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Friday 3
March 2017
I have many memories at St.edmunds but this one stands out the most.
There we were playing an intense football match. Then the whistle blew, “DANNY, JEROLD.
To Mr. Nash’s office immediately. “I that split second, everybody stared at us. Imagine
more than four hundred people staring at you, we walked through the crouds.Me and
Danny wondered what we had done you never get called into Mr. Nash’s office without
doing something bad. Really bad.
We walked down the corridor knowing what was coming was not good.
We got his door. He was standing there waiting for us wearing a black tie, a white shirt,
black trousers and shiny black shoes. “Stand here young men”. Then it hit my mind like a
bullet.Mr.Nash started one of his speeches. The kids called Mr. Nash the big mouth not to
be rude but he just loves to talk about us being disgraceful when we do bad things. “Why do
you think it is acceptable to be that silly to a supply? I know you can be good because you
were in my class. “Unfortunately I fell to sleep that didn’t help matters at all. Then I got sent
to Mrs.Morland office. That when we got really scared.
We went inside her
gggggg” the bell went off Mrs Moorland said “go back to class I‘ll talk to you later. We were
happy we had never that much luck before.
So the next day when we had that talk it wasn’t a good one.
I spent all my time thinking of the ultimate revenge. It was called ‘the revenge’. I had finally
thought of what I was going to do to her: I was going to empty her office and then put post
‘it notes inside.
The school I was going to do it on was called ST. James’s. That was the school she worked at.
This first part was easy. When I did it to her, she knew it was me. She thought back to the
time she had used post’ it notes to get me in trouble. She used to put post’ it notes in my
tray. To her surprise I had installed CCTV cameras.
I reported her to Ofsted and she got banned from teaching and I got to go back to school…..
When I got back to school, I started to plan how to get back Mrs.Morland and Mr. Nash.
Surely they didn’t think I would just leave it at that!
When I got home, I thought to myself,’ Now, what would make Mrs.Morland and Mr. Nash
really angry?’ Lucky enough for me, there was construction work going on at the house next
door so I decided to bring a few rocks up to my room for later. That same day I created: ‘The
great plot of dirtiness.’
The next day we started to plan the great plot of dirtiness.’ We planned every inch of it.
Obviously it would have been too hard to do this on my own. I called for backup. I, Danny,
James M and Joshua were the dream team. At first they didn’t want to do it, but then I told
them the genius of my plan and straight away they agreed. It was perfect. The plot to beat
all plots.
All night we planned and schemed. You name it, we did it! That night there was no stopping
us. That night we crept in and we left a present for Mr. Nash and Mrs. Moreland.
The next morning, Mrs. Moorland took us to the playground and stood us in year groups.
Apparently she saw security footage of who had ‘left the presents’ but, to her surprise, we
had planned for that possibility too. Our plan had been to erase the footage from home so
when she tried to look at it, it will have been erased.
Mrs.Morland called the police to report us but when she went back to her office to show
the police the was gone! It was funny because she had to pay the police one
thousand pounds for lying about kids messing up property.
Mrs Moreland was angry. Mr. Nash was angry and I and my friends were happy. Very happy.
The next morning I was happier than ever. I had just got my revenge on all the teachers. Me
and my friends were going to play a big football match against 5D and we were sure we
were going to win. I was horrified to discover, when I got in to school that Mrs Moorland
had formed a teachers gang. So we had the fight of the year.. it was called teachers v kids.
Teacher’s v kids.
So now we had to spend a lot of time to get the teachers back. We tried everything we
could but they were just too hard. Too smart. That was the case until we found a dead
tarantula. So then we stated another plot called, ‘The great tarantula plot.’
In our spare time we created a poem about the supply we had. It went like this:
Here's the rule for what to do If ever your teacher has the flu,
Or for some other reason takes to her bed, And a different teacher comes instead,
When the visiting teacher hangs up her hat, Writes the date on the board, does this or that,
Always remember, you have to say this, OUR teacher never does that, Miss!
When you want to change places or wander about, or feel like getting the guinea pig out,
Never forget, the message is this, OUR teacher always lets us, Miss!
Then, when your teacher returns next day, and complains about the paint or clay,
remember these words, you just say this: That OTHER teacher told us to, Miss!’
That was the best one of them all.
I knew the error of our way, we were planning at school where the security cameras were. I
thought if we planned somewhere else, then we might be able to pull something really good
off. My friends agreed with me.
So we all decided to meet at my house. We thought and thought but we had already done
most of the things we could think of. Then we remembered ‘The tarantula plot.’ We
remembered that we made that up at school so Mrs.Morland and Mr. Nash would be ready
for it so we changed it to ‘The great snake plot.’
So after months of planning, we finally did it. It was an amazing experience. I loved ruining
their day.
When we were there, we found out that they wanted to cancel the summer holidays. As a
fellow student, I couldn’t let this happen. So we took it to Ofsted but they apparently agreed
with the teachers’ decision too. So we went to the president of the children society and he
was putrefied. He did not like what was
happening so he went to our school and
told our teacher what we told him and
frankly I’ve never seen somebody boss
around the head teacher of our school
quite so much!
The next day everything changed. The
teachers were really nice to us which was a
shock. Whatever I told them to do, they did
it. They even allowed us to have break all
day. It was fun.
That was the only time that me and my
friends were actually happy. We were
going to do Sports Day every week and the
winners wouldn’t have to come to school
St.edmunds catholic
primary school adds 7
weeks to every break
they get.
but everyone knew Mrs. Moreland wasn’t happy about anything we did so she went to
Miss. Green, somebody so powerful she could get the school shut down in a minute.
So the next week, we came to school happy as always and then we found Mrs. Green. We
thought she was here to award us for all our hard work but no, she was here for other
Never in my life had I been so furious. I had made it a mission to get the ultimate revenge.
Until a guy named Steve came up to us and said,
“I know what happened to you and I’m willing to give you a
job at Kingsman. It’s where the best spies in the world come
together to take down really evil people and your teacher
Mrs. Moreland has been doing a lot of dirty deeds.
Embezzling money out of a lot of companies and with your
handy skills, you could really help us take her down.”
Taking any teacher down was fun to me, so of course we said,
The suit was good. It had a lot of gadgets.