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ThyroidChange Media Kit

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www thyroidchange org thyroidchange ThyroidChange thyroidchange Media Kit GET IN TOUCH info thyroidchange org Phone 586 322 3536

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Hi There I m Denise I help people find the resources they need to get diagnosed and to thrive with their thyroid condition About Denise Denise is the owner co founder and blogger at ThyroidChange She is a leading international thyroid patient advocate and health organization consultant and has collaborated with many companies podcasts and media outlets around the globe About ThyroidChange hyroidChange LLC is a thyroid health and wellness website operated by patient T advocate and blogger Denise Roguz Through her platform and patient physician cooperative approach Denise uses her voice to educate for optimal care and to promote healthy lifestyle choices The Mission I aim to unite a global community of medical professionals and patients under the same vision Patients need personalized thyroid care for optimal wellness ThyroidChange does this through the following methods Uniting for Transforming Empowering Building Change Health Lives Community GET IN TOUCH info thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org Phone 586 322 3536

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Social Media ThyroidChange has one of the most followed and most active thyroid social media platforms 108K 14 6K 5 3K Facebook Followers Instagram Followers Twitter Followers Newsletter My rates of engagement are above most newsletter statistics This is ideal for advertising or sponsorship opportunities 32K 30 4 4 89 Organic Subscribers Newsletter Open Rate Click Through Rate GET IN TOUCH info thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org Phone 586 322 3536

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Website I have a global highly targeted audience ThyroidChange web pages are constantly shared on social media and on other websites 10K 4 1K 2 3 Page Views Per Month Unique Visitors Per Month Average Pages Per Visit Demographics Every follower or visitor is a thyroid patient or individual suspecting thyroid disease Every visitor is seeking help advice or products that can help their condition Many visitors have other related issues including nutritional deficiencies autoimmune conditions and other hormonal imbalances Practitioner and medical organization visitors come to my site seeking information on thyroid conditions new research and collaboration opportunities Female 89 Male 11 GET IN TOUCH Top Countries USA UK CAN AU info thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org 87 Age 35 60 Phone 586 322 3536

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Opportunities SPONSORSHIP ADVERTISING Support ThyroidChange while getting Your brand product or service can be excellent brand exposure Your support featured as social media posts to my helps to educate and inform a large highly engaged audience as ads on international community Sponsorship pages of the website or within my 32K packages are available subscriber newsletter LIVESTREAMS BLOG CONTENT Build our mutual reach by offering Engage with my community and be information with podcasts webinars or featured within a blog article I can also other educational opportunities I can do review your product or service in either my Q A interviews as well blog or yours AFFILIATE MARKETING INCENTIVES Target my audience through affiliate Provide my audience with incentives and marketing I can feature your product with discounts for your products creating a affiliate marketing strategies and mutual benefit for my community and your percentage based incentives business GET IN TOUCH info thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org Phone 586 322 3536

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FEATURED IN Let s Collaborate Do you have a partnership idea for ThyroidChange I would love to hear from you With a collaboration your company can reach its goals as I bring the thyroid community the most current information and trusted health products and programs Denise Roguz info thyroidchange org 586 322 3536 Detroit MI USA EST GET GET IN TOUCH GETIN INTOUCH TOUCH info thyroidchange org info thyroidchange org info thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org www thyroidchange org Phone 586 322 3536 Phone 586 322 3536 Phone 586 322 3536