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Thulium Hero

There once was a scientist that was working with some thulium to make x-ray machines for a hospital. When he turn on the x-ray machine, and it exploded and launch him into a vat of liquid thulium. As he sunk into the thulium the radiation of the x-ray machine began to fuse the thulium to his DNA.


 He woke up and the vat was empty, but he felt different. He climbed out and saw the destroyed X-ray machine. He went to see what happened, but when he took a step his right foot turned into a liquid thulium. He panicked when he saw his foot was missing and he jumped up. When he got up the liquid thulium came towards him and turned back into his foot. He was amazed at what he just saw and while he was looking at his foot his eyes began to tingle and all of a sudden he was able to see through the floor. When he looked around he saw through the walls and the machines. He tried to get out of the room but the explosion had jammed the door, so he decided to try his new powers. He melted into liquid thulium and went under the door and turned back to normal.