q, there will not be chaise lounges in the tents.)”Dave Keady: “Hello from Dave, Dorothy (Malkin) and George Keady. Dorothy and I moved back to my hometown of Bronxville, NY from Brooklyn, NY during the pandemic. We’re enjoying the space and relative quiet outside of NYC. George (3) is keeping us occupied and we’re raising him to be a kind and considerate young dude - qualities we both treasure from our respective time at Timanous and Wohelo. Sending love.”Chris Kelsey: “It’s been a warm, sunny fall in the Pacific NW. It is perfect for extended time in the mountains as the larch needles turn neon yellow, trail-side shrubs bright red, and mountain goat and black bear successfully forage before the snows arrive. There are some periods of residual wildfire smoke, unfortunately a part of the seasons now. I enjoyed catching up with many at the tail end of the 105th - a special chapel - and ardent Timanous loyalist Elaine Kelsey, 85, loving her new hoodie procured at the event! Nate and Cole are both donning purple and gold at UW this year - GO DAWGS!”Matt Lazcano: “I had the joy of visiting Timanous twice this year. Once with my son Ethan to enjoy Council Fire and to expose him to the traditions and people that make Timanous so great! He was mesmerized by the whole experience and hopefully lit the flame for him to want to attend. It was great to see ev-eryone at the Hundy+. There were many familiar faces, and it was great to see Bob (Simmons) still turning out great meals in the Barn! Wishing the Tima-nous family a great New Year!”Ted Leavitt: “I enjoyed seeing fellow Camp T alums at the reunion in August. All are looking well, if a bit older. Tripp Leavitt was married to Jackie Estevez in March 2022 and after finishing his 6-year residency in reconstructive plastic surgery at Cleveland Clinic, he is heading in 2023 for a one-year hand fel-lowship at Baylor/St. Luke’s in Houston, TX. Chris Leavitt also was married this past year - in October to Ice Min with whom he went to Westminster School in London and LSE. The two live in San Juan PR where Chris is part of the small crypto community down there and can continue his work in decentralized finance. Ice has her own natural food company called Mighty Bee, out of the UK. Bryce Leavitt remains in London doing legal cost consulting work and fashion and is enjoying owning a flat in London vs renting one. As for me, I am looking forward to taking my camping skills from Camp T on a 21-day trek up Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina) in January. I will have to take a bit of Timanous swag up there for a good photo opportunity. Greetings to all fellow alums from my time there.”Jake Leyden: “We are still going strong at Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT. I transitioned out of the Dean of Students office this summer into the school’s innovation center - think wood-shop, problem solving, engineering, and entrepreneurship. It’s been a blast (re)learning some of the concepts I haven’t thought about in a long time. But noth-ing is as fun as summers in Maine, and we are all already looking forward to next summer on Sebago Lake (hope-fully with many visits to Panther Pond)!”TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSEVAN JONESEVAN JONES7

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Craig MacDonnell: “It was so great to see Timanous return to its natural rhythm in 2022. The highlight for me was the Hundy Five. I loved the intimacy of the barn for meals and a great con-cert on Saturday night. The staff band deserves a name! Book them for the Hundy Ten!”Tom Mandel: “Hello camp! I’m thrilled to share that my wife Johna and I had a baby boy, Ellis, in March. He’s already started swim classes so he’s ready for dips, though they’re less rigorous than Instructional Swim.”Brian Martin: “Hi everyone! It was ter-rific seeing so many of you at the Hun-dy+5. It was really special to enjoy my three-year-old son’s first visit to Tima-nous—what a neat way to get a glimpse into the future, including the chance to splash around with other future campers down on Beginner’s Beach. I offered to let him stay a few weeks in Mallards but he declined. Oh well. We will try again when he is a few years older. Thank you to the always amazing Timanous team that put on such a great weekend.Life in the nation’s capital continues to be excellent (so long as we can sneak away to Maine for some of the summer). This year we had the chance to visit with Stu Howlett, the Whelpleys, the Car-rolls, and Ben Shestakofsky. We hope for more visits in 2023–give a holler if you’re passing through DC!”Sandy Martin: “The past year began with both my son, David, and I sick with Co-vid. Fortunately, due to being vaccinated, both of our cases were relatively light.These days my mornings are lazy compared to my working years. I read the paper, and five days a week I swim either at Xavier University or outside in a heated pool at the country club. The pool is just two lanes and is limited to lap swimming.Afternoons in the summer are for gardening or doing chores, shopping or doctors appointments. During school months, I volunteer to coach the Cavier University club swim team. The job keeps me in touch with the younger generation and I enjoy it.This past summer found both David and myself at Timanous for the 105th. re-union. No more than we arrived my left shoulder went out of place. By the time David got me to an emergency room, it had gone back in place. Despite severe pain, I was able to return for Saturday’s activities. It was wonderful to see and visit with campers and counselors from the late 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s.Following the reunion, we continued our vacation in Maine spending time at Ogunquit Beach and Acadia National Park.It is now autumn in Cincinnati and leaves are colorful. Years ago I traveled to New England in early October to see the maple trees turn yel-low, orange and red.All the best to all the Timanous Family.”Jon Millis: “My second family - I moved to Barcelona this year to get a main-dock-esque tan and enjoy the open-heartedness of this new city. In December I’ll return to Boston for a nice long holiday visit and to see many of the Timanous people I still hold near to my heart.Work-wise, I cofounded a psychology app called Blueprint that teaches people about their, and others’, personality types (“Blueprint Enneagram” on the App Store). Most of the skills we teach in the app—self-awareness, empathy, communication skills—are ones that we all valued highly at camp.For anyone who finds themselves in Barcelona, send me a note: We can grab a few tapas, debate the greatest C-Flag players of all-time, and propose the best/worst spots to hide for Granddaddy Gorilla.”Brett Morgan: “Unfortunately, I didn’t make it back to 105 celebration this past summer, but the Hundy 100 was a blast. We are still living the dream here in Vermont. My younger daughter, Piper, just finished up her 5th and final year as a camper at Wohelo. My other daughter, Mackenzie, finished the year before, so we are done with campers till the next generation. Maybe someday some grandsons will go to Timanous. Speak-ing of generations, I’m sad to report that my father, Bob Morgan, passed away this past summer. He went to Timanous in 1948-49 (see photo), plus took us many years to family camp at Wohelo in the early 80’s. I’m thankful he passed the Timanous/Wohelo tradition down to me and my family.”Tim Morningstar: “It’s been a good year. I am still in Boston with my wife Liz and 2 daughters aged 9 and 11. While they can’t go to Timanous, they had a great sum-mer at another overnight camp. I loved attending the Hundy+5 this summer and reconnecting with so many old friends.”Sean O’Brien: “Greetings from Charles-town MA. All is good down here in Bos-ton. I am finally an empty nester with both of my girls at Johns Hopkins play-TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSSUBMITTED BY BRETT MORGANSUBMITTED BY BRETT MORGAN8

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ing lacrosse. It’s going to be a busy Spring shooting down to Baltimore. I still make frequent trips to Waterford, Maine to see my parents and “futz” on their property. I’m bummed I missed the 105th but got jammed with high school graduations. All the best to my lifelong friends.”Sam Ott: “I am currently in Capetown, South Africa for a semester abroad working on an apartheid project. I will be in Zanzibar, Tanzania for Christmas break. Hi to Crows 2016. I hope to make it to Maine and Timanous this coming summer.”Tom Poor: “Jack Suitor and I have lunch together often as our homes in Florida are 30 minutes apart. Fortunately, we’re on the east coast in Palm Beach and Stuart, hence we missed the devasta-tion of Hurricane Ian. Dave Suitor’s 6th floor condo in Fort Myers Beach was untouched but resembles an igloo in the desert as there is nothing around it.”George Potts: “After decades of play-ing music in support of others, I finally released a CD of my own! You can listen to it online at Please note that I remain available for stadium concerts and farmers markets(!)”Mike Prior: “I really enjoyed the reunion in August. I revived memories and also enjoyed getting to know others and hearing their stories. The Green will win the next softball game though I was uncomfortably close to the road when we lined up by age for the reunion, so maybe I will just coach first base. The music in the barn Saturday night was a blast. In the Prior world, our daughter Samantha (Sam) was married at Wohelo on Labor Day Weekend. It was a beauti-ful weekend and memorable event. I only wish the Timanous counselors and campers could have seen the toast from her brothers, Aidan and Liam, a/k/a the ‘Stache Bros.”Tucker Reeks: “Hi Timanous Family, My wife Jill and I welcomed a baby girl, Elle, to our family on October 6. She has brought us so much joy so far! I also started a new job with Dos Hombres mezcal covering the Northeast. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holi-day season!Samuel Reynolds is enjoying Norwe-gian folkehøgskole in Norway during his gap year. When he’s not in the moun-tains or lakes, he’s attempting to learn a bit of the Norwegian language. Men det er vanskelig!Matt Schmidlin: “Greetings from the mountains of North Carolina. The Schmidlin family is still chugging along here in Asheville. Our daughter Anna will have just turned one by the time you’re reading this. William will be turning 5 this coming year, and his camp curiosity is growing regularly. We are in the midst of a never ending bedtime story series about Herman Schwartz. I am asked on a regular basis if we can play Grand-daddy gorilla in our backyard. (Clearly we don’t have a big enough family) Michaela is currently immersed in the western North Carolina real estate world and enjoying the challenge of a career change. I am still cooking at UNCA, and I have recently recruited Zada Congleton to our kitchen team. It’s nice to have another part of the Timanous family in our kitchen.We are hoping for heavy snow this win-ter just to bring a little bit of that north-east charm down here. We miss you all very much and hope that 2023 brings everyone love and happiness. Happy Holidays. - Schmiddy and company.”Joseph Secor: “I am finishing up a three-year residency for pain management in Florida and will be moving to the house my wife and I just bought in Norfolk, Virginia.My wife is a pediatric resident there, also serving her time in the Navy. I will be working for an orthopedic surgeon, performing non-surgical treatments for pain management.”TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSGEORGE POTTSGEORGE POTTSTUCKER REEKS AND FAMILYTUCKER REEKS AND FAMILYSUBMITTED BY JOSEPH SECORSUBMITTED BY JOSEPH SECOR9

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Colin Sharpe: “Looking out across a different set of tall trees and sparkling waves, I’ve realized how truly universal the Timanous Prayer is (especially with the most recent updates, which I feel have strengthened the meaning of the prayer, rather than taking away like so many updates can do).Gratitude, reverence for nature and its beauty, fellowship and respect, and resilience. That’s what the Timanous Prayer means to me, and that translates to anywhere and any language!David Sharpe: “I really enjoyed The Hundy +5 with my sons, Timanous alums Colin and Hayden. Thanks, again, to all who organized and attended. Colin came all the way from Costa Rica, where he still lives and works. Hayden made time between the end of his summer job at Laitram LLC in New Orleans and the start of his junior year studying accounting and manufacturing in the Honors College at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). The boys came back to New Orleans in early October for the picture-perfect wedding of their older sister, Emily Anne. My dad, David J. “Sharpo” Sharpe, just turned 92, and is still living in Brunswick, Maine. Sharpo recalls fondly his own days as a coun-selor in the early 1950s. (See picture, upper right, circa 1950; Sharpo is second from right.)”Ben Shestakofsky: “I had a great time catching up with old friends and intro-ducing my family to Timanous at the reunion this sum-mer. In September, I caught up with Will Carroll and Brian Martin at an Orioles game in Baltimore.”Paul Siegel: “I’m still living in Midlothian, Virginia with my wife of 26 years Damien and our daughter Ava (17) who is a junior at Midlothian High School. Our oldest, Dalton (23) is engaged to his high school sweetheart Andrea and just started law school at Pace in NY. Our middle son Dashiell (21) is a junior at Randolph-Macon College living his best life with his Sig Ep broth-ers and his girlfriend Emma.”Rick Spalding: “What fun it was to catch up with old friends this past summer in Maine. I loved having the opportunity to catch up with so many great people from my past. Congratulations to Dave and Linda for Suitor Field; that’s a well deserved tribute for so many years of family commitment. We are still living up in beautiful Newburyport but just bought a retirement home down in Hilton Head Island to escape the winter cold. I’m still selling and market-ing cold dead fish, well crab to be specific. I am working for a top crab importer as Director of Sales and Marketing. Trish is earning her direct ticket to Heaven as a 5th grade teacher in Andover. I can confirm that teachers are way undervalued and way underpaid. My son Jack is a Journalism/Business major at Elon hoping to become the next Peter Gammons. Anyone in the sports world please reach out! I am look-ing forward to the Pats game next weekend with Frodo, Wimp and Captain Buoyancy. This pic is from our family trip to Italy this past July.”Gib Suitor died January 26, 2022, in Burlington Vermont, surrounded by brothers Jack and Dave. He had a long career as an optometrist working along-side his uncle Gilbert Rist. At camp, he was Best All-Round Camper in 1958 as well as Best All-Round Athlete and Best Sport. He was a talented guitar player who was always ready to entertain with song and stories, and his character is summed up in the poem by E. A. Rob-inson, who wrote: His words were magic, and his heart was true and everywhere he wandered he was blessed. Of all the men my childhood knew I choose him and mark him as the best.TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSTUCKER REEKS AND FAMILYTUCKER REEKS AND FAMILYSUBMITTED BY DAVID SHARPESUBMITTED BY DAVID SHARPERICK SPAULDING AND FAMILY IN PONTE VECCHIORICK SPAULDING AND FAMILY IN PONTE VECCHIOSUBMITTED BY COLIN SHARPESUBMITTED BY COLIN SHARPE10

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Kasey Suitor: “After a busy summer with my non-profit farm camps, I am back at curriculum development, this time for a school working with a 2e (twice excep-tional - gifted but also neurodiverse) school. We had a blast visiting with the camp crew at Chris and Abby’s wed-ding! EJ is still at the MITRE Corporation and enjoying working remotely. Emma the dog turned 17 this year and is in great shape! Life on the farm is good, and if you’re ever on the beaches in southern Maine this off-season, look for us with the horses!”Hans Sydow: “It’s been a different year for me, since after 18 years as a Part-ner of a 107 year law firm, I decided to incorporate my own law firm. I still remain as Officer of the LatinAmerican Regional Forum of the International Bar Association (IBA) so that keeps me traveling. Being to São Paulo and Miami this year as well as Dubai and Singapore. On Nov 22 I will be teaching at the Uni-versity in La Habana Cuba for a course of 5 days. At the end of Summer 2022 I had the privilege to be at Camp for banquet night. I could not be prouder for Kako this summer at Camp. For me it is indescribable because I have taught all of the 3 sons the Timanous principles and I believe it has paid off. Being from Venezuela and have 2 out of 3 in the top of the Hall of Fame makes me a very proud father and a Camp Timanous huge fan. Looking forward to return with my grandchildren soon!!! I love Camp Timanous and will make sure they will too. My parents (Dad 82 and Mom 74) are doing great and living in Barqui-simeto. My wife is just great with her company (ttt.producciones) and Hans Dieter is graduating this next spring as a Civil Engineer at Universidad Metropol-itana. Christian is doing well at school (Universidad Catolica Andres Bello) and has a Music Production Company with a studio and everything (Unsound Records) and Kako is graduating as a bachelor in science this next summer. I have been playing a lot of tennis in dif-ferent tournaments for my age group and with my sons. That’s it for now from this part of the woods!!!”Alan Van Order: “Happy Holidays to the Timanous community. All is well with the Van Orders in DC. Kalie is a sophomore at Jackson Reed HS and Samantha is a freshman at UofSC. Regretfully her drop-off conflicted with the Hundy+5, but frequent trips south mean more visits with my folks in Wilmington, NC.”Bill Van Order: “We were only in Maine for most of August including the re-union! Forty-five summers at camp for me and twenty-seven for Lill is a pretty good record. We were also fortunate to have Alan and Louise and their families with us in our place in Norway, Maine. Our best to all the old guard and to the young blood as well.”Ash Wall: “Greetings from Brooklyn! My wife Adrienne and I moved to the Clin-ton Hill neighborhood in early fall and are just settling in, but so far it’s great. I’ve touched base with a few Timanous folks in the area, but I’m looking forward to connecting with more. If you’re in the area, please reach out! So far, highlights include going to farmers’ markets on weekends, great bakeries, and walks along the waterfront.When I’m not on the water, I’m on land, where I’m continuing my work in the world of organizational development consulting and am lucky enough to draw on many of the skills I learned at camp including storytelling, how teams work well together, and snipe hunting. I’m also lucky enough to see camp friends during the year. It’s always a highlight. I hope you’re all doing well!”Sam Waugh: “I had a chance to catch up with Jake Congleton earlier this year at my father’s house in Scarborough, Maine along with my four brothers, all of whom attended Timanous in the 1960’s. Our father met Jake at the Groton School in the ‘50’s when Jake arrived to teach and coach football, a task they undertook together. That opened the door to Timanous first for my brother Nick, my father Jim as a counselor, and brothers Ben, Sam (me), Alec, and Seth. Alec’s three sons - Alec Jr., Parker, and Sam followed, and now my son Seneca is looking forward to his 3rd summer upcoming in 2023 after having been first a Hawk and then a Heron in ‘22. All our best to everything Timanous.Ryan Whelpley: “It has been a great year for the Whelpley family. We will be celebrating Grant’s third birthday soon and his first dip in Panther Pond was a clear highlight of the year. In addition to the reunion, it was great to get back to spending time with our extended camp family this year including the Burgess family, the Cimbak family, the Wall family, Livy Coe, Stu Howlett, Will Car-roll, Brian Martin, and others. The last year has been a dream of happiness and next year is a vision of hope!”Dave Whitcraft: “Greeting Timanous family! It was so great to see all who came to the Hundy + 5! My cousin Max took some great videos that I am editing. Hopefully we’ll find a way to make them available. I’m still working TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSSUBMITTED BY KASEY SUITORSUBMITTED BY KASEY SUITOR11

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at Apple - doing some scuba diving, skiing - I’m rowing every morning on my Hydrow rowing machine - I’m about to hit 1,000,000 meters tomorrow! (11/16). Also, I saw the Thirsty Brothers (Mark & Jeff Nicholson) play at The Bridgton Country Club this summer. Happy Holi-days to all!Bruce Wimberly: “Greetings to Tima-nous friends!! I had a wonderful time this summer visiting camp. It was so nice to see some of you and visit with Garth and his team. I wish I could have attended the Hundi +5 but heard it was a terrific event!! Best wishes to all and look forward to reconnecting in the future.”Jim Winninghoff: “I had a fabulous time at the reunion. The best part was recon-necting with friends from over 50 years ago. Great effort was made with seven 1969 Crows attending (we’re coming after the 1971 group!).Also with this retirement program and a longer visit to Maine, I was allowed additional visits with pals from long ago. Thanks so much Garth and the Suitors for all your work in putting it all together!”Blake Zimmerman: “It was a great 105 anniversary reunion in August. I bunked with an old Crow and fellow counselor Steve Engel and reunited with David Cope after 51 years! Four 1969 Crows and ALL their counselors reunited--we can sing and we can dance!”TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWS L. TO R.: JIM WINNINGHOFF, GEOFF BLUM, DAVE SUITOR, DAVE COPE, BLAKE ZIMMERMAN, L. TO R.: JIM WINNINGHOFF, GEOFF BLUM, DAVE SUITOR, DAVE COPE, BLAKE ZIMMERMAN, DICK HOWLETT, BILL LEECE DICK HOWLETT, BILL LEECE2022 CAMPERS AND STAFFDaniel Alonso: “Greetings Timanous! As I write this, I’m watching the beauti-ful sunset from my dorm at Cornell University. I’ve been enjoying my fresh-man year, notwithstanding the pretty significant workload, but the nearby lake reminds me of Panther Pond. I can’t wait to be back!”Garth Altenburg: “All is well with the Al-tenburg family. One particular highlight was watching close family friend Remy Kiala have a successful first summer at Timanous. Heather, Will, Ben, Phoebe and dog Louie were able to visit me regularly throughout the summer. Will is in his sophomore year of Eckerd Col-lege in St. Petersburg, FL while Ben and Phoebe are a senior and junior at Cape Elizabeth High School.” Michael Beam: “I am still glowing from the Hundy+5. I’m so desperate to get back into campcraft mode, I offered to lead a group of students on an overnight to the White Mountains. They’re not Jester material, to say the least. I visited Connor Moriarty’s luxurious oceanside pad in September, where he taught me the art of pizza-making. Thanks to Garth, I’m a much more frequent runner this offseason. Perhaps I’ll finally beat Jimmy Banta next summer. I’ll attend Conor Mancuso’s wedding in Chicago on NYE, but hopefully more camp people will visit me in Boston before then.”Aren Bloom: “It doesn’t really matter if it’s your first year or your 5th. Timanous is a welcoming community that makes you feel like you never left home. And while the distance to home may make you feel unplugged, I can guarantee that you are the most connected that you will ever be. In summer 2023, I’ll be coming back for my third year. I have more ideas than ever about what I want to do, and I have made some great AREN BLOOM PLAYING AREN BLOOM PLAYING FlingGolfFlingGolf12

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friends through the Timanous commu-nity, and you will too. Try new things, and always open yourself to others. (The photo is me playing FlingGolf, a sport my father co-invented that’s a mix between lacrosse and golf. It’s amazing. See everyone in 2023!!”Wilkes Borden is having a great school year. He gained a lot of confidence at Camp and when he returned home he decided he wanted to try a summer job, making teas from around the world at our favorite Tea House in Sarasota. He’s there today. He has also remained in touch with Maddox Kopoulos and they will have fun spending time together over Thanksgiving. Sending Hugs, The BordensHenry Carroll: “Greetings from Wis-consin! I just returned from a trip to LA where I was lucky enough to see Tommy Hauldren and Will Buckley. Things are going well in Madison where I’ve been working on my com-pany and have had the chance to reconnect with fellow Crows ‘12 alum—Terry McMillan. I was thrilled to be back at Camp for a few weeks this summer and can’t wait to be there again in Sum-mer ‘23! If you’re ever in WI (or Chicago) let me know.”Jamie Cook: “I had a great first summer and saw some friends at the recent reunion in Greenwich. See you next summer!”Mike Congleton: The kids have flown the coup. Zada is in her first semester at UNCA, and Halsey is working for Red Oak Recovery. Bandit is looking for food, and Roxy is chasing a yellow ball when she is not chasing critters in the backyard (there are lots). LG and I are spending as much time on Fontana Lake as we can!Nico Davies is looking forward to seeing all of his Camp T buddies again next summer. He has been busy with his soc-cer team, playing piano, and fishing at the beach with dad.Oscar and Jack Grabill have been prac-ticing Ping Pong down in New Orleans and are looking forward to some fun camp competition next summer!Foster Hammen sends his greetings! Foster is enjoying fourth grade, taking piano lessons, and playing in the school band. He is about to start fencing les-sons and is excited about the upcoming ski season! Sending best wishes to all campers!Grayson Hochenberg is having a full 2H 2022: RV vacation through the west; concert tour in Chicago and Madison with his choir school; and touring, inter-viewing and applying to high school in 2023. Notwithstanding, summer 2023 at Timanous is top of mind!TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSFOSTER HAMMENFOSTER HAMMENROXY AND BANDIT (MIKE CONGLETON)ROXY AND BANDIT (MIKE CONGLETON)OSCAR AND JACK GRABILLOSCAR AND JACK GRABILLSUBMITTED BY GRAYSON HOCHENBERGSUBMITTED BY GRAYSON HOCHENBERGNICO DAVIESNICO DAVIES13

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Sam Hollister: “Hello Timanous com-munity! The highlight of my off-season was certainly an officially unofficial camp-craft offseason training trip down the Green River through Labyrinth Canyon with Pat Hayes, James Temple, Liam Prior, Jeremy Cutler, and Jack Hamilton. It was truly fantastic to see the Timanous spirit flourishing in the wilds of the West. We hope for many more adventures in the near future. May the four winds blow you safely home.”Cort Johnson was chosen as one of 29 students worldwide to be a “Kid Reporter” with the Scholastic Kids Press. He’s very excited. Below is their press release. Now we just have to come up with news story ideas! Keogh has been super busy teaching 4th grade in Philadelphia but is looking forward to adven-tures in Texas and Utah this winter and spring.Conner Kinsman and his Wo-girl sister Madeline caught some rainbow trout with a friend up in the cas-cade mountains this fall!Heidi Krieger: I have had a wonder-ful fall learning more about Timanous and all the details that pull everything together. I am still so grateful to be part of the Timanous family and can’t wait until next summer. I want to thank ev-eryone who made me feel so welcome this summer. This fall I have been taking adult ed classes in American Sign Lan-guage (bucket list item) as well as some creative classes which always spark joy! I hope everyone has a wonderful holi-day season and look forward to seeing folks in June!Jen Leachko is wrapping up her MSN this year. She has been taking lots of “brain breaks” hiking with Gunner.Fred Lehmann: “Three Lehmanns are now at Wayland High School as Gus has kicked off his freshman’s fun for Erin and I to see him around the halls daily. He’s psyched for his return as a full-time camper for his Crows year. Teddy’s having a great start to 7th grade and had a lot of fun playing soccer for his Middle School team.”Jack “Pineman” Leyden: “I spent a productive few months in August and September working at camp with Mark. I am looking forward to returning in May to assist in preparing camp for the sum-mer of 2023! Julie had a blast working at camp with Bob and the kitchen staff last summer, though unfortunately she has accepted a full time job and will not be able to escape for next summer! We send warm greetings to everyone from southwest Florida. Keep smiling!”Nick, Ana, Olivia, and Amalia Leyden still live at Eaglebrook School in Deer-field, MA. They are lucky to be able to spend time with the rest of the Tima-nous and Wohelo crowd at Eaglebrook, which includes four other teachers and three students. They can’t wait to get back to Panther Pond in June!Graham Oakey: “I have been having a great time at home, I have done a sci-ence experiment with plants and been enjoying school. Recently, I met one of my fellow campers at a local tennis camp. It was an amazing coincidence and I have found that wherever I go, camp will be with me mentally and physically.”TIMANOUS UPDATEFALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWSSUBMITTED BY SAM HOLLISTERSUBMITTED BY SAM HOLLISTERCONNER AND MADELINE KINSMAN CONNER AND MADELINE KINSMAN WITH FRIENDWITH FRIENDARTWORK SUBMITTED BY ARTWORK SUBMITTED BY BENTON HARGROVEBENTON HARGROVECORT JOHNSONCORT JOHNSON14

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Abby (Suitor) and Chris Livers: “Two weeks after finishing a great summer at camp, we got married at council fire with lots of Timanous friends in attendance. We then started out on a 2 month cross-country road trip and were able to visit with Henry Carroll, Pat Hayes, Gabby Van Nest and the Levasseurs. Since returning in mid-November, we’ve been busy moving into our new home in Raymond and are looking for-ward to our first Maine winter!”Chase Orlando: “Hello Timanous Fam-ily!! I recently was up in Lake Placid, NY for the CAN/AM hockey tournament with my travel hockey team. I knew my camp friend, Will Coffin, lives in Lake Placid, so my mom reached out to his mom and we ended up being able to spend a few hours together at his house. I also got to see Will jump the next morning at the Olympic Jumping Com-plex! He was awesome!On the return trip back to New Jersey, we visited another camp friend, Kel-lam Endres and his family at his home in Saratoga Springs, NY. We spent a few hours hanging out, building fingerboard ramps, listening to music, and having dinner together! School and sports have been going well also. See you next sum-mer!”Bob Simmons: “Summer of 2022 was, again, an exciting one. This summer marked my 38 years at Timanous with my Timanous Family! This year we in-troduced different foods and were able to have the toasters and salad bar open. The bringing back of the World Culture Day was a big hit and also a challenge to create burritos, potstickers with dif-ferent sauces, egg rolls, sesame beef and stir fry, and chicken and waffles. I had a great summer with the support of Julie, Pineman’s wife, Hugo, Alex, Zada, Rey, and Abby. Thank you also to the counselor in training for filling in on Wednesdays and where needed. I will enjoy the winter in Maine and see you in the summer!”Raphael Steinitz attends 8th grade at Franz Meyers academic high school in Moenchengladbach. He thinks fondly of his days at camp and enjoys sports activities such as athletics, bouldering and swimming. After his summer in Timanous, he signed up for the bronze German swimming badge exam and passed both that and the silver swim-ming badge on the first try.Dave & Linda Suitor: “We had a great summer at camp and nearby at our home on Panther Pond. After an excit-ing 105th camp reunion, our daughter, Abby married Chris Livers (both Tima-nous counselors this summer) in a beau-tiful ceremony at Council Fire with many camp people in attendance. After that, we embarked on a 3-week RV trip north through Canada, the UP of Michigan and Great Lakes, Dakotas, meeting John and Gail Suitor at their home in Boulder CO. The return took us through the Sandhills of Nebraska, past the Field of Dreams in Iowa, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and through beautiful fall foliage of Vermont. We are looking to do a southern trip this spring.”Alessio Waugh has been keeping in touch with several cabin mates. He has been playing fall ball and he just started his practices with the Yorktown rifle varsity team. He also really enjoys taking our German Shepard dog, Aurora, for daily walks after school. TIMANOUS UPDATEMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONSWILL COFFIN AND CHASE ORLANDOWILL COFFIN AND CHASE ORLANDOTHE WEDDING OF ABBY AND CHRISTHE WEDDING OF ABBY AND CHRIS15

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“Wonderful to reconnect with old camp friends from across the decades and make new acquaintances with alumni I didn't know. Also great to interact with the current counselors and camp staff - very impressive group!”105th Reunion“ ”Hundy + Five17

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On August 12 and 13, 2022, over 125 alumni gath-ered on the shores of Panther Pond for the 105th Reunion of Camp Timanous. Attendees enjoyed delicious food, the company of old and new friends and sharing stories of years gone by. Families brought young sons to introduce them to the spirit of Tima-nous they will experience when they become camp-ers. Activities included traditional camp favorites such as riflery, archery, hiking, swimming and boating. Eve-nings were time for campfires, more conversations, a game of softball and the almighty musical stylings of the Camp Timanous Band. A good time was had by all. We hope to see even more of you at future reunions - pencil in August 13 - 15, 2027 for the next one. We hope you enjoy the following reflection from attendee Jon Arnold. Reections on the Quinquennial 1 HundyThe 2022 reunion was special for many reasons. The reunion was so much more than a dip in the lake, ring a round at the range or shooting a quiver on the Gobi. While those moments are satisfying – or humbling – I imagine the best memories for most of us are about renewing old acquaintances, re-counting humorous events and colorful personali-ties, or revisiting many old stories… including the occasional reprimand from Jake or Sandy. Indeed, as it should be with all reunions, there was much laughter shared on the shores of Panther Pond at the Hundy+5. 1No doubt, a word that Johnny would approve of and he’d love to use. Look it up; I did!(continued next page)“Being back on the camp grounds with fellow alumni is so special - great memories, a beautiful campus, and connections that are all so good for my soul.”“”18

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In the spirit of our weekly Council Fire tradition, I believe it is appropriate to express several com-mendations for a job well done. First, as a recov-ering New Englander, it would be negligent if I did not mention the near-perfect weather which graced our three days on Panther Pond. So, many thanks to Herman Schwartz for delivering three days of quality “Maine State Development Com-mission” weather for the occasion.Secondly, it is always inspirational to spend time with the most senior alums who made such a posi-tive impression on so many generations of camp-ers and counselors – Jake, BVO & Lil, and Sandy Martin to name just a few. Thank you for making the journey. Your institutional memories and wisdom are as entertaining and relevant today as ever before. Third, to the entire 2022 staff who helped spruce up the campus before, during and after our week-end on campus. As in 2017, many commented on what a comfort it is to nd camp in such good shape and looking much the same as when we were there “back in the day.” Fourth, to Chef Bob, Julie, Pine, and the kitchen staff for keeping us so well fed. It was a rst for Ozzie’s Chicken, and hopefully it will not be the last. Fifth, to Linda, Dave, Garth, and many others for setting a tone and agenda that looked easy yet involved much logistical coordination and grit to accomplish. Perhaps the most signicant memory from the reunion was a thought expressed time and again: that Timanous has been and remains so important in shaping each of us as human beings. This senti-ment was eloquently stated in Johnny’s letters which Dave shared at the nal chapel of the sea-son. Just as noteworthy were the moving personal experiences expressed by many attendees during the “Quaker-like” sharing session which followed. I believe this provided a very tting bookend to the Hundy+5.With gratitude ~ Jon Arnold, 1965-1977, 1979(continued from previous page)Hundy + Five19

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On the occasion of the Hundy + Five Reunion weekend held after camp concluded in August, the Timanous Foundation took the opportunity to honor the Suitor family for over 75 years of direct-ing our beloved camp. Part of this surprise was the renaming of our so-called “ballfield” as Suitor Field in recognition of the family’s long standing devotion to Timanous. There will be a plaque installed on the field to honor the Suitor family’s impressive commitment that reads:Suitor FieldIn grateful recognition for over 75 years of continuity, inspiration, dedication and peerless camp leadership by the Suitor Family.August, 2022Timanous Foundation Board Chair, Craig MacDonnell, said of the presentation, “We have wanted to honor Dave and Linda in particular, and the Suitor family as a whole, for quite some time now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. The Foundation felt that the best place to do this would be at a gath-ering of alums, and because Dave and Linda were still the directors when they hosted the Hundy, it seemed more appropriate to do this at the Hundy + Five, after the transition in leadership had been made and the camp was up and running under the new director, Garth Altenburg.”Craig went on to say later in the ceremony, held on the Barn steps with over 150 in attendance, that “The reasons that Timanous is the place it is today is because Dave and Linda have worked for decades to preserve this place and the atmosphere that pervades it in the face of myriad pressures – where other camps have changed their model and turned into very different places over time (or have been shuttered) – Dave and Linda have maintained an incredibly high level of attention to detail in all camp areas, including the amazingly high level of counselor retention still present today. During their time at the helm, they maintained an unceasing commitment to the underlying principles that have made Timanous so special to so many for so many decades and have honored Timanous lore and history while doing so.”Craig closed by saying, “If John and Marti were here today, they would indeed be incredibly proud, and if Halsey and Dottie Gulick were here today, they would also be so heartened by what Timanous still is.” Hear, hear!SUITOR FIELD DEDICATION20

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MALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONS50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 1972 CROWS CABINFront Row, l to r, beginning with boy sitting directly in front of tree: Ted Leavitt, Jamie Streator, Neil Samuels, Dan Miller, Dave Mallory, Doug Henry (with sign), Tom TurbergMiddle, l to r, ALL seated: Brink Brinkley, John Whitcraft, Hazen PageBack row, l to r, standing: Dave Heires, Winnie Warren (sr. couns.), Greg Brendel, Dave Suitor (head couns.), Tony Kennedy, Bruce Droz, Dave Hobbs (seated) Steve Mandel (jr. couns.) Greenwich reunion on November 6, 2022Garth visits Timanous campers who attend Harlem AcademyNYC reunion on November 9, 2022CAMPER REUNIONS21

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please...stay in touchIf you know a potential new Timanous boy who would enjoy a summer on Panther Pond, please get in touch. Upcoming reunions and info sessions will be announced via email and on social media.You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @CampTimanous. You can reach us at or 207-655-4569. We’d love to hear from you!TIMANOUSCALENDARCAMP OPENSTHURSDAY, JUNE 22FIRST SESSION ENDSSATURDAY, JULY 15SECOND SESSION STARTSMONDAY, JULY 17CLOSING CEREMONIESWEDNESDAY, AUGUST 92023CAMP TIMANOUSCELEBRATIONSGrant Burgess and wife, Casey Near, welcomed a baby boy, Forrest, on April 11, 2022.Dan Carroll and his wife, Reagan, had a baby boy in 2021 and says “I’m hopeful he will one day be a Timanous camper.”Dave Giancola and wife, Sam, welcomed a daughter, Ruby, on August 19, 2022.Tom Mandel and wife, Johna, welcomed a baby boy, Ellis, on March 25, 2022.Tucker Reeks and wife, Jill, welcomed a baby girl, Ella, born on October 6, 2022.John Alexander Roth and his wife, Sarah, had a healthy son in June of 2021, John Austin Roth, perhaps a future Timanous camper!FALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWS22

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PresortedStandardUS PostagePAIDPermit 49204101First ClassMALLARDS EAGLES HAWKS CROGLES HERONS FALCONS LOONS RAVENS CARDINALS CROWS PO Box 2886South Portland, ME 04116From all of us at Timanous, we wish you the happiest of Holidays and the very best in the New Year.