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Ariel Eusebio

Gold: B


Ariel Eusebio

Gold: B


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This world is not that perfect like many people think

young people are wasting their life in the street

been killed because of their bad decision 

there's nobody who take them to the right side

Mean in a poem is what are you trying to say the with the poem, what is the meaning of your poem

My poem show examples of meaning because I have a message for the young people in how they have to take all the opportunities they can

I don't what's wrong with this world

where the people killed each other 

for stupid things

nothing have more value that a life

Imagery in a poem is when the poet describes how is feel something, example is when you describe how is feel drinking soda like how is taste, the smell ect...

My poem show example of imagery because in each line I wrote I describe how I feel like I don't use an image to show the people how I feel, when they are reading my poem they know they feel my emotions.

at the end there will be nobody in your side

you can't sit and wait for somebody else 

If you don't get up and follow your dream

you will be like the rest of the people 

who give up

End rhyme is when the last lines of your poem sounds similar 

My poem show end rhyme because I uses words that sound similar are the end but does not have the same meaning

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