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Fastest, Slowest, Biggest, Smallest


By: Brian Thomas



Fastest, Slowest


Biggest, Smallest



By:Brian Thomas


Dedicated to


Mrs. Jones, 


friends, and family.




     If you could see an animal, what would it be? What if you wanted


to see some of the amazing animals of the world? There are


animals that are faster than trains. There are animals slower than


slugs. There are animals so big that they have hearts  big enough


so humans can live in their heart. There are animals so small


that they are not even centimeter long. Where are the very fastest,


slowest, biggest, and smallest animals on earth? Travel the world


and visit the planet’s most amazing animals.

     At an average of 200 miles per hour, the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world(while diving). As a matter of facts, It has an outstanding top speed of 242 miles per hour. Can you believe it? That’s faster than the average train by 117 miles per hour! The reason to this magnificent feature, is because it has a one-way air flow into it’s lungs.








The Fastest Animals           Average speed


  1.Peregrine Falcon                242 mph 

  2.Frigate bird                         95 mph

  3.Black Marlins                     80 mph

  4.Cheetah                              70 mph

     Peregrine Flacons have homes every where around the world exept for Antartica. Peregrine Falcons lives in areas that are cold, and frigid, but also in many hot, and equatorial places. Though they do not live in severely frigid areas, high mountains, or very tropical rainforests. The Peregrine Falcon’s diet includes: small birds, tiny reptiles, miniature mammals, and insects. Lengths of the Peregrine Falcons can reach up t0 13-23 inches. Also, wingspan would average to about 29-47 inches. Around the size of the common christmas tree. A male would weigh 330-1000 grams, and a female would weigh 750-1,500 grams, due to the fact that the female is larger than the male by 30%. 


     The Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. Cheetahs can reach speed of 50-70 miles per hour. About as fast as a car. Due to the fact that it has a slender body, small head, flattened rib cage, and long, thin legs, unlike humans, or many other animals. These incredible animals are so fast that they can only run 1,640 ft before having to stop, or it’s body will reach up to 104-106 degrees fahrenheit.


    Cheetahs live in Africa, Southern Algeria, and Northern Niger and Iran. Gazelles, goats, or any animals about the same size would be the prey for Cheetahs. How do they catch their prey? They will stalk their prey from a distance, and assault it by tripping it in the chase. Then suffocate it by biting it’s throat. Fossils of the Cheetah can date all the way back to 3,000,000 years. Just a little before the humans roamed the earth. The average Cheetah 49-159 pounds, and 28-35 inches in length. Female Cheetahs can have up to 1-8 cubs.






        Fastest sea animals:       Average speed:


       1.Black Marlin                     80 mph


       2.Sailfish                              68 mph


       3.Swordfish                         60 mph


       4.Shortfin Mako Shark       45 mph

     Reaching about the speed of a more than the average driving speed, the Black Marlin can is the fastest sea animal. They can reach speeds of about 80 miles per hour. The Black Marlin is being commercially fished. As a matter of fact, the Black Marlin is a big game fish. The key to the Black Marlins speed is it’s aerodynamic body structure. So it makes it very tough for fishers to catch it due to it’s weight and speed.


     The Black Marlins habitat ranges from tropical to subtropical places in the Indian and Pacific Oceans in water tempatures usually 68-86 degrees fahrenheit. Their diets usually contain of Tunas, Mackerels, Trevallies, and Swordfish. A female can lay up to 40,000,000 eggs. The difference between the male and female Black Marlins are massive. Female Black Marlins weighs 700 pounds and over. On the other hand, the male rarely weighs over 300 pounds though. Though both genders of the Black Marlin are usually around 15 feet.


Black Marlins live these oceans

     The Three-Toed Sloth is the slowest animal in the world, averaging at about 0.003 miles per hour. That’s so slow that even algae grow on them! But there is a reason to why this animal is so slow. Sloths can actually move quite fast. But they want to preserve energy. The plants they eat don’t have enough fat and protein(which are important for energy and nutrition).




        Slowest land animals   Average speed


        1.Three-Toed Sloth              0.003 mph


        2.Garden Snail                     0.029 mph


        3.Giant Tortoise                   0.076 mph


        4.Slug                                     0.19 mph

       From the tip of it’s head to the tip of it’s toes, the Three-Toed Sloth is about 18 inches with a 2-3 inch tail. And their weight also ranges from 8-10 pounds. They live in Central and South America in tall trees. 12 million years ago, the Three-Toed Sloth originated with the Maned Sloth. But in the modern day, there are four species of Three-Toed Sloths. Did you know that there is a Three-Toed Sloth and a Two-Toed Sloth even though every sloth has three toes?





      Slowest sea animals           Average speed




        1.  Starfish                                 0.06 mph


        2. Giant Tortoise                     0.076 mph


        3. Sea Horse                             1.5 mph


        4. Blue Whale                           14 mph



      With a speed of 0.06, the Starfish is                   the slowest sea animalin the world. Because Starfish are so slow, they usually travel with the ocean's current. To move, Starfish use the hundreds of tube like feet on their undersides. Each leg goes up and swings forward like a normal leg to move. Then it plants it’s feet on the ground and pushes back.

     Starfish are interesting creatures. They have no heart, brain, instead of blood, they pump water through their bodies and they can grow arms back if they lose one(can you believe that?). And even though the Starfish has the word fish in it’s name, it’s not even a fish! It is a species called Echinoderm. Living about 20,000 feet below the surface of the ocean, the Starfish live in all the oceans in the world, but mainly in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Their diet contains Clams, Sand Dollars, Oysters, and Mussels. There have been fossils of this Starfish date all the way back 450,000 million years ago(wow)!



        Biggest Land Animals                        Height  


        1.African Bush Elephant                    6.66 meter


                     2.Asian Elephant                                 5.94 meters             

                    3.White Rhino                                       3.81 meters 


        4.Hippo                                                 3.35 meters 


     Have you ever thought,”what is the largest land animal in the world”? Well you are about to figure out. With a maximum height of 13 feet, the African Bush Elephant is the largest and heaviest land animal in the world. Usually males are 10.5 feet high and 13,230 pounds. On the other hand, the female African Bush Elephant is shorter than the male. Females averaging about 8.5 feet high and 6,610 pounds The reason to the African Bush Elephants height, is from evolution. Elephants evolutionized to become bigger so they would have less predators.



     The African Bush Elephant eats 500 pounds of plants, and drinks 50 gallons of water every day. African Bush Elephants do not have any natural predators due to the fact that they are so big. However, baby African Bush Elephants are vulnerable to Lions, Crocodiles and rarely but sometimes, Leopards and Hyenas. If the African Bush Elephant was as big as a Blue Whale, it would just collapse and lose balance, because it would not be supported. That’s why they have sturdy, thick legs, and not skinny and short legs.   


Red is where African Bush Elephants live


     It is not just the biggest animal in the world, but it is also the heaviest animal, and it’s even also the loudest animal! Just it’s tongue and heart together weigh 7,252 pounds! It is 188 decibels loud and it’s heart beat can be detected from 2 miles away!(can you guess which animal?)But the heaviness and loudness is not what this paragraph is about, it is about the Blue Whale's size. Blue Whales are the largest animals in the world. The Blue Whale is 98 ft long and weigh about 200 tons. From large size, the Blue Whales have the largest organs of all living organisms. And of course, like most animals, the females are a few feet longer than males. In fact, the reason Blue whales are so big is because the buoyancy and the gravitational pull of the Blue Whale cancel out, so their thick bodies are somewhat supported by the water unlike big land animals.



    Biggest animals               Height/Length


    1.Blue Whale                                       98 ft. long


    2.Colossal Squid                                 90 ft. long


    3.Giraffe                                               14 ft. high 


    4.African Bush Elephant                   13 ft. high


     There are 3 subspecies of Blue Whales. They all eat 4 tons of Krill every day. Krill are tiny shrimp like creatures. Blue Whales live in every ocean, but are more populated in the North Atlantic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, and the Southern Hemisphere. Though Blue Whales are big, they are not that fast. They Travel at a top speed of 14 miles per hour.Predators of the Blue Whale include humans and packs of Killer Whales. But Killer Whale attacks rarely happen. But if the event does occur, the Killer Whales will go for the tiny, young Blue whales, and not the massive, adult whales.



   Smallest fishes                  Average length



   1.Paedocypris                             7.9 mm


   2.Stout Infantfish                        8.4 mm


   3.Dwarf Pygmy Goby                 9 mm


   4.Dwarf Goby                              10 mm

     Have you ever seen a Paedocypris? Of course not! the Paedocypris is the smallest fish in the world! The female has a maximum length of 10.3 millimeters, and the, male has a maximum length of 9.7 millimeters. And the smallest female Paedocypris ever recorded was 7.9 millimeters! These creatures are so small that we have only found 3 species of them. They were the smallest vertebrate until Paedophryne amauensis(a frog) was found in 2012.

     The Paedocypris is a very interesting creature! They can survive drought and can live in puddles of acid that have a pH as low as 2.9(pH is the scale that determines amount of acidicness or basicness. The scale goes from 1-14. seven is neutral, anything lower than seven is acidic. 1 being very, very acidic. and anything above seven is basic. 14 being very very basic). Maurice Kottelat, and Tan heok Hui discovered the Paedocypris where they live in the swamps of Sarawak, Malaysia. Though they’re habitat is endangered from loggings, forest fires, and plantations.


Paedocypris live in swamps in Sarawak, Malaysia


      Smallest Bats                   Size(without Tail)  


     1.Kitti's Hog Nosed Bat         29-33 mm


     2.Lesser Bamboo Bat           4.5 cm


     3.Proboscis Bat                    6 cm


     4.Banana Bat                        7.7 cm      

     The Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat, also known as the Bumblebee Bat is the smallest bat in the world. It is size ranges from 29-33 millimeters, and weighs 0.071 ounces. THough whene it's wings are stretched, it becomes a length of 13 centimeters. And even though the Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat is so small, it still has all the same organs as a human(somehow!). It is also arguably the smallest mammal in the world. Though it also shares it’s title as smallest mammal with the Etruscan Shrew. 

     The Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat lives in Western Thailand and Southeast Burma in caves, living in groups of about a hundred. This animal makes up the whole entire Craeonycteridae species. Like it’s name suggests, it have a pig like snout, but they do not have a visible tail. These small, tiny creatures are almost extinct though, due to habitat degradation, and disturbance of roosting sites.


Kitt's Hog Nosed Bats live in limestone caves in Burma and Thailand

     At a length of 2-2.4 inches, The Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird. It is barely larger than a Bumblebee, but is smaller than a large bug. They weigh 1/15 of an ounce! The Bee Hummingbird is so small that it even has less feathers than a normal bird. Bee Hummingbirds have about 1,000 feathers while regular birds usually have around 25,000 feathers.


        Smallest birds                          Size:


        1.Bee Hummingbird               2-2.4 in


        2.Weebill                                   3.14961-3.54331 in


        3.Goldcrest                               3.34646-3.74016 in


        4.Pardalote                               3.34646-4.72441 in

     I might say this with many of the animals I have chosen, the Bee Hummingbird is a very interesting animal. It flaps it’s wing about 80 times in a second(wow)! That’s so fast that a human can barely see it! The Bee Hummingbird can fly 25-30 miles per hour for up to 20 hours(wow)! At 1,260 beats per second, the Bee Hummingbird has the second fastest heartbeat in the world(wow)! It even takes 250 breaths per second(wow)! These creatures live in Cuba. They eat nectar which also means that they are pollinators. And like many animals, the female is bigger than the male.                                                                                                                                         


Bee Hummingbirds live in Isla De La Juventud




     Now that you have read this book, and learned many facts, would you like to see any of these animals in action? Do you want to see a Peregrine Falcon Diving over your head? Do you want to see the Blue Whale swimming in the ocean? Do you want to see a Three-Toed Sloth climbing on a tree? Or do you want to see a Paedocypris swimming in a puddle, or even on your hand? You may not be able to, but now that you know the animals's sizes and speeds, are you having the same curiosity as me to watch these animals in action?


     Biggest soccer players                              Size

    1.Kristof Van Hout                                   6 ft. 10 in.

    2.Paul Millar                                             6 ft. 10 in.

    3.Vanja Ivesa                                            6 ft. 9 in.

    Slowest BPL soccer players                   speed

   1.Robert Green                                       16.11 mph

   2.Steve Harper                                        16.22 mph

   3.Sandro                                                 16.28 mph


Extreme Soccer Players

       Smallest soccer players                           Size   

   1.Elton Jose Xavier Gomes                      5ft.  0.63 in.

   2.Daniel Alberto Villalva Barrios              5 ft. 0.63 in.

   3.Marcin Garuch                                        5 ft. 1 in.


     Fastest soccer players                     Speed

  1.Arjen Robben                               37 km/h

  2.Theo Walcott                               35.7 km/h

  3.Antonio Valencia                         35.1 km/h


       Biggest cars                                                              Height 

   1. Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase       239.8 in.

   2.Rolls-Royce Phantom Sedan                                  230 in.

   3.Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe                220.9 in.


        Slowest cars                                       Speed


       1. Mia Electric Car                           0-60 mph

       2.Triumph Herald 948                     0-60 mph

       3.Triumph Renown                          0-60 mph


Extreme Cars


     Smallest cars                                     Length

     1.Smart Fortwo                                  106.1 in.

     2.Flat 500                                            139.6 in.

     3.Chevrolet Spark                               143.1 in.       



    Fastest cars                                  Speed


    1.Koenigsegg Agera R                 273 Mph

    2.Hennessey Venom GT              270 Mph

    3.Bugatti Veyron Super Sport      268 Mph